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Sunday morning with Brad...

It was close to 4 am Sunday morning, Brad turned over and pulled me to him. I was on my left side as Brad snuggled me close to him. His penis was rock hard and throbbing. I moaned softly as Brad pinched my nipples and whispered 'I like tight ass in the morning, relax, you're going to have a ruff morning.'

Than I remembered what he had said last night '...some of my friends are coming over in the morning...' Before I could say anything Brad slipped his hand between us and guided his rock hard penis between my buttocks. Like a guide missile, Brad's penis found my bung hole and entered my very sore butt hole.

Brad pushed me over to my stomach and sunk the rest of his none inches into my butt. I clenched the sheets and bit my lower lips as Brad started to have sex with me. He wasn't as rough as he had been, but he was none to easy either.

Gasping in pain I begged 'Mister Brad...please go're busting my butt...' Brad just grunted and continued to grind his penis into my aching bung hole. Brad rode me for an hour and a half before he finally shot his load of man spunk into my butt.

Brad was laying on my back breathing deeply as the door bell rung, Brad pulled his semi rigid penis from my bung and slapped my buttocks saying 'don't move, they want that pussy sloppy band ready to be fucked.

Four guys between thirty and fifty came into the bedroom and quickly undressed, Brad told them 'he's a damn good dick sucker and can take plenty dick so have fun.' The first old bastard climb on my butt and inserted his penis and gripped my head and pulled me back as he pushed his fat penis into my well lubed bung hole.

Another guy came around front and stuck his penis in to my mouth and demanded 'suck this dick bitch...' I was helpless to refuse and lucky that the two of them was so excited that it wasn't long before they both erupted and drenched my face and butt with their substance.

The third guy pulled me up to my knees, as far back as he could till I in a crotch like position. He pushed my face into the mattress and pushed his fat rigid penis into my bung hole. He was bigger than the first guy and my bung was so tender that it felt like some one stuck a hot poker up my butt.

He rode me for 40 minutes before he flooded my butt hole with his substance. Once he had filled my bung he slowly grind his fat penis around till I was nothing more than a whimpering heap of a boy toy.

When this punisher pulled out the last guy came up and spit into my anus, he grabbed my ankle and snatched them from under me and mounted me with a vengeance. He rode my butt like he had a grudge against me.

I was howling as loud as I could 'Mister Brad...Mister Brad...please make him stop...please make him stop.' The first two came up and made me suck their penis alternately till they unloaded another load, and this guy still rodse my butt. I was crying profusely by the time he came and the other three including Mister Brad had me suck their penis again, Brad made me swallow their cum and not spit any out.

My jaws ached along with my bung hole and these five decided they were going to have fun. They switched out of my butt hole one after another till it was near 2 o'clock. Brad told them they had to go. Once they had left Brad came back to me, I was trembling and whimpering from the assault.

Brad turned me to my back and climbed between my legs and entered my bung hole again and pushing my knees back to my shoulders, Brad slowly grind his huge penis deep into my bung till he shot his last load. When he had finished he carried me to the shower and cleaned me up and told me to keep my mouth shut. He carried me home as if nothing had happened and watched the game with my folks as I went to my room and fell into a deep relaxing nap.

Sunday morning with Brad...

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