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Stormy night, juicy night - Part 2

Part one:

“Thank you Lucy, it was great.
- What do you mean “it was”? We’re not done yet you know.
- Not done yet?
- The night is still young, and we’re all alone.”

She kissed Chloe once again, and then made her lie on her back. She then placed her pussy on her friend’s mouth, getting ready to ride her face. “I love to do that, especially on a pretty face like yours.” Chloe didn’t even hesitate as she immediately started to eat on Lucy’s pussy while she was moving back and forth, letting her taste every single part of her soaked place. In the same time, Chloe took Lucy’s nipples in her hand and pinched them, hardening them even more. The brunette was moving like crazy, moaning and swearing from the pleasure. Chloe tried to slip her tongue inside that juicy pussy but Lucy was moving too much, so she just played with her lips and clit.

After a few minutes of riding, she finally slow down a little, and Chloe was able to completely slip her tongue inside Lucy’s pussy. This stopped her from moving as she was letting out screams of pleasure. Feeling that her friend was close, Chloe moved one hand toward her clit, letting the second one playing with her nipples. With her thumb, the blonde girl played on Lucy’s clit, getting more screams as a response before she quickly exploded in a powerful orgasm, covering Chloe’s face with her pussy juices.

“My God, Chloe! That was great!” Lucy couldn’t believe how hard she had just cum. But she wanted more. So much more.

Not taking time to rest, she stood and made Chloe do so too. She then took her as she wanted change room.

“Where are you taking me to, Lucy?
- If I’m gonna eat you again, I might as well do it where it should be done.”

By “where it should be done”, she meant in the kitchen. She put Chloe on the table where they usually cook and then proceeded to lick her face, cleaning every last drop of pussy juices from it. She then kissed her some more while playing with her breasts.

“I love your tits. I’ve been wanting to suck on them since the first time I met you.
- Well, be my guest.
- Oh I will! But first, there’s something I wanna do.”

Lucy looked around the kitchen, looking for something until she finally found it: whipped cream. She took it with her and came back to Chloe, who was playing with her pussy.

“Stop touching it, you naughty girl!”

Chloe giggled and took her hand to her mouth to lick it. Lucy then proceeded to cover her friend’s breasts in cream while licking her lips in anticipation. Once done, she put the cream away and came on the table with Chloe. Lucy kissed her again and then went down to her chest to slowly clean it, using only her mouth.

Chloe’s nipples were already hard under the cream, and they were pocking outside of it. But Lucy ignored them at first, as she was focused on licking all the cream, and thus all of the breasts. Chloe’s breath was becoming heavier with every lick as she was waiting for her friend to play with her nipples. But Lucy was taking her sweet time, teasing the blonde girl again. Finally, after a few minutes of breasts licking, she started sucking on the nipples. The second she started, Chloe let out a moan of pleasure soon followed by many others. Lucy was going from one nipple to the other, making sure they were both equally sucked, as her friend’s moans were becoming louder.

After another few minutes, Chloe –who couldn’t take anymore of it- took the whipped cream and put some on her pubes and pussy. She then threw it away and looked into Lucy’s eyes: “You forgot to clean me down there” she said with the sexiest smile Lucy ever saw. The brunette left the hard nipples and went down on Chloe. She didn’t take her time to tease her friend this time, and directly started to eat the creamed pussy while using her hands to play with her nipples. It didn’t take long before Chloe was back to screaming obscenities, enjoying this cunnilingus even more than the one in the living room. Her body suddenly arched as she felt the powerful orgasm going throughout her whole body, leaving her half u*********s. The only things she could feel was Lucy’s mouth as she was feasting on her pussy.

When Chloe’s back finally went down, Lucy stopped eating her and went to her mouth again, kissing her all the way up. “Please don’t stop…” Chloe moaned after they kissed, and Lucy looked at her with lust in her eyes. “If you want more, Chloe, you’ll have to catch me.” She then smacked her and left the kitchen, soon followed by a still hazed Chloe.

The after effects of the orgasm she had a few minutes ago made Chloe’s chase quite hard, and her desire to feel it again was not helping either. She quickly gave up and so did her leg. Sat down in the middle of a hallway, she started masturbating, thinking about Lucy’s mouth and tongue on her pussy. And when she was finally going to cum again, she was stopped. Lucy had caught her from behind. “If you really need to cum that bad” she whispered in her eyes, “then stop touching yourself and get on all fours.” Chloe obeyed, expecting Lucy would give her lots and lots of pleasure. She just didn’t expect it would start with a spanking.

“Lucy?! What are you doing?
- I told you to catch me if you wanted more, right? And instead, here I find you, pleasuring yourself and not looking for me.
- I’m sorry…
- You’d better be! But it doesn’t change the fact that you put your own pleasure before mine. You have been greedy Chloe, so before I give you that orgasm you’re yearning for, I’m gonna have to punish you.
- Punish… me…?
- Yes, punish you. I’ll start with a spanking. And every time I spank you, I want you to apologize for being greedy. Okay?
- … Yes…”

Lucy could hardly contain herself, seeing Chloe’s drenched pussy waiting to be played with. But she found the strength to resist when she saw the perfect round ass standing in the air as Chloe was waiting for her punishment. “Here we go.” The first spanking was harder than what Chloe expected from Lucy’s arms. “I apologize for being greedy.” Lucy spanked the other buttock with the same strength. “I apologize for being greedy.” She spanked her again. “I apologize for being greedy.” And again. “I… I apologize for being greedy.” Chloe’s breath was becoming heavier with every hit. And it was arousing Lucy. “I apologize for being greedy.” Chloe’s ass was slowly turning red. “I… I’m sorry for being greedy.” Another spanking. “I… I’m sorry… for being greedy.” Lucy was enjoying it so much, she didn’t realise Chloe’s juices running down her leg anew. “I… I’m sorry…” Chloe started to moan. “I’m sorry…” Lucy finally stopped spanking her and kissed her red ass to appease the pain.

“You did well in taking it, Chloe. Will you stop being greedy now?
- I will.
- Good girl. Remember what I told you earlier? Good girls shall be rewarded.”

Without a warning, Lucy slipped two fingers in Chloe’s pussy and starting ravaging it from behind while pulling her hair with her other hand. Already on the verge of cumming, the blonde didn’t wait long before having an orgasm. But that didn’t stop Lucy from hardly fucking her, even though Chloe’s pussy was painfully tightening around her fingers. The constant fucking was driving Chloe crazy, turning her into an orgasms machine as she was cumming non stop. Eventually, Lucy stopped fingering her and laid her on her back. Not saying anything, she just put her pussy on top of Chloe’s and started to frenetically rub them together. She almost immediately came and, alike her friend, became an orgasms machine. They spent what could have been hours, days or years but were only minutes, rubbing their pussies in the hallway, staining the carpet in a mix of sweat and pussy juices. When they stopped, both girls were breathing heavier than ever, just lying down and cuddling as they were taking their breaths for a long hour.

“We should take a shower” Chloe said.
“Yeah…” Lucy answered. “I’d love to fuck you under the shower.
- You can still go on?!” asked a shocked Chloe.
“I could go on forever if it’s with you.”

The girls kissed, then slowly stood up as they went to the bathroom, holding hands.

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