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How I met my slave Part 3

It had been 2 weeks, Dan and Lisa had actually gone out on actual dates, but most of the time of this relationship had been spent in the bed room. Lisa, while very much enjoying this aspect of the relationship is a bit frustrated that she hasn’t been able to make Dan take a kinkier turn in the bed room. She wants a master not just a lover. Sure they do tease and denial and Lisa does still offer to cater just to Dan’s needs; however, she wants a bit more bondage and dominance from Dan. Other than this, they are very sexually satisfied.

Dan was at his apartment playing a video game. Lisa was working. Dan was not completely oblivious to Lisa’s desires, but he was nervous and did not know exactly what to do. Besides sex for him was great and part of him did not want to ruin an utterly amazing thing. Lisa was getting off of work relatively early today and he was told by Lisa that she would text him when she got off of work.

Finally, a few hours later than expected, Dan receives the text. Come on over, the door is unlocked let yourself in. Dan thought this was odd since most often Lisa would greet him in various stages of undress. The last outfit was a leather harness which outlined her enormous mocha colored breasts and barely covering her pink pussy, already wet. There was even a leather piece around the neck with a silver ring where a leash, lead, or chain might be applied. This lead to a small amount of submission on Lisa’s part, but Dan did not take the lead like she wanted to. As Dan was about to find out, Lisa was going to try a bit harder to make Dan into her master.

Dan walks in and Dan sees Lisa on her knees, wearing only nipple and pussy clamps joined together hooked on to a collar. There did not seem to be much room and any movement of hers looked like it would tug on these chains and cause her pain. Somehow she managed to handcuff herself as well and this is where the chains to her clamps ultimately went. The only part of her body with relatively free movement where her gorgeous long mocha legs. Dan was left speechless, the sight of Lisa in this state was both extremely arousing, confusing, and shocking.

Recovering from the shock Dan notices a ball gag and leg shackles on the table next to her. “I see you have noticed the other toys, I thought it would be a good idea to allow myself speech and movement in case something happened. You may put them on me if or when you like.” Finally recovering from the shock of what he was seeing and realizing that Lisa wanted a serious BDSM relationship Dan said “So this explains the games that you have been suggesting.” Gaining more confidence Dan starts remembering some of his favorite BDSM scenes from the internet. “I guess we should first begin by picking a safe word, not that I expect you will use it much. I suggest red. Nod if that is acceptable.” Lisa nods.

After looking Lisa over again, much like he did the first night, Dan speaks in a slow voice: “Perhaps I should put the shackles on your legs and the ball gag in your mouth, tease you, and then stop and leave you there. Would you like that?” “No,” Lisa replies. “Alright then if you fail to perform that will be your punishment,” again channeling the BDSM porn that he somewhat secretly fantasized about. “Yes, sir,” Lisa replied with a smile. Finally both their kinky fantasies were coming true.

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