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Masturbation Club, the second time

If you read my first post from several weeks ago, you might have been excited about what happened that first night. I had an invite by email about 4 days ago to attend a pre holiday get together this past weekend. I was able to attend, yet this time I had a better feeling about it as I knew what to expect.

Since my first session, my mind had been preoccupied with the thoughts of the first evening's events. Not a day went by without getting an enormous erection upon thinking of it. I had found that I was jerking off often as three times a day.

Anyway, I did arrive at this weekend's party prepared to have fun and mingle with the guys. This time there were almost 20 guys......many gay, but at least six if us as bicurious. Again, the rules were that there was no hole play or behavior other than touching and jerking. I later found out that a bunch of guys stay later for more fun, but the theme is to see other guy's goods and enjoy the evening.

I wore a wear of crotchless panties and two cock around my scrotum and the other around the base of the shaft. The hosts circulated a tray of wine and beer and the party started with guys talking and munching on was not long before all the semi hard cocks were at full attention. One fellow, perched him self on a tall stool and poured some lube into his hands and started stroking. He was huge with at least 8" of thick cut cock. This was a turn on for most of us and before long we were all touching and stroking each other and the guy next to us. We played a game where we formed a circle around the guy on the stool and spent a minute stroking the guy to our left. The trick was to try and hold off on cumming. Most did great, but a few shot their loads. If you were fortunate to get the guy to cum, he had to shoot on your cock. I was able to get a guy to shoot his jizz and felt it pulse on my cock and balls. His cum was so thick and gooey that I had a difficult time containing myself.

We also played a game where each guy was assigned a random number and we would each pick numbers from a bowl. We would then spend 3 minutes pleasuring each other. Some guys came several times and I also found out that many brought Cialas or Viagra to make it thru the evening. Thank goodness for tile floors because there was cum everywhere. Some shot long ropes of cum and others only a few drops. By the end of the evening, a community cum bowl was passed around to collect sperm. The bowl contained a decent amount of cum with traces of it dripping down the sides both inside and out. I later asked why the bowl is used and was told that the cum is frozen with previous meeting deposits. The saved cum is used as lube for a future session to be determined by the hosts. Not sure if I would engage in such an activity but one guy said that the deep freeze would kill off any harmful effects.... The host promised to take a picture of the bowl for me so I can display it here. He indicated that they once had nearly a full pint of jizz saved. He thinks its great that I talked about our adventure!

Anyway, had a great time and stood around long enough to see a few guys go off to other parts of their home for some other fun......judging by the moans, I assume they were enjoying themselves.

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