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I RAN INTO THIS AND HAD TO SHARE.....Jack waved to his friends as they pulled away. He had a rosy glow from the marijuana they had smoked on the long drive home. He let himself in with his key.

Josie, his mom, was bustling about the kitchen in a frenzy of baking. The air was filled with the fragrant smell of pumpkin pie, gingerbread cookies and dressing. There was a pronounced odor of nutmeg, sage and Christmas in the air.

Realizing she was unaware of his presence, he tip toed up behind her and wrapped her in a big bear hug. Josie started and jumped back, inadvertently pressing her full ass into Jack's dick. Her sudden movement caused his hands to end up firmly ensconced on her large breasts. For the briefest of moments they held this tableau; jack bent forward, each hand holding a massive breast, his mom's full ass pushed into his crotch. He quickly released her. She turned, flustered.

"Jack, she screamed, you're home!"

She wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on her tip toes and kissed Jack on the cheek.

"Hi mom, Merry Christmas!"

"Step back and let me take a look at you. Henry, Henry, Jack is home!"

His father's muffled voice came up from his perpetual spot in his basement man cave.

"My you have really filled out, his mom gushed!"

"Aw mom, Jack said embarrassed."

At 20 years old, Jack was not a small guy. He stood 6' 4", 260 lbs. Football and the exercise regimen required to play college football had transformed him from a pudgy overweight k** into a well-muscled specimen of a man.

Jack heard the floor boards' squeak as his dad moved up the stairs and into kitchen. Jack's dad was slightly shorter than Jack but weighed about the same. He was rotund with a large prominent belly. He wheezed loudly as he made his way across the kitchen.

"Jack, my boy, it is so good to see you!"

Jack and his father enveloped each other in a mutually affectionate bear hug.

"Dad, you said you were going to lose some weight. Carrying all that weight around is not good for your health!"

"Hush, boy, you're starting to sound like your mom! Nag, nag, nag all of the time about my weight!"

"Henry, you know Jack is right. Jack, take your things to your room, Then I need you to run to the store for me"

Jack smiled inwardly as he made his way upstairs to his bedroom. He threw his knapsack on the floor and flopped on his bed. He was still slightly aroused from unintentional feel up of his mom. He was also still high from the marijuana. He slowly stroked his cock as he relived the moment.

His mom's tits were massive. Years ago he had peaked at her bra size. She was 44D then. She looked to be much larger now. Her ass had felt amazing pressed against his dick. Like most boys, his mom was always a sexual fantasy. He unzipped his pants, intending to get a quick rub off in, when his mom's voice intruded on his fantasizing.

"Jack, hurry up! I need some nut meg so I can finish baking!"

Jack zipped his pants. He trotted down the stairs.

"Take this empty can with you. I want this kind and no other."

Jack grabbed the car keys off the hook by the kitchen door. As he backed the car out of the garage, he suddenly realized he still had the marijuana in his jeans pocket. Shit, shit, shit, he thought. I forget to hide this stuff in the house. Too late now.

The trip to the store was 20 minutes round trip. But before he got back on his street, he pulled off to the side. He took the bag of marijuana from his jeans pocket. Carefully he poured it into the empty nutmeg can. He tapped the plastic bag lightly to empty it. Then he snapped the plastic lid back in place. He laid the container on the seat and pulled away from the curb.

Out of the corner of his eye he saw the headlights of a car. He slammed on brakes just in time to avoid an accident. He gave the one finger salute to the other driver and proceeded home.

After he pulled in the garage he realized that the can of nutmeg and his marijuana can had fallen to the floor. In the darkened garage he found the two cans. He put one in the bag and the other in his jeans pocket.

His mom was bent over peering in the oven as he entered the kitchen. He paused for a moment to admire her ass. She wore an old fashion house dress. It was covered by a bib apron. The dress had ridden so that it barely covered her ass. At 50, her large thighs were still well shaped although dimpled slightly with cellulite. He thought she was still a very desirable woman. At school he found himself drawn to the big bosomed, big butt women. Many times he had imagined his many full figured conquests were his mom.

"Mom, here's the nutmeg, he said, handing her the bag."

"Thanks baby, she said, as she stood and turned toward him. I am going to make some cookies for us to enjoy tonight!"

Jack smiled as he turned to head downstairs to chat with his dad.

"Jack, open a bottle of wine for me, please!"

Dutifully, Jack opened the wine. He sat the bottle and a glass on the kitchen table.

