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Crack Whore - True Story

This is a true story. It might not get you off, but I hope you find it interesting.

The night had come to an end. I had drank my fill and was on my way home from the bar. My drinking buddy lived near-by and suggested a late-night toke before we called it a night, so I tagged along. As we laughed about idiots that we worked with, I pulled out a cigarette. As I sparked up my smoke, a slim girl in her late twenty's ran up to me. She had crazy written all over her. But all she wanted was a cigarette.

Living in the city, you get pretty tired of the constant barrage of beggars and pan-handlers. But she was pretty cute, even with her unkempt blonde hair, clothes that hadn't been washed in days, and yes, crazy eyes. So instead of waiving her off, I asked her,"what do I get in return?" She laughed, I laughed back. I was d***k. She was obviously fucked up, one way or another. But we both knew what I was getting at.

I can't remember exactly how the conversation went, but it went on for a couple of minutes. My buddy could see where this was going and bid me a good night. As he left, I suddenly realized that this was going to happen. She came up close to my ear and whispered, "how much money do you have?" Not being a big fan of credit cards, I knew I still had at least a hundred dollars on me, so I couldn't resit. I said, "I bet I have enough for you." We both laughed again, and she took me by the hand and said, "Come with me. I live around the corner."

I instantly started getting hard. My heart started beating faster and faster. I had had my fair share of one night stands, but from lighting a cigarette to meeting a girl to going around the corner for sex was exhilarating.

As we crashed through the unlocked door, I instantly noticed a horribly rank odor... something I was completely unfamiliar with. It was more of a rooming house -- a long hall with doors on either side. She lead me into the first one on the left. Not that I really cared at that moment, but it was a complete pig-sty. Garbage, dirty clothes and overflowing ashtrays surrounded a small mattress with a knotted up sl**ping bag. I thought to myself, this girl's price just went down.

But it was still money up front. I pushed my luck and said, You're mine for 60 bucks. I tossed the money on the floor and started taking off my clothes. She grabbed the back of my head and shoved her tongue down my throat. Between taking off my clothes, and basically ripping hers off, we were naked in seconds.

I had never payed for sex before in my life and was used to passionate sex. So I kissed her, and worked my way down to her pert b-cup tits, while I slide a finger into her surprisingly tight cunt. She moaned and grabbed my ass with one hand while she tugged at my raging hard-on with the other. We fumbled around like that for a couple of minutes and then I positioned myself right on top of her. I looked into her now less crazy eyes and was about to kiss her again before I got into her, then she said, "You can do anything you want to me. You can fuck my ass. You can cum on face. I'll swallow every drop." I don't know why, but for some reason I just spit on her face and called her a whore. She was surprised at first. Then she seemed to love it. "Yeah, you're gunna fuck my ass, aren't ya. Yeah? Cum on face?"

Suddenly a moment of clarity. I don't know this chick at all. And she's obviously been around the block. That's when I realized I didn't have a condom. It kind of ruined the moment. I said, "I need a condom." Thinking I was just being polite she said, "No, you don't. Do whatever you want to me." Maybe I was sobering up, but I knew I wasn't going in there without a double-wrap.

When she got the hint she pushed some garbage aside, threw some clothes into the corner and tipped over ashtrays as she frantically looked for a rubber. Just then, some guy walks right into the room. He looks at me like nothing is wrong and says, "Hey." I guess it took him a second to realize that we were naked and then he starts to apologize saying he just needed his pipe. He goes over to an upside-down milk crate in the corner and grabs a glass pipe, and politely closes the door behind him as he leaves.

The search for a rubber was in vain. So she throws a long shirt on and heads out the door promising to back in a second with a condom. I laid on the bed looking around, thinking, "What the fuck have I got myself into." As I scanned the room I thought about all the lovely middle-class princesses I had been with in their parents plush rec-rooms with a fire in the fire-place and an old movie on the big-screen. What have I become? Then I notice that the money is gone. And there's no sign of this chick at all.

I put my clothes back on and chalk the whole night up as a learning experience. As I walk out of the room I run into the "pipe guy". I ask him if he knew where "that girl" was (shit, I didn't even know her name). "Ya dude. I think she's upstairs." Feeling a little ripped off, I decide to confront her. I go up the stairs and head towards an open door where I hear voices. There she was, in the bathroom with another chick, huffing on a glass pipe. The smell was rancid. I guess that's what crack smells like. She turned her head enough to see me at the doorway, and I asked her, "Where's my money." She giggled, exhaled a waft of rancid smoke and said, "You're looking at it."

Strangely, instead of telling me to fuck off, she said, "Wow, that's right you didn't get off." She takes another toke, passes the pipe to her friend, drops to her knees and pull out my cock. Her friend was a slightly over-weight brunette wearing nice clothes. Still a junkie, but perhaps with a shred of dignity left. Or maybe not. My girl took a break from choking down my cock, and said to her brunette friend, "Hey, come here. Give me a hand." Obediently the brunette falls to her knees beside her and starts to lap up the slobber thats dripping down my balls. They took turns deep-throating my cock and licking my balls. That rhythm stopped for a brief second as the blonde sticks her tongue down her friend's throat and pulls down her friend's shirt to expose a couple of firm double-D's. I follow her lead and pull the long shirt off of the blonde, leaving her buck naked in a shared bathroom, with the door open as she chokes down a complete stranger's cock with her crack-head friend.

I suppose I could make up a better ending, but as this is actually a true story, I won't lie. There was never a condom. And as I watched these two junkies gobbled down my dick like they were possessed, I knew that fucking her or friend, cunt or ass, was off the menu. But wow, they worked on my dick and balls for what seemed like an hour. It always take me a long time to cum when I've been drinking. But then I started to feel it. I was tickling the tonsils of the brunette, at the time. But I wanted that dirty blonde whore who had bummed the cigarette (and then taken my money) to live up to her promise. So I pushed the brunette's head back, and grabbed my slobber-drenched dick. I looked at my little blonde crack-whore and said, "OPEN!" With my other had I grabbed a good chunk of her hair and pulled her head back as she obediently stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes. Layer after layer of cum covered her face... up her nose, in her eyes, dribbling down her chin, a bit in her hair and the rest in her mouth.

When I finally stopped cumming, she shook her head back and forth and then laughed. And like I didn't even exist, she picked up her pipe and smoked her crack with cum still dripping off her face. I never saw her again.

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