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My friends voluptous mom

I grew up in an area of 6 story buildings. Two stories below me lived a f****y with one k** that was 2 years younger than me. We hanged out a lot since we lived so close - we used to ring on each others door right after school. His mother was from Poland and his father English. I guess they met on one of his business trips and that she eventually followed him home and married him. Me and Martin hanged out from when I was 7 until 16 years old. His mom always loved me very much, maybe since I was a quiet c***d and never caused any trouble. When I visited them she always hugged me which I though felt awkward when I was young. His mom was the typical house wife always staying home grooming the apartment into perfection, it was so clean you walked on needles when visiting. I can't recall seeing her out many times, so most of the times I saw her she wore cosy clothing and cleaning gowns. She was a curvy mom that looked very Polish with long blond hair, very big breast and big hips. When she hugged me hard I always got squeezed against her chest. Sometimes she kissed me on the cheek and said "hi honey, how wonderful to see you". If we played in Martins room she always entered with sandwiches or something else to eat.

They moved to a house when I was around 14, and that led to me and Martin not seeing each other so often. So his mom got even more excited each time I visited which was almost embarrassing for a shy teenager as me. I never had thought anything of her more than that she was this curling mom cleaning the house a lot. But as a teenager breast becomes something fascinating which of course led to me finally appreciating the hard hugs from her. Sometimes she had more revealing clothing with a cleavages, not intended to be sexy or so, just practical and comfortable for her whereabouts around the house.

One time when I was to visit Martin in their new house - which I usually did by riding my bike to him for a few kilometres, partly via a dirt road through the woods - the rain started pouring down while I was biking. It had done so the days before as well which had causes somewhat muddy conditions. That in combination with the rain caused me to get really wet and muddy on my jeans. In one place I fell since I didn't she there where this whole in the ground which my tire smashed into, and I crashed onto the side and wounded my knee. I was very close to turn around and head home here, but I decided to ride the bike all the way home to Martin. When I ringed the bell I had to wait for a minute before his mom opened the door. "Hi?" "Is Martin at home?" I asked even though we had decided earlier during the week that I'd come by. "Oh, I didn't know, he and his dad are away for the weekend, there must have been some misunderstanding, I'm really sorry. But please come in, you are soaking wet honey!". I didn't hesitate one second to get in to their warm house. "When will they be here?" "Not until tomorrow I am afraid". "Oh" I said confused, starting to turn around to leave. "Hey there, don't think I am letting you home now. You will catch a cold. I am sure your mother wouldn't like that I caused that." "I guess not..". I finally realized why she had taken so long to open the door. She was wearing a bath robe and her hair was wet. She had tied the waistband of the robe so the contours of her big hips was revealed, the cleavage was not the appearing though, sadly for me. "Come in and I will give you some dry clothes, I just cleaned the house so I don't want you dragging in here with those jeans." It was always clean at their I thought and could not see any difference. But I of course obeyed. "Wait and I will get you one of Martins pants" she said when I started removing my outdoor clothes and my jeans. I was really soaking wet since I hadn't been wearing any rain proof jacket and just jeans. "Oh dear, you are wet all through. And what happened to your knee?" "Since being so focused on riding my bike and escape the weather I had forgotten that I fell and that my knee actually hurt somewhat. "We need to have a look at that after you have had a shower. Try not to get soap on the knee, just rinse it with some water. Then call for me and I will have a look at it. I used to work in a hospital in Poland so I'll fix that good for you, I went to the bathroom and removed my clothes. There was still water in the tube from her abandoned bath and I saw her bra hanging on a chair next to the tube, it was the biggest thing I had ever seen. Each cup could almost fill my head I thought with fascination when I inspected it . I let the water clean the wound and then let myself get warmer by increasing the temperature of the water a while before I was done. There were some fresh towels lying in a shelf and I took one to dry myself with before I took on my underwear and my some what wet t-shirt. Then I called for her. She came into the bathroom with a little medical kit with her. "Sit on the toilet seat" she said and took the chair with her bra on to sit in front of me. She then took my leg with the wounded knee and placed it in her lap. Their are some grit here that I must remove" she said holding out this small nipper. "Sorry dear, this will sting some." "It's okay" I said even though it hurt quite bad. She was leaning forward while paying attention to the wound exposing much more of her breasts. The picture of the huge bra combined with what I saw made it tickle some in my dick. Not now I thought, and started thinking of the pain instead. After removing the grit the took out some cotton pad to dripped in alcohol to clean out any eventual bacteria's. "Poor you honey, falling from your bike while riding here when Martin Isn't at home." She said looking in my eyes, "I am glad to see you anyway, since we moved I don't see you very often." I did all I could not to glance at her cleavage while she was talking to me, I think I succeed. The tickling sensation came back when she held her hand on my thigh while she leaned forward again digging in her bag looking fore something. "Found it"! She took out some oil like bottle and poured some in her hand. She started to rubbing the area around my knee, it felt really good. "This will prevent infection and limit the eventual pain later today." She glanced at the bath tub; "you actually caught me while taking a bath as you already might have guessed, I'd had to hurry to get to the door. Sorry for looking all messed up." I didn't say anything in response. She kept massaging the ointment on my knee and leg. I tried to stop it, but my dick open the gates and bl**d started to fill it, making it bigger in my underwear. By 15 my dick had reached it full size so it was now impossible to hide since it measures almost 7 inches fully erect. "I see you are not that bad hurt after all she giggled". "I am sorry" I said hotching my self on the toilet seat. Don't be honey, you are very beautiful and that is the most natural thing for boys in your age. Guys have been crazy over my big boobs since I was 13. Do you have a girlfriend now? "I shook my head, somewhat uneasy but thrilled by the situation. "You should get a girlfriend, that shouldn't be a problem as handsome you are." "Thanks" "I can be your girlfriend, but don't just tell anyone about it", she said and smiled. Do you won’t to see my breast? "Ehh, what. yes.", I stammered. She untied her waistband and opened her robe exposing her well hanged tits to my complete amazement. "Here, touch them", she said and grabbed my hand placing it on her left breast. She leaned forward and I grabbed the wonderful soft big breast in my hand. "now, let me see some of you honey". Then she grabbed my underwear and lifted it over my rock hard erection to expose it. "How lovely you are, can I feel it?" "She didn't await my reply, and since I couldn't speak anymore it was the right decision I thought. "Oh, it is so hard." She stroke it gently. I had no experience with girls besides making out sometime with an old girlfriend so this was new territory for me. She leaned forward so her tits hang over my cock. She wiggled them from side to side causing her tits to wander over my crotch. "Poor boy, fell on your bike, I'll take care of you." She started to jerk me off slowly, holding my cock steadily, pulling up and down. I had been masturbating for a few years but this was something completely different. It just took me a few minutes to come over her chest. "Oh, wasn't that good for you?" "Yes it was awesome, thank you." "Don't thank me, this is what girlfriends do, right?", she said smiling. "There is cum everywhere, lets take a bath, I never got to finish before. You can clean my tits if you want to?". She took of her robe and stood up.