The odor of gingerbread cookies wafted downstairs where he and his dad were watching college football. Upstairs, Jack knew his mom was sipping wine and baking mounds of cookies. He and his dad had gone through the better part of a 12 pack while watching the game. His dad was snoring loudly in his big lounger.

Jack decided to go up and see if he could beg, borrow or steal some cookies. He had a terrible case of the munchies. There was a subtle difference to the aroma in the kitchen. It was familiar but in his slightly d***ken state he couldn't identify it.

His mom was sitting at the kitchen table. She had a large glass of white wine. Jack noticed that the bottle was half empty. In front of her was a large platter of gingerbread cookies. She had an empty grin on her face as she sipped wine and munched on cookies.

Jack sat down across from his mom and grabbed a cookie. He tried to talk about the plans for the holiday but his mom seemed unable to concentrate. About four cookies into it, Jack was high as a kite. Through the fog of cannabis he realized he had inadvertently given his mom the cannabis and not the nutmeg. They were both wasted. His mom was barely coherent. The wine had enhanced the marijuana. She couldn't stop giggling.

She had pulled off her apron. The top buttons of her house dress had come open. Jack could see the tops of her breasts. He felt himself getting hard.

Josie's mind was in a fog. A pleasant fog but still she couldn't quite process. The warm glow she felt had moved through her hardening nipples, to the small flutter in her belly and had settled into a warm dampness between her legs.

"My god, she thought, what is going on?

She flashed back to Jack's accidental feel up. She felt her nipples harden even more and the dampness increased.

"I am turned on thinking of my son's cock pressing against my ass and his strong hands holding my breasts. What the hell is wrong with me?"

Josie went to stand and almost fell. Jack stood and grabbed her around the waist. His mom leaned heavily in to him. She giggled at her mishap.

Jack could feel her breast as she sagged heavily against him. His hands were just above her ass. Without thinking, he let his hands slide down. Gently he cupped her large ass. Jack's erection was immediate. His enormous cock grew down his pant leg.

"Stop that you bad boy, she tittered!"

Jack squeezed her ass more firmly.

"Jack, you stop this minute, his mom said a little breathlessly!"

Josie freed herself from her son. She plopped down heavily again in the kitchen chair.

"My god, she thought, Jack just felt me up again."

She glanced up at her son. He stood before her with a concerned look on his face. Her eyes wandered down to his crotch.

"Oh my god he is huge, she thought."

She f***ed her eyes up. Jack had a strange smile on his face.

"I feel so odd, she thought."

Jack stood over his mom as she sat in the chair. The top of her dress had gapped open. He could see almost down to her nipples. The large soft mounds of flesh heaved slightly as she tried to catch her breath. His erection was becoming uncomfortable as it grew in his pant leg.

Henry walked into the kitchen, bleary eyed. He took in the scene of his son and wife in the kitchen. He glanced at the table and saw the cookies. Ponderously he moved to the kitchen table. He grabbed a handful of the cookies.

"What have you guys been up to, he inquired?"

He munched absent mindedly on the cookies

"Catching up, Josie said giddily."

"Sorry I dozed off on you son!"

"No problem, dad, it gave mom and me some time together."

"Jack, I'm going up to bed. I'll see you both in the morning."

Josie followed her husband upstairs.

Jack went into the living room and turned on the TV. He realized that somehow the marijuana had gotten into the cookies. In front of him was nearly 4 dozen cannabis laced cookies. He speculated that his mom was wasted from drinking the wine and eating the cookies. He watched her large ass jiggle she followed his dad upstairs. There would be hell to pay later.

Josie helped Henry upstairs. He seemed a little more unsteady than usual. She helped him undress. As he stood naked, she took a good look at his cock. Henry was her second cock. So she was not that experienced with cocks and the size of cocks, but Henry's was a peewee compared to Jack's telephone pole sized dick. As she helped her husband into his pajamas, she wondered how a big dick like that would feel entering her. She wondered if she could even handle something that massive. Finally she wondered what the hell was wrong with her to be having these kinds of thoughts. A little wine had never done this to her before.

Once Henry was in bed, she showered and changed into her normal cotton night gown. Then on impulse, she pulled it off. She inspected herself in the mirror. She was heavier than she wanted to be. But her breasts didn't sag that much. They still had their fullness. She ran her hand over them, tweaking her nipples. She felt them harden.

She continued down over her abdomen. Yes, she had a slight pooch, but she didn't sag. She stroked the softness of her belly lightly. She felt dampness between her legs. She smiled to herself. There was still life in her pussy!

