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Oh how I miss it...

Well it all was back right before I got my first car. I had been watching Kaitie for years just wanting to throw her down and have my way with her. My step s****r had just turned t****e and man her body was just amazing. Her breast bloomed early so she was already in a 36b. She was about 5' 3" 110 pounds natural blonde hair and the deepest blue eyes you could look into. After school everyday I would ride my bike and pick her up from her school and then we would walk home. Typically we had the house to ourselves from 330 until bout 545 before mom got home.

I started masturbating early ,since I was about n***, I believe it started after the first time I had walked in my mothers bedroom without her knowing and watched her fuck her flavor of the week. And once I had my first orgasm I couldn't ever quit thinking about getting off.

When I turned twelve my mother met my step dad and they got married not long after that. I remember the first day I met kaitie my only thought was I have to have that. We were young but I knew what I wanted. For the first few years I would just bump into her tiny frame just trying to get a feel. Before she moved in with us I had to wait two weeks before I could see her. Then she got into a knock down drag out with her mom, and dream come true she moved in. Things changed a lil cause I got to be around her alot. I started trying more often to feel her little sexy body that she flaunted around the house in her tight shorts that looked like you painted them on and her shirts that always showed the perfect amount of cleavage. I know she did it on purpose just to tease me.

Usually it was the same routine we would come home grab a snack, watch some tv, and do or chores before mom got home. I started getting braver and walking up behind her while she was washing dishes and trying to push up against her. I would always wait for get to shower first just so I could smell her sexy little panties from the hamper. Then I started sneaking into her room and look at her while she was asl**p, but was always just a lil to scared to try anything cause what if she didn't want it? Come to find out....

It was a wednesday, I was on the couch watching my usual brain rotting crap on tv and she walked in and plopped down next to me. I didn't really pay any attention to her at the moment, but then I noticed. She kept pushing closer to me so thinking I was imagining it I tested the waters and pushed my leg back against hers. This went on for a few min then I put my hand on her thigh just kinda tickling her lightly. And then without one word being said she look at me and I gave her my best I want you look and I kissed her. A couple seconds but it felt like ages and it was just a long peck.

I had had a little experience with a couple girls already but was pretty sure she was as green as they come. I looked back into her eyes and she just nodded. I leaned in and kissed her again this time with lust and desire. She parted those beautiful soft full lips and we sat there and made out for what seemed like days. She let me slide my hands all over her tight body feeling every inch of her. I had just undone her shorts and we heard a car door. "Shit moms home" I kissed her again and said "this isn't over" them I gave her a wicked smile. She stuck her finger to her lips and nodded with the most devilish grin I had ever seen her make. I ran to my room to take care of the raging hard on I had.

That night all I could think about was how good she felt against me, and each thought only drove me to want more and more. The clock moved so slow that it felt like it was going backwards the next day. I just couldn't wait to get home and see what would happen. So the day went on we got to the house as I walked in the door closed behind me and before I could set my backpack down she pushed me against the wall and kissed me shoving her dancing tongue into my mouth. Willingly accepting I kissed her back and picked her up. I walked her backwards to the couch as our hands couldn't stay still rubbing and petting each other like we only had ten more seconds.

I layed her down on her back and pinned her arms above her head as we continued to make out. I held her arms with one hand as I let the other play with her perky tits. I pulled her shirt up and exposed her amazing breasts. Kissing her neck she melted into my body just like it was perfectly natural. I ran my fingers down her belly and over her mound down to her legs. Testing the waters I slid my hand up her inner thigh and let go of her neck. She gazed into my eyes with hers full of lust. At that moment I knew we had to continue.

I unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down her tight thighs all the way to the floor. i was taking back with what I saw I almost had to pick my jaw off the floor. She had on a pair of lacy red boy shorts that just the sight almost made me cum right then. I slid my hand into her panties and touched that pr***** pussy for the first time. She was dripping wet pretty much ready for anything. I rubbed her clit and her body just instantly convulsed and her back arched as her first orgasm waved through her body. My first thought was wow this is going to be amazing.

I slid one finger into her tight pussy, while our tongues explored each others mouths. once I got my second knuckle in her I felt her hymen. Being cautious not pushing to far I just rubbed her clit till she came again. That was when I really was caught off guard, right before she was about to cum again she reached down grabbed my hand and shoved my middle finger as deep as she could into her tight velvet love tunnel. She moaned so loud I thought the neighbors might hear her. I kept banging my finger in and out of her until her thighs clamped on my hand and she came so hard she almost passed out from the sheer sexual bliss. Her eyes opened with a sexual glaze that just begged for more. I kissed her again and pulled her on top of me. And then it happened, thud I heard the infamous car door, and my hopes just sank and almost instantly got blue balled. Mom was home damn....

To be continued.....
Hey guys I would like some feed back this is my first story and sorry bout grammar I wrote it from my phone. And these stories are true.

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