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The Visit - Pt 2

We had all put on our robes and as the girls chatted in the bathroom, Don and I made something to eat. Needless to say we were all starving by now and had eaten our way through a mountain of food and the girls were on their third bottle of wine in no time at all.

Don went out into the kitchen to get us yet another beer each and asked the girls if they wanted another bottle of wine.

“You better,” said Terry, “Sami has just come up with a very novel glass for my wine.”

This caught everyone’s attention and as we looked over to where Sami was laying, she spun round so that her legs were now dangling over the back of the settee and inserted the bottle of wine into her fanny. Very slowly, she pumped the first part of the neck inside her.

Another couple of inches disappeared until she had inserted up to where the bottle starts to widen out. She now took the bottle out and invited us all over to drink from the fountain of nature. She was gently holding open the lips of her fanny and you could see the wine shimmering there.

Don wasted no time, dived in and slurped her dry. “Can I fill you up again m’lady?” he asked.

“It depends if someone else wants a drink, I don’t want to be stuck here with a fanny full of wine and no-one wants a drink.” she said.

“Oh, I don’t think there is any chance of that now do you?” Terry said as she looked around the room.

We all dutifully shook our heads and almost lined up for our turn. Don reinserted the bottle, pushing it in a bit further than Sami had done. This made her shudder a bit. Surely he hadn’t bottomed out already.

“No, it’s all right, it’s just cold, that’s all.” she reassured him.
So he tried again. This time her fanny opened up to take some of the wider part of the bottle.

The entire bottle was about a foot long and as the wider part started about three inches down the bottle, there was still plenty to go.

However, the wider part of the bottle was about three to four inches across which gave it a girth of about ten inches. This was making Sami’s eyes role. She was loving the feeling, it was stretching her fanny to extremes not normally felt fucking your average human being.

Don again withdrew the bottle, handed it to Terry and put his head down to her very full opening. When he started to slurp, he knelt down and put a leg either side of her head. This allowed his Meat to dangle in her face and she wasted no time gobbling him up and wanking him with her tongue.

She let his Meat plop out and took one of his giant balls into her mouth. She sucked hard which made him flinch slightly. “Careful,” he said, “You don’t want me to spill my drink do you?”

We all laughed as Don got up and handed over to Terry.

“Something a bit different, I think.” said Terry as she lay down beside Sami in exactly the same position. “I think I should be the glass for a while, you Don should see just how nice you can make that empty bottle feel for Sami, you should fill me up Bob, with wine to begin with and then with that other empty bottle, and Sami and I should suck you both off whilst you’re doing it, how does that sound to everyone?”

Nobody answered, there was just a couple of groans of excitement as everyone got into position.

Don got on top of Sami and his Meat immediately disappeared inside Sami’s very excited mouth. I got on top of Terry and felt my manhood suddenly go very hot and wet. Needless to say he was a raging hard-on by now and I had to be very careful what I did with him until I got used to the position.

Terry had opened her legs and had entwined her left one with Sami’s right one. Her fanny was about an inch from my nose, so I dutifully lowered my head and kissed it, sucking vigorously on her protruding knob. She groaned with delight and I watched as her fanny muscled contracted and relaxed, opened and closed.

Her little butt hole was doing the same. I couldn’t resist rimming her and pushing my tongue past that first tight ring of arse muscles. She screamed a mouthful of Meat and gently shuddered. As I rimmed her again, I felt her fanny cum on my chin. I immediately turned my attentions to her clit and the deep insides of her fanny.

The heat radiating from her fanny was enormous. If anyone ever invents a way of storing the heat that emanates from a woman’s fanny when she cums s/he will make a fortune. It’s very ecologically sound!!!

Cuming like that made her want more of my Meat. She slowly pushed my arse closer and closer to her face. The deeper he went into her mouth, the wilder I was getting with her fanny and arse.

Both Don and Sami had stopped to watch and encourage us.

“Go for it Terry, see if you can deep throat him.” Sami said, much to the encouragement of Terry. “Plug those holes Bob,” Don said “She loves your tongue up her arse.” This made her cum again.

I stuck my tongue deep inside her arse, past the very tight muscles and three fingers in her fanny. I could feel the smooth walled lining of her arse and the ‘G’ spot with my fingers.

She came and came flooding my hand, it ran up her stomach and soaked into her hair. Finally she pushed one last time, he slipped deep into her throat and I could feel as her throat muscles worked on him, I grabbed an arse cheek in each hand and fluttered backwards and forwards, from her arse hole to her fanny.

I pushed and withdrew, in and out of her throat and then flooded her with my red hot gurgling cum. It shot out of me so hard it went straight into her stomach. She felt my bulging Meat shoot its load and she tried a muffled scream.

Could she hold her breath long enough for him to empty into her stomach? She almost did it, almost. She pulled him out and gasped for life giving oxygen. He dribbled a mixture of cum and saliva onto her chin which was very eagerly lapped up by Sami.

We both slumped down into the settee to recover whilst Sami and Don got back to what they had been doing. All the time they had been watching us, Sami had had an empty wine bottle partially swallowed by her fanny. She had been very slowly pumping it as she watched Terry and I get hotter and hotter.

By the time Don got back to business, Sami had got the bottle half way in and was gagging for the rest and something long and hard shoved in her mouth as well. Don was more than willing to oblige, watching us had really got them both hotter than hell and now those passions needed satisfying.

Watching the bottle slowly disappear inside Sami brought back memories of Big Mac and the seaside, but enough of that, just look how much she is able to take if she puts her mind to it.