Behind her Henry snored loudly. She watched him through the mirror as her hands continued their journey down her body. How long had it been since they had sex? A couple of years? She hadn't really thought about it that much. Until tonight!

Her hands drifted down and moved through her bristly bush. It needed a trim. She used to trim it all of time. But now, well it wasn't really needed since.....since a long time!

One finger found her clit. She inhaled sharply. It was so swollen and sensitive. How long had it been since it was this swollen? She couldn't really remember. Her finger penetrated her depths and slid easily back over her swollen clit. Men didn't even give her the first look, let alone a second look. She was an overweight 50 year old woman.

Jack had squeezed her ass!

She thrust a second finger deep into her pussy. She cried out as a small orgasm moved through her body. Her clit was so sensitive she could barely touch it.

She opened the closet door. On the top shelf there was a Victoria Secrets box. How long ago had she bought this? It was an impulse purchase. She had been at the mall and saw it hanging in the window. It was a red shelf bra with a matching bikini bottom and a translucent red robe.

Quickly she put them on. The panties were tighter than she remembered. The bra barely contained her breasts. She had gained weight since she bought this outfit. She put on the robe. It barely dropped to mid-thigh. Henry had never seen it. She wondered what jack would think.

Jack watched an old movie. He absent mindedly munched on a cookie. Now that he had figured out what was in them, he could handle it. He had a nice buzz going. He needed to go shower and change but that could wait.

It was quiet in the house. He had heard the shower running. But now there was nothing but silence. He knew he needed to fess up about the cookies. He chuckled quietly. Mom was high as a kite. Otherwise she would have decked him when he squeezed her ass!

Josie decided she should talk to Jack about what happened. Although she was not a deeply religious person, she realized the wrongness of what had happened. Her son had felt her up. That would never do!

Jack looked back and saw his mom descending the stairs. He involuntarily sucked in a deep breath. She was a vision in red. The robe covered her to her thighs but from his angle looking up, he could catch a glimpse of red panties. He was a little confused about what she usually wore to bed, but he was sure this wasn't it. He felt himself getting hard......again!

"Jack, we need to talk!"

"Yes, mom, look let me....."

Jack was trying to confess about the marijuana laced cookies.

"Young man, you just shut up and listen to your mother!"

Josie sat at the far end of the couch. Absently she reached over and grabbed a cookie. She took a bite.

"I am not sure what happened earlier, Josie said, but it can never happen again!"

"Mom, I think you should...."

Jack was pointing at the cookies. He was trying to explain. But his Mom held her hand up for silence and grabbed another cookie.

"Jack, shut up and listen! First get me a glass of wine."

Dutifully, jack went in the kitchen and filled his mom's glass with wine. When he got back she was on her third cookie. The Christmas tree lights twinkled in front of them. As usual the tree was beautiful. Mom prided herself on her decorating. Tomorrow he would help her do the outside.

Josie was starting to feel a little warm. Her intent had been to explain to her son about i****t and how what they did was wrong. He needed to understand that his mother was not some college girl he could feel up at will. But now she was getting warm and she felt that wetness between her legs. She took the wine Jack brought her. As she sipped it, she saw the bulge in his jeans.

"Dear god he was big!"

Without her being aware of it her legs opened slightly. From where Jack sat he could see well up her thigh. He turned to face her on the couch. His cock was rigid and captured down his pant leg. It was agony. He knew had to go relieve the pressure. But mom wanted to talk.

"Mom, look....."

She tried to talk over him. He raised his hand and forged on.

"I have to change! These pants are very uncomfortable and I have had them on all day"

Jack stood to leave the room.

Josie stared at the huge bulge in her son's jeans. A part of her wondered if she was going to soak the couch with her wetness. Why was she so aroused?

"Then change, young man, but hurry back!"

Jack ran up the steps. He grabbed some jersey shorts and a tee shirt from his knapsack. He needed a shower but that would have to wait.

Josie gobbled down another cookie; she had six since she came back down. She felt light headed, almost out of body. She gulped down some wine. Her head spun lightly. Almost absent mindly her hand trailed down to her crotch. The panties were soaked straight through. She glanced down. And yes, there was a wet spot on the couch! Dam!

From the top of the stairs, Jack watched his mother touch her pussy. He felt his cock grow.

"Jesus, that was hot!"

Josie tried to look stern as Jack sat down at the other end of the couch.

"You must understand, Jack, she said haltingly, you must understand what I am saying!"

"Yes, mom, Jack said quietly, I understand."

"Squeezing your mother's ass is just sick behavior!

