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Sugarbaby 2

Well, SB1 was incredible at sex, but she didn't want to have any other type of relationship...I want a friend too that I can text with once in a while, so I was continuing to run an ad on cl...this time "beginner sugar baby wanted". SB1 was 24 btw.

So I get a response from a 22 year old Mexicana...shes been in the us for 4 years and cute as hell. She has no job and owes a technical college student loans. I agree to pick her up, we go to starbucks, shes 5' about 110, green eyes light complexion, wearing skin tight jeans and shirt like all the young hot Latinas do. We get along great, she says she is ready to start so I tell her I just gave this past girl 100 for her groceries and she says her phone bill is past due and would like a ride to cricket and 100 to pay it. We go to my vacant office space 1st...once the door is shut, we immediately begin making out with the typical hands all over each other. I take her shirt and pants off and she is wearing a matching green lacy thong and bra...perfect body...I get her bra off to unleash some perfect perky b sized boobies which I immediately start kissing. I take her panties off and my clothes and put her hand on my now hardening cock. She rubs it until it is as hard as it gets.

We get on the floor (hey its a vacant office) and she goes down on me...she has great technique taking me in about halfway...lifting her head up once in a while and letting the spit hang and drip from her mouth to my cock, then she would rub the spit in..that really feels good...she continued this technique for a few minutes and I wanted to go down on her, she said she didn't like oral, I said well you just have had it given to you by someone who knows how, she said lets just have I give her the rubber to put on my cock and lay on my back. She is pretty small and is struggling to get me inside her..again, you can see my pic, I am not big by any means...she gets me all the way in and only moves slightly saying that it is a really tight fit...I of course could feel that and it felt amazing. In fact, im about ready to explode, so I ask her to get on her knees so I can try doggy...I cannot get my dick in her so I ask her to guide me in and who doesn't like to be guided ion anyway. She asks me to go slow...I can almost reach my hands all the way around her tiny waist - her ass is fucking tight - this is a superb body- im about to blow so I do my best not to. I want to get her in missionary to come. So when I cant take it any more I get on top of her, she guides me in and I go as hard as she will let me until I am freaking coming hard.

she got dressed immediately and was ready to go- I dropped her at the downtown cricket store and she said she'd get home on her own. she wouldndt go to lunch, nothing. I met up with her the next week and had the same experience. I liked the was very good and the tight feeling off her pussy was really good too, but she wasn't good at sex and she didn't want to chat at all. I joked with her about a trip to Albuquerque I needed to make a couple days later and if she would like to ride along...she said she'd have to charge me for it and that is just not cool to say cause she should have known that I would take care of her. I am starting to not like the hooker mentality of this.

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