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A journey from good girl to slut part 2

Jan expressed total satisfaction with her first 3some and was ready the following weekend for more action. I asked her preference and she said just surprise her. I had something in mind but this would be a test of Jan’s limits. It was with another couple about our ages the catch was Jan said she was not interested in being with a woman and Ted and Ellen were open to what ever happened.

Jan came over about 3 on Saturday and we had a glass or two of wine and I shared that Ted and Ellen were going to join us in about 30 minutes. Jan never flinched or reminded me of her limits but sounded ready for a good fuck session. We toasted to what ever happens will be good and Jan smiled really big telling me she might cross off one of her limits today knowing that it would be her choice and no one would f***e her to be with Ellen if she didn’t want to. That choice I suspect was made in about 30 seconds after the couple arrived and Jan got a look at Ellen a very striking professional woman that had a way about her that was natural and comforting to anyone she met. We talk over some more wine and Ted and Ellen shared they had been swinging for about 3 years and found it added to their sex life immensely, keeping it fresh and vibrant with new ideas coming into it all the time. I could tell Jan was totally taken by both Ted and Ellen and suspected she was thinking maybe just maybe.

Ted was a nice looking guy early 50’s 6’ around 200 pounds with salt and pepper hair and as Jan soon found out a nice cock of about 9” and with a curve that could drive a woman crazy. Ellen was 5’6” I would guess 140 with nice C cup tits that when she was naked and sitting her hair would come to just right about the perky nipples. I knew I was going to enjoy this afternoon and evening and hoped Jan would also.

We got some more wine and Jan ended up sitting next to Ted and Ellen was right up against me on the other small settee. Ted wasted no time in reaching over and kissing Jan and felling her tits through blouse. Jan turned making the blouse fall open more and Ted’s hand was inside pinching her nipple giving Jan a look of total pleasure. I had not told Jan Ted’s size so as she reached down to his crouch she gasped when she realized the hard on was a big one. Ellen laughed and said every woman they had ever been with had the same reaction. I said will you won’t have that same reaction sorry but Ellen said not a problem as long as you know how to fuck a hot wet horny woman. I said I would do my best.

I kissed Ellen and fondled her nice firm perky tits squeezing her nipples which brought forth a moan of pleasure and words of encouragement, don’t stop I need a good fucking today. Ted and told me Ellen was a potty mouth and liked explicit talk while she fucked. I told her to be a good bitch and follow orders and she will get a good fucking. I opened her blouse and dropped on the floor and went down and sucked and bit on her tits that were so so nice.

I wasn’t paying to much attention to Jan and Ted but looked over to see Jan holding the 9 inches in her hand just before it went into her mouth. I knew Jan was ready to take his cock any way Ted wanted. Ted laid Jan back on the couch and pulled her shorts and panties off smiling at the shaved pussy facing him. Ted moved in between her legs and started tongue fucking her, which caused Jan to moan with pleasure.

Well I was too excited about the horny woman I was playing with to continue to watch Jan get fucked. Ellen was also moaning with pleasure as my hand went into her panties and fingered her wet also shaved pussy. I told Ellen that I was going to take her like a fucking whore and use her for my pleasure, she responded take me use me just fuck me.

I stood up dropped my shorts and put my erection right in her mouth hearing her gag and slurp like a good cocksucker. Ellen sat on the couch as I fucked her face pulling her head into my crouch. Ellen was gagging and I was fucking her mouth when I heard Ted say something about lets take these two bitches to the bedroom and fuck them together on the bed. I stopped Ellen and backed away allowing her to stand and strip naked before we journeyed to the bed for more fucking. Ted and Jan were right behind us and all four naked bodies were ready for action, Ted and I erect and very hard and Jan and Ellen dripping wet knowing the fun was about to begin.

I told Ellen to lie on her back on the bed and Ted did the same to Jan, which both women did as directed. I got over Ellen giving her mouth one more time with my cock and Ted did the same to Jan. We then backed away after some good cock sucking. Ted said something to Ellen and with that she turned and kissed Jan full on the lips and her tongue into her mouth. To my surprise Jan responded kissing Ellen like they had always done this, but I knew this was Jan’s first kiss with another woman. Fucking hot as Ellen’s hands found Jan’s tits and Jan’s Ellen’s. Both women were enjoying the fun of the other with Jan into it like she was an old pro at being Bi.

This continued for a few minutes with both pussies going after the other with pure fucking pleasure. Ellen was fingering Jan and Jan was enjoying her touch. I was surprised how easily Jan took to this play. Jan was moaning don’t stop I want to cum at which Ellen rose up and went down on Jan making the orgasm one of those over the top rides of pleasure. I got on one side of Jan and Ted on the other and we started sucking on her tits and kissing her and egