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SB1 part 2

Sugarbaby 1 part 2
So the next week I make arrangements to meet up with my new "sugarbaby". I am excited to get to fuck her since we only had oral last time. We are going to get a room...until, I get a text from her that says she got her period...I tell her I was really looking forward to fucking her so she replies that she could suck my dick some more....well, since I have been bj depraved for most of my life I am ready...she needs me to pick her up and we go back to my vacant office space. I brought her a present this time, cause well, Im a good daddy. This time she is wearing tiny booty shorts and a skin tight half dodgers shirt...she looks amazing body wise, but im sure we look a bit odd walking around downtown chatting together..haha..nevertheless we go to the office again where we start making out the second the door shuts. I get her down to her panties only ...I really like her body...she takes my clothes off and drops to her knees. She is deepthoating me again just like last time...nose bouncing off my stomach...amazing..since she has no problem taking me, I decide im going to just fuck her mouth...she likes it and gets into now I start pulling her hair and fucking her mouth as hard and as deep as I can. I am now telling her that I want to fuck her and am going to fuck her good next time we see each other...well, apparently she loves all of this cause she says "do you want to fuck me in the ass" I nearly came and my reply was yes of course...fortunately this time I had some rubbers and sprinted to get them and get one on. She tells me to lay down and hopes right on my cock in a leaning back cowgirl anal position...she is riding me hard and I am about to blow within seconds, well, I don't want this to end, so I make her get off and move to anal...I mentioned that bl**d doesn't bother me somewhere in this and she says fuck my pussy...haha..I am seriously ready to blow, but want to last since this is the first time I fuck her...I cant last so I have her get into mish where in about 5 pumps I am coming hard...I had a towel we did it on with me cause there was nothing to cleanup with last time and it was a bl**dy mess...haha...this girl is amazing..i think she used to be a porn star or something.. she had asked me to help her with groceries this week and thought 80 would do it, but I felt so good I gave her 100. We cleaned up, went to lunch and I dropped her off...I love the looks I get when I was with her. She was hot, tatted and looked very cholaish and me..the white guy..haha

Unfortunately, I didn't see her again...that is in my next post in a day or 2

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