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Old story at a concert

A few years ago before we were married and were just 'dating', we used to regularly go to concerts at a local club. We were never that bothered about who it was we saw, we just went along and took our chances - sometimes we liked the band, other times less so.

On one occasion the band were a heavy rock outfit. It wasn't really our thing and we were hanging out on the edges of things deciding whether to stay or go when a couple dressed in full black rocker gear who were obviously seriously into the band started screaming excitedly at us at how wonderful they were. When they saw our lukewarm reaction and we told them it wasn't really our thing, they said it was because we weren't properly getting into it.

They handed us a couple of drinks and led us into the middle of the action where the crowd were pretty raucous. It was a mainly male crowd with just the odd rocker chick thrown in; more or less all were dressed in the uniform black apart from us. I was wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans and my then girlfriend was in a t-shirt, short jean skirt and tights.

We were being buffeted about by the crowd and sure enough started to enjoy it a bit more. Suddenly a few loud chords signaled the start of what must have been the band's signature tune as everyone started to go mad. We were being pushed and pulled all over the place and we noticed that people were being lifted up on top of the crowd to 'surf' over the heads of the audience to the front where they were pulled out by the bouncers.

Suddenly the girl from the couple who befriended us was lifted up and she sailed over the top of the crowd. I noticed she was being grabbed at by the crowd with people copping a feel of her breasts and her ass through her black leather trousers as she passed over.

I realised who might be next and began leading my girlfriend to the side again but it was too late. She was suddenly lifted into the air and was quickly moving away from me over the heads of those in front towards the stage.

I looked on helpless as several hands grabbed pieces of her. Her skirt was soon way up above her waist and her t-shirt was pulled off completely as she was groped and fondled by the crowd. Just as I thought she was at he front and her ordeal was coming to an end she went sideways and I could see her tights being ripped to pieces.

She finally made it to the front and was hauled out by the bouncers minus her skirt, her top and her dignity.

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