I actually just had a bath after cleaning the house and you should really have a bath or at least a warm shower after that bike ride. She stepped into the water completely nude. I studied her body with amazement. She had pink skin and a big hairy pussy. "Have you seen a naked woman before? I mean a real woman like me, not just your flat chested school girls." I never had, and before this day I never really saw the meaning of it either but now I just wanted to touch her more. She sat down on her knees in the water and started spraying water over her self and over her cum covered tits. Come her and clean me up honey. I stepped into the water totally perplexed about the situation. My cock already was standing again when I removed the rest of my clothes and joined her in the tub. Here are some body wash. I held my hand out and she poured some into my hand. Her enormous breast spoke to me, "wash me", I obeyed and started fondling them with my soapy hands. She stood on all four with the tits hanging down. She took my cook in here mouth and started sucking it. My big cocked boy, let me take care of him again. I had never gotten a blow job before either and this was even better then her previous treatment on the toilet seat. She massaged my balls while taking all of it in her mouth. Her big bubble but with its big hips shined from the oily water exposure. I caressed them with my hands while she kept sucking, Since I just had come on her tits I managed to last enough for her to stop her fantastic sucking and look me in the eyes with a really horny - or was it hungry - look. "Have you ever fucked someone before honey? I need your big teenage cock in my pussy, can you do that for me?". Nod was all I could do. She turned around and rested one of her hands on the side of the tub while grabbing my cock with her other hand, dragging me towards her welcoming pussy. "Stick it in now! I can't take it anymore!" The hugging warmth and wetness of her inside was amazing. I push my cock all the way in and grabbed her hips. She started rocking back and forth. "Oh yes my dear, fuck me now. I want you to fuck me really hard." She started moaning while I started to fuck her as hard I thought was hard - "harder!!" - I obeyed again and really started to pound her creating a splashing sound. "oh oh oh oh, fuck me now". Her heavy tits swayed heavily and I once again grabbed them in my hands. Just as I started to get a hand of it I felt a new orgasm coming. Just then I heard her crying out even louder. "Oh, yes, you going to make me cum, fuck me more." She pressed her ass even harder against my crotch while my cum started to pulse into her as she panted heavily. After a while when she had calmed down and stopped pressing I dragged my softening dick out of her.

I had found a new girlfriend!

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