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Bowling MILF

When I was about 30, my buddy Don talked me into joining a mixed bowling league with him. It was a change from hanging out at the pub, so I agreed.

We were teamed up with two married ladies, Linda and Vicky. Linda was around our age and Vicky was a more mature 40-ish lady. Both were attractive, Vicky had short gray-streaked hair, not a stunner but nice looking and with a very trim athletic figure, great legs. She always wore a short skirt when she bowled and I got aroused looking at her firm butt and legs, but I didn't think she noticed. Often her husband came to watch although he didn't play. We never saw Linda's husband as he worked out of town a lot.

After a few weeks, we started going to a country bar after the game for a few drinks and a dance or two. I soon cottoned on that Don and Linda had a thing going and he'd enlisted me to provide an excuse for stepping out. Vicki's husband came along sometimes, but he didn't dance so I would partner Vicky on the dance floor as she really enjoyed it. Hubby usually left after one beer as he had to start work early, but didn't object to her staying with us until closing time.

One night when we were slow dancing and the other pair were smooching at the table, Vicki pressed up close to me, gave me a wicked slow crotch grind, looked me in the eye and said, "God, I'm horny as Hell !" Well, I didn't know whether to crap or wind my watch.. It was my fantasy come true, here was this sexy older woman coming on to me. We went out to my car and started in to make out like a couple of horny teenagers, tongueing and wriggling every which way, I was feeling her breasts under her sweater and fingering her pussy through her panties. We had to stop as it was closing time and there were too many people out in the parking lot. She told me that she had to get home but she wanted to see me for lunch on Monday, her day off.

I spent the whole weekend in anticipation, I had arranged the day off and when Monday finally came I woke up to a rock-hard boner and nearly came as well..
I met Vicky at a local coffee shop, she was dressed casual-matron style like she was going shopping. She looked damn hot just the same even though I had been wishing for stilettos, a tube top and a miniskirt.

Vicky cut straight to the chase, she said she wasn't hungry and didn't want to be spotted by anyone, could we go somewhere private ? We went to a motel on the far side of town. Once in the room we began with passionate kisses, then she told me to sit on the bed and watch as she undressed. She said she was nervous about her body as I was so much younger than her and she had stretch marks and I might not like it. I got up and held her close and kissed her as I slowly unbuttoned her blouse, kissed her neck and worked my way down to the top of her breasts as she pushed against me. She had on a nice black Mom bra which came off to reveal a pair of very firm B-cup breasts with big dark areolas and prominent jutting nipples. She moaned in delight when I licked and sucked on them. I unzipped her skirt which fell to the floor, then knelt to kiss her stretch-marked tummy and gently pull her panties down while kneading her very firm ass. As my tongue traveled down her body, she began to sway and when it reached her pussy, she twitched like she'd got a jolt of electricity. She grabbed my head and pushed my face into her pussy and moaned aven more as my tongue found her clit. She pulled me up then and said, "Oh God I'm sooo ready, I haven't had any cock for a long time."

I laid her gently back on the bed and admired her as I undressed. I couldn't believe my good luck, I was going to have sex with this very hot older woman with a body that a teen would envy. She lay on her back as I slowly entered her an inch at a time, she wriggled and dug her nails into my back. When I was halfway in I stopped and looked at her and she smiled as we tongued each other. She asked me,"Am I all right for you ?" I told her she looked and felt beautiful, then she arched her hips up against me for a full thrust. We made slow easy love for a while, I stroked deep into her pussy and held for a few seconds as she panted and moaned. Suddenly she arched up against me again and I got the surprise of my life as I felt her pussy clamping down tight on my cock ! Damn - I nearly came right then. She must have done Kegel exercises when she was pregnant, and hadn't lost the technique. Very few women can do that at all, but Vicky's pussy was major league for sure. We lay on our sides and continued the slow stroke and hold as I ran my hand over her slim hips and firm 45 year old ass. Then she told me to lie back and just be still, she got on her knees and began to kiss my body and brush her tits over my chest and down to my cock which was throbbing abd jumping like a fish on a line. She held it and straddled me and guided me into her. "Just lie back Baby, I'll do the work."

Vicky began to piston up and down on my pole, and bent forward to put her breasts in my face. Her nipples were standing straight out, I cupped one breast and gently licked and bit down on her nipple. She squirmed and moaned frantically "Oh yeah Baby, I like that, suck on my titties, suck HARD, Oh yeah yeah yeah yeah, I'm going to come,oh yeah oh yeah, OH YEAH !!" I couldn't hold back any longer and shot a big load of cum into her amazing pussy as she rode me like a Rodeo Queen. We lay there locked together as the cum dribbled out, my still-hard cokc throbbed and twitched in her and she gave me those delightful pussy squeezes in return.

We rested a bit and kissed and petted, then as I waited for Mr. Twitchy to recover, I fondled and kissed her breasts and licked her belly, which she showed she liked, I got lower and was tongueing her pussy and clit when she wrapped her legs around me , pulled my face hard into her cleft and began to buck and moan again. Damn she was terrific, she just came and came again. She said, "I want you inside me, I want you to fuck me hard." Mr. Twitchy was happy to oblige and we got into an Olympic-class tempo. Vicky was incredible, she writhed and moaned and bit and scratched as she screamed for it. "Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me, harder, harder, harder, oh oh oh oh oh oh OOOOHHH." I shot another big load and fell back nearly exhausted. We had been fucking for almost three hours straight. This woman was going to kill me...what a way to go.

We lay quietly in each other's arms for a while, as we gently stroked and massaged each other, my hand in her pussy as she fondled my cock and balls.
Then Vicky sat up and bent over me to give me a long slow blow, running her tongue lightly up and down my shaft. She was incredible, a proper middle class middle aged woman wwith the sex drive of a harlot. She brought me close to cumming but I was dry by then.

All to soon it was time to go, we showered together and enjoyed each other's bodies again as we soaped and rinsed each other off. She dressed and became again the proper middle aged mom and wife that she was.

We saw each other as often as she could get away, every time as great as the first, for a year or so. Then one day she told me her husband had got a promotion and transfer to another city and our fun times would soon end.

Now, 30 years on, I wonder what became of her, whether she met another boy friend in her new home, and if she's still horny in her 70's. I always wondered what the hell was wrong with her husband, but I never asked. I've had many women before and since, it's often said that the best sex is just the most recent one, but I will never get over Vicky and her amazing cock-squeezing pussy. She was far and away the best ever, I will always wish for just one more time with her.

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