Josie munched on a cookie while she tried to collect her thoughts. Why was she so aroused?? It had been years since she was this wet!

"It can never happen again! Do you understand me?"

Jack nodded his head and stood to go to bed. He had really fucked up! She might forgive him one day¬ł but now was no time to bring up the cookies. He walked between the coffee table and the couch, moving toward the stairs. The cannabis laced cookies had his cock semi hard. He hoped his mom wouldn't notice it.

Josie watched as her son stood and moved toward her. She moved her legs over so he could get passed. She was so light headed she thought she might pass out. She could see her son's enormous cock straining against his shorts. She reached out to balance herself. In her altered state, her hand ended up resting on her son's crotch.

They both froze. Josie wanted to move her hand but time seemed to slow. She looked at the fat little hand that was resting on her son's cock. She realized it was hers. She knew she needed to move it. She was going to move it. She watched the hand flex and close around Jack's cock.

Jack closed his eyes. The feeling of mom's hand on his dick was incredible. It took all the control he could muster to keep from cumming. Through slitted eyes he watched her nibble on yet another cookie. She seemed to be almost in a trance. Jack knew she was high on marijuana. All her inhibitions were suppressed. He had been there many times. He knew.

Josie watched the fat little hand flex on her son's cock. From the deep recesses of her mind a voice screamed stop. The hand tightened. The cock grew. Part of her wondered how big it would get. Part of her was horrified at what the hand was doing.

Jack's cock was growing down the leg of his shorts. The head was starting to peek out. Cautiously, jack pulled that pant leg up. He watched as his mom's hand slid down to his exposed cock. She had this dreamy look on her face. She swayed back and forth.

Josie watched the hand slide up and down her son's cock. She was amazed that she couldn't get her hand around it. The hand was covered in precum. I wonder if I can get two hands around it. She smiled as the two fat little hands encircled the cock. She stroked it a few times. Both hands were covered it his wet sticky pre cum. She released one hand. She almost put it on the couch. She stopped. She realized she would never get the stain out. She brought the hand to her mouth and licked the sticky stuff off.

Jack was so aroused he was dizzy as watched as his mom licked his cum from her hand. He took a step closer. Josie leaned forward and licked his dickhead. Jack sucked his breath in sharply. Fuck that felt good! Josie kissed the head of his dick. He knew he was close to cumming.

Dreamily, Josie leaned forward and kissed the head of Jack's dick. She was horrified and wanted to scream. But she couldn't stop. She felt the cock grow and pulse in her hand. She licked again at the whitish liquid oozing from son's cock.

Unable to hold back any longer, Jack exploded on his mom's face. Her head was snapped back by the f***e of his ejaculate. Rope after rope of semen hit his mom in her mouth, her nose and hair. He watched her close her eyes as his fire hose of a cock covered her in man fluid. Spent, he dropped to his knees.

Josie was bemused. She was covered in her son's cum. It ran down her chin and dripped on her nice red lingerie. She ran her hands over her eyes. She looked at her hands as they flopped in the air. She knew she couldn't put her hands on the couch; it would be stained. She brought her hands to her mouth and tentatively licked them. Then she thoroughly licked her son's semen from her hand.

I must look like a cat lapping up milk, she giggled to herself. She stood. She patted her son on the head.

"Good night, baby!"

Jack watched as his mom unsteadily climbed the stairs. Amazing he thought, absolutely fucking amazing! It was the best ever hand job he had ever had!

Josie was in shock. She was shocked at what she had done. She was shocked at how much cum had spewed from Jack's dick. She was horrified at the tingling in her soaked pussy. Dear god, she thought, what is going on?

Josie stripped off her cum stained lingerie. She stepped in the shower and rinsed her son's cum from her hair and face. She toweled off. For the first time in years, she crawled into bed naked. In an instant, she was sound asl**p.

Jack woke to the smell of frying bacon. He lay in bed replaying the night before in his head. His mom had given him the most incredible handjob ever! He stroked his morning wood slowly as the image of her cum covered face filled his mind. Ruefully, He realized he needed to move those cannabis laced cookies before someone else got into them

"Henry, Jack, Breakfast!"

Reluctantly Jack released his love tool and bolted for the shower. Ten minutes later he was at the breakfast table. The amount of food on his dad's plate would feed a third world country. His mom's was only slightly smaller. He was concerned about their weight and lack of activity.

He watched her under hooded eyes for some sign of recognition of what had transpired the night before. She was all business. She was dressed in sweat pants and shirt. He recalled that today they would decorate the outside of the house. The sweat pants were pulled tightly across her ass.

