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It's a fling that started in the dental clinic. On my first visit I fell for him. A smart, tall, attractive man in his late 40s, mixed race (English-Jamaican) with skin the colour of mocha and a deep husky voice. Tight wiry curly hair that that framed his handsome head. A few silvery curls gave him that sexy mature male look.
We had swapped numbers and met a few times. Had great sex and he had wined and dined me a few times. He said he loved me. But with his on off boyfriend in the picture, an ex wife, a teenage daughter and baby son, he had his hands full and could never give me the commitment and time I needed.
So we agreed to be fuck buddies. This was the 5th or 6th time I saw him. The second time he is attending to my pearly whites.
Once he had whitened my teeth, he told me not to drink too much red wine and cut down on coffee. The attraction was unmistakable. It was still there. I smiled and flirted with him by saying "well, you look really hot and sexy today!" I smiled and gave off the twinkle in my eye. It was clear he wanted me too. When he stood beside me when I was seated on the chair, I could feel his hard on brushing against my shoulder.
Once the teeth bleaching was done, he asked me to wash out my mouth in warm water. Then he locked the door. I fell to my knees as he unzipped his trousers. Out came a fat cock, fully erect and throbbing. I sucked it as if my life depended on it. What is it with sexy mature men that makes me want to be a complete bitch boy?
You've got to admire a man who keeps condoms in his bag! So while he rubbered up, he ordered me to get up and bend over the chair. My toes curled as he shoved his tongue up my tight fuckhole, which was now quivering with excitement. I was concerned that the staff at the clinic would hear me moaning so I bit my lower lip as his eager tongue teased my fuckhole some more.
Thank God I have a quick rinse down there in the mornings, after going to the toilet. So I was clean. It is weird. I don't douche every day and only do so before I am going to get fucked. But for some strange reason, today in the morning, I had a rinse. Maybe it was instinct.. or maybe the universe or energies had urged me to do so as it was already decided... in my fate that I was going to have my tight butt mercilessly stretched by a massive cock attached to a hot and handsome top daddy!
Anyway, so the head popped in and my eyes watered. I had not expected to take a cock that big. 12 inches! I realised why my hole ached and was sore for another 2 days! No poppers in the clinic, so I had to breathe in and out and relax.
He pulled out his cock, applied some sort of cream and pushed his cock back into my tight fuckhole. I've always done kegel exercises so my butt is always tight. It takes me longer to open up. Thankfully this hot dentist took his time and started rotatinjg his cock in circles while it went in, so it opened me up nicely.
He then did something naughty! He pulled his cock all the way out, just with the cockhead still in my hole. Then he slammed it in with such f***e, I yelped. His hand then covered my mouth. He spat in his other hand and put it on my hard cock. As he fucked my ass faster and harder, his hand played with my cock. It wasn't long before I shot my load all over the chair I had just been treated in!
Once I've come I tried to get up, but this man wasn't having it. He bit the nape of my neck, growled slightly, held me in place and started slam fucking my now sore fuckhole even faster and harder. I couldn't take it anymore but was too limp and my ass felt warm. I whimpered as he used my ass for as long as he wanted. My legs ached, my knees hurt and my shoulders ached. I must have been bent over for another good 10-15 mns as he kept on.
Then something great happened. I felt slutty and snarled with horny-frustration-fedupness-anger-pleading blah blah... I don't even know what that feeling was. My cock started getting harderand I started wanking off. I came again, this time more intense! He still ha dnot stopped fucking me. "Good boy, you love having your slutty ass fucked don't you? I knew you wanted to be fucked good and proper the moment you stepped into my clinic!"
This was the first time he had said something this horny ever since he had started fucking me. He gripped my hips so hard they hurt. He let out a satisfied moan while he came. I could feel his fat cock throbbing deep inside my ass. We stood there for a few seconds. He then pulled his massive cock out and grabbed some tissues. After we'd cleaned up, I decided to leave. As I got to the door he stopped me.
"Where're you going next?" he asked.
"Home," I said.
"It's time for my lunch break now. I live just 5 minutes away from the clinic. Why don't you come back to my place so I can fuck your ass some more?!"
"Oh, well. I've cum twice and my hole feels sore. Maybe next time."
His expression hardened. "You will follow me to my place. When we get inside my house, you will pull your trousers down, go on all fours and raise your ass up high in the air. Do you understand, boy?"
"Yes, Sir!" I said. I wasn't surprised to feel my cock throb again.
So I followed him. The receptionist at the clinic looked up and smiled. He winked at her. She probably knew!
His house was old fashioned with Victorian style furniture, with dim lights and a certain bygone charm to it.
Without saying anything I pulled my jeans down, got on all fours and raised mjy ass high in the air.
"Stay there" he ordered. I did. He disappeared and returned after a few seconds. Something cold and wet pressed against my fuckhole.
Then I felt my hole stretch. He was using a speculum to stretch my hole! I hadn't expected that.
He poured lube into my hole which was now stretched by the speculum. Then came the poppers. He put them in front of me, grabbed my hair and ordered "take a deep snort! You're going to need it for what I am going to do to your slutty boy hole, you whore!"
Excited and thrilled, I remembered telling him my fantasies and fetishes and how good a kinky dom top I hd been with slutty bottoms, and yearned to have a man use me as his sub slut!
Two deep snorts of poppers later I started to relax. He pulled out the speculum fast. It came out with a little pop. The jerk motion made my hole tighten again. But before I could tithten fully, a smooth dildo slid into my hole. My well lubed hole accepted it greedily and he shoved it deep in. I felt the base closed in to a small tube. He firmly held the dildo in place.
It took me a minute to realise it was an inflatable toy! As he pumped the toy, first slowly, and then fast, I felt my fuckhole stretch further. It was pain and pleasure but at onje point, the pain factor seem to override the pleasure factor.
"Please stop! It hurts," I pleaded. "Shut the fuck up and take more poppers! I'm gonna stretch your slutty fuckhole so wide, you'll be feeling sore for days! And every day, you will remember I had been in your hole and that I OWN it, you fucking butt slut. Bitch boy. You LOVE Daddy stretching your boy cunt, don't you?" He kept yelling at me while fucking with the now massive dildo which was stretched to the max.
I never knew I could take something that huge. It shocked me! "OK, now wank!" he ordered. I did as I was told and had another intense orgasm. This time my cock felt numb, my ass hurt and so did my stomach. The dildo popped out fast, my anal muscles spasmed and pushed it out as they had had enough of it. My prostate was probably rubbed and battered too!
He then got up and stood in front of me. I sucked his cock as I knew he was expecting me too. And he came in my mouth. I swallowed every drop. I cleaned up with tissues and then he walked me back to the train station. But on the way, he asked me to have lunch with him. I coudln't. Food was the last thing on my mind.
I left, promising to see him again. He sent me a text the next day. "How's your arse, bitch?" I replied " still sore, but can't wait for you to fuck it good and proepr again!"

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