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Randy and Rich

This was back in the summer. I split up from my ex and was free and single. My friend was chatting to me one night via text and we did a bit of flirting. He was gay and I told him that I was Bi during the conversation. Basically I wanted some cock to spunk on me with no strings attached. Rich was up for it.
Rich arrived two days later. He had with him some gay 'soft porn' movies to watch with him. We went up to the bedroom where I put the TV on. We sat and watched a couple of episodes as I moved my arm around the back of him. We then looked at each other then began to snog. Our tongues exploring each others mouths. I slowly began to strip him. Taking off his shirt and revealing his smooth chest. I moved my way down and took his socks off. Leaving just his trousers and boxers on. We carried on snogging. I badly wanted his cock. I run my hand over his large bulge and thought... god that is big. I pulled off his trousers and could see how big his cock was. It was very large. As I pulled down his boxers it sprang out!!!
It had a big mushroom head on it. Must of been about 8 inches long and thick. I licked around the head of his big cock. Slowly licking his shaft before opening my mouth and taking the monster. I began to suck away. Gagging on his big dick. He lay there giving soft moans of pleasure.
I took his cock back out and began jacking it while licking the pre-cum that was oozing out of the slit. I knew it wouldn't be long before he was spunking.
Quickly I took him deep in my warm wet mouth again.
Sure enough as I sucked on his cock he began to unload into my mouth.
I carried on sucking until he had finished cumming..... then I swallowed.

Before he could return the favour there was a knock at the door. Quickly Rich got dressed as I answered the door. Turned out to be another friend which would have run a mile if he knew what we just been doing lol.

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