Josie was confused. She could not understand what had happened last night. It was not her! It was amazing, she had enjoyed it immensely, but it was not her. She had created an impossible situation with her son. She had actually given him a handjob and let him cum in her mouth and all over her face! My god, what is going on?

"Jack, I want you to get those lights and decorations from the attic. We have a nice balmy day. We can do the outside today!"

"Ok mom, right after breakfast!'

"Sorry I can't help guys, Henry said."

"No problem, dad, mom and I got this!"

Henry rose and started downstairs to his man cave. He grabbed a hand full of the cannabis laced cookies as he passed them.

Jack was tempted to say something to his mom but thought better of it. Instead he did as he was told. He climbed into the dusty attic and handed the boxes of lights and decorations down to his mom. They spent the rest of the morning hanging Christmas lights. By the time they finished it was lunch time.

When they came back into the house, Josie checked on Henry. He was sound asl**p in his lounger. Josie knew she needed a shower before she fixed lunch. She grabbed a handful of cookies on her way upstairs. She ate a couple while stripping off her sweat soaked sweat suit and shirt. Her old cotton panties and bra were soaked too. But this time with good honest sweat. Not the sweat of her over heated pussy.

Jack was stretched out on his bed. The morning's activities had taken a lot out of him. He heard the shower come on. He knew mom was taking her shower. He was tempted to walk down and join her. But she was all business today. He casually stroked his cock. Not because he need relief but just because it felt good. He closed his eyes and dozed off slowly stroking.

Josie felt that same out of body feeling as she showered. She soaped herself up thoroughly. While the hot water rained down on her, she casually fingered her pussy. She giggled. She had played with her pussy more since Jack was home than she had in years. She had forgotten how good it felt to get herself off. It was no substitute for a cock but...! What fucking cock?? She hadn't had any cock in years. She and Henry were dam near celibate. His weight and medical issues eliminated sex.

No, she was fingering herself and thinking about her son and his enormous cock. She stepped out of the shower and dried herself. Her finger ran lightly over her clit sending little thrills through her body. She shook herself out of her reverie. She wrapped a towel around her and walked across the hall to her room.

"Jack, the shower is yours!"

There was no answer.

She walked down the hall. His door was open. Jack lay on his back. His cock rose majestically from his crotch. It was at its full 11" and bobbing slightly. He snored lightly.

Josie stood in the door and watched her son's cock sway slightly. With one hand Josie munched on a cookie. With the other she rubbed a finger up and down her labia. I should walk in there, climb in bed with him and sit on that fabulous piece of man meat, she thought. How would it feel to be impaled on that incredible tool, to feel myself being stretched to the limit as my son thrust into me?

Her knees trembled as a small orgasm travelled through her body. She reached around and knocked hard on his partially open door.

"I am a sick bitch, she thought. After the holidays, I'll make an appointment with my doctor. It was probably menopause."

"Jack, wake up, lunch, she hollered!"

She moved quickly to her room and began dressing. She was nibbling on a cookie when she heard the shower come on. What if I walked down and joined him? What would he do? Hell, I know what he would do! He'd ram that big thing right into my fat mommy pussy! Shit that would feel good! Josie shook herself back to reality. She grabbed another cookie and headed downstairs.

Lunch was cold cuts, egg salad and sliced chilled fruit. Jack noticed that his mom wolfed it down. She was voracious. He had noticed that the cookies were nearly half gone. Apparently they put dad to sl**p and made mom horny. He watched as she added cookies to her plate. He reached in the serving tray and got a couple.

After lunch, jack walked downstairs. He was intending to watch the basketball game with his dad. The game was on but dad was knocked out. He went back upstairs and plopped down on the couch. He grabbed a beer and started watching the game.

Josie was busy preparing the ham and fixings to cook tomorrow Christmas Eve. They would have a full house Christmas day. She noticed that the cookies were half gone. The partial box of nutmeg that jack had bought should be enough for another batch. She munched on a cookie. She knew if she and Henry were ever to lose any weight, she had to stop baking so much. But this was Christmas and these cookies were incredible. They were the best she ever made!

Because of the warm weather and the heat in the kitchen, she was wearing shorts and one of Henry's shirts tied under her breast. The shorts were at least a size too small. The shirt was huge on her but covered her tits nicely. She would never wear this outfit anywhere! People would point at her and laugh at the fat woman in the too tight shorts and big floppy titties in her husband's shirt.