Occasionally, Dons head would go back and he would give out a quiet, low growl. You knew that Sami was hitting all the right places on his Meat. The bottle was now all the way in and Don followed the shape of it up the outside of Sami’s stomach. The bottle was on the inside, but Don was wanking her with it from the outside.

She tensed, she stopped for a moment, some of the bottle squeezed back out and was immediately squeezed back in by Don.

She pushed his Meat out the side of her mouth and gave an almighty exhale and grunt as she turned bright red and came. The bottle kept popping out and being pushed back in, out and in, in and out. Don suddenly licked his middle finger and shoved it hard right up Sami’s arse.

This made her eyes pop wide open and she screamed, but it had the desired effect. She came and shuddered, gurgled and pushed down on Don’s finger. She came again and again. Finally, without withdrawing the bottle, she flopped down on the settee next to us all and slowly extracted the bottle from a very stretched fanny.

In the bottom of the bottle was about an inch of Sami’s cum. It had gathered inside of her and as it had no-where else to go, it gathered in the bottom of the bottle as she flopped over.

Don took the bottle off Sami and without any hesitation at all, drank the cum and licked his lips, moaning ecstatically.

Time for another break I think said Sami, I’m going for a shower, anyone fancy joining me?

Another word of explanation, when Sami and I moved into this house, one of the main reasons why we bought it in the first place was because of the size of the bathroom. It was about the size of a large bedroom.

Now knowing our sexual orientations, I suggested to Sami that we should convert some of the space into a huge shower with several shower heads, a shower big enough to hold several people.

She was way ahead of me, she had even sorted out what type of shower heads were the best for penetration and what sized rubber hosing was best for washing way up inside yourself with.

Anyway, here we were, our first opportunity to try it out and Terry and Don were more than willing to christen it with us.

Don was up for it because he had not cum during that last round of frolics, Terry was over her last cum because it had taken half an hour to satisfy Sami with the bottle. I could just generally join in if Meat didn’t want to know yet. It was Sami who surprised me, she had only cum ten minutes ago and it was massive.

The shower was lovely. To begin with, everyone behaved themselves and just soaked up the great feelings from the power shower and heads. They were those quite small but very powerful ones that if turned up could really make your skin tingle.

I took the soap and offered to lather up everyone while they just relaxed. Terry said she would help and that we could take one of the others each. She started with Don while I lathered up Sami.

Once they had the soap on them, they quickly turned to face each other and continued lathering themselves rather than each other.

I got behind Don and started to massage the soap into his back, the back of his legs and his arse. Terry turned to Sami and slipped her hand between Sami’s legs. Very gently, she slipped her thumb up Sami’s arse and her middle finger up her fanny.

This allowed her to wank Sami off gently pinching the skin between the two holes as she went. Sami just put her two shaking hands on Don’s shoulders and took in the intense feeling.

By this time, I had put my hand between Don’s legs and had pulled his balls back towards his arse. I gently stuck my thumb up his arse and put my other hand round his side to squeeze and pull his Meat for all it was worth.

These were very intense feelings for both Sami and Don and without too much encouragement, it was clear they were both on the verge of something gooood.
The more Terry nipped Sami’s piece of skin the more she shook. The more I wriggled my thumb and pulled Don’s balls and Meat apart, the closer he got.
He was shaking and whispering, “Oh my God, Oh my God.”

He came with an Ali shuffle in the shower. I was a bit concerned that he was going to fall over but he didn’t. As he came, I gathered it all up in my hands and passed it to the girls to suck on.

God, that bloke knows how to cum. It must be his fourth time in about six hours and you would think it was his first. I passed some to Don who sucked my fingers, I saved a string for myself and passed yet more for the girls. Slowly he stopped and dropped his head forward with some strange expletives.

Finally, we were all dry, warm tired, fed and watered and decided that it really was time for us to get into bed. That doesn’t mean that it was time for sl**p. It was time for the last round of frolics and then that would be it for the day, after all there was a big day ahead of us, but that’s another story.

As we were lying there in the dark, someone reminded us all of those four little holes that, although they had seen some action, had not really been involved yet. Sami pulled out a strap-on dildo and climbed into it.
We were very impressed but were curious as to what she had in mind. She explained that although they were good, they can never replace the real thing.

She knew I liked the feel of it because we had tried it on each other several times, but she was right, it didn’t feel the same as a real one.

So we would all lay behind each other, lube each other up and plug in, every now and then, we would change places so that the one at the back got some and everyone got the chance of experiencing the strap-on and the real thing.
I lay behind Terry to begin with, she was at the front, Sami lay behind me and Don was behind her.

Everyone lubed up and got into position. I gently pushed Meat into Terry’s arse just as I felt the strap-on push past my muscle. Don was already in Sami.
I couldn’t help groping with Terry’s beautifully shaped fanny lips and her pink knob button. After about ten minutes, I gently slipped out from between Terry and Sami and lay behind Don. Sami slipped out of the strap-on and passed it to Terry who then lay between Don and Sami.

I pressed up inside Don and tried to strike up the opposite rhythm to him and Terry. As he pulled out of her arse, I tried to push into his. This was great, it was gently, it was loving, it was sensual and incredibly erotic.
Finally, Terry and I swapped places and we had all dropped off into the realm of people’s dreams.

No-one came, no-one wanted to finish, we all felt incredibly sensitive, we all tingled from head to foot, every part of everybody was being gently touched and massaged.

The scented lube was everywhere, on us, in us, around us, in our hair, in our nostrils, in our dreams, in our fantasy. Was this really happening, could something this beautiful be real. Were we all just having the same most wonderful, most erotic dream.

Slowly, Terry and Don slipped out of bed and went into the next room to sl**p and left me slowly, gently gyrating inside of Sami’s most perfect arse.

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