But this was comfortable around the house. Besides, she had caught Jack stealing peeks at her. He liked it. And if he likes it, she was satisfied. Somewhere in the recesses of her mind she was horrified that she was dressing to entice her son. But in the cannabis infused part of her brain, she was in lust.

Jack was a little high from the combination of beer and marijuana laced cookies. He had that nice rosy glow that marijuana gives you. It was a relaxed, slightly giddy feeling. For him it always caused arousal. Not a full on raging hard dick, but that heightened sense of self and body. Good thing he thought to himself ruefully. All he was wearing were knee length cut off sweats and a tee shirt. If he got hard, it would be sticking out of the leg of the shorts.

It was a near thing when mom had started bouncing around the house in those short shorts and loose shirt. Dear lord she looked so......fuckable! He knew at some point he had to tell her about the cookies. He knew he was reaping the benefits, but she needed to know before the whole f****y was walking around high and horny.

It was late afternoon. Josie had everything prepared. All she had to do was popped them into the oven. She went downstairs to check on Henry. She was concerned because he was sl**ping so much here lately. She shook him awake.

"Henry come upstairs and eat!"

Henry's eyes were unfocused as he crawled from the depths of sl**p. He saw Josie standing over him. Her tits were hanging down deliciously. He languidly reached up and tweaked one of her big nipples. Jose jumped back startled. What the heck had gotten into him! She stuffed her tit back into the shirt and retied it under her breasts.

"Come on, Tiger, she chortled, soups on!"

After dinner, Henry headed upstairs to bed. Jack and Josie busied themselves wrapping presents. They usually tried to get something for each k**. Even with that, there were more than a dozen packages to wrap.

Josie had a glass of wine and the now ever present cookie. Jack noticed that the more wine she drank and the more cookies she ate, the looser the shirt became. She would retie it and continue wrapping presents.

Josie was acutely aware that Jack was getting an eyeful of her breasts. She was enjoying it. At least there was one man who found her desirable, even if that man was her son. The horror of i****t she had felt before was lessened now. She had jerked off her son's enormous cock and they hadn't been struck dead.

"Bed time for me, Jack!"

"Ok, mom, I think I'll watch TV for a while."

Josie walked over to where Jack sat on the couch. She wrapped her arms around his neck. She kissed him on the forehead. She pulled his head to her breasts.

"Thank you for your help, baby, I couldn't have done all of this without your help."

Jack was aware that his head was laying in his mom's cleavage. He was also aware that the knot on the shirt was working its way loose. He eased his hand under the shirt. He lightly squeezed her breasts.

"Jack, stop it!"

Jack stopped squeezing but did not move his hand.

"Did that feel good, mom?"

"Yes, baby, but we need to stop. This could get out of hand."

Jack let his hand wander up to her nipple. He massaged Josie's hardening nipple between his thumb and fore finger.

"Stop, baby, Josie moaned softly!"

Jack ignored her. He undid the knot on the shirt and pushed it aside. He leaned down and took her other nipple in his mouth.

"Oh fuck, baby! That feels do good!"

Jack felt his mom's nipples grow hard. They were easily as big as his thumb. And he thought devilishly, very sensitive! He could feel her body jerking spasmodically. He let his hand wander to her crotch. He could feel the dampness of her pussy through her shorts.

"Mmmm mom, you are wet!"

"Oh god baby yes! But please stop!"

Jack managed to undo the zipper on her shorts. She helped him pull them down. He buried his face in her hairy pussy. The aroma of her arousal filled the room. Her pubic hairs were soaked and matted to her pussy. Her labia stood out swollen and open.

He took her clit in his mouth as his fingers entered her incredibly wet pussy. He sucked hungrily. He felt her juices run down his chin. She shook spasmodically as mini orgasms wracked her body.

Shamelessly now, Josie gaped her legs so her son could get to her pussy. Then she pushed him away.

"Let's go ever here"

She took him by the hand and led him to the Christmas tree. She lay down and reached up for him.

Jack balanced himself on his hands. He watched his cock pulse as pre cum dripped on his mother's pussy. Bemused, he watched his mom take his cock in her hands and guide it into her pussy.

She moaned loudly as her son's massive tool eased its way into her hungry pussy. She wrapped her fat legs around his back to accommodate him. Pain /pleasure shot through her dripping wet pussy as it stretched as never before. That last time her pussy had been stretched this much was when she gave birth to the man whose tool was entering her now.

"I have always wanted to fuck under a Christmas tree, she thought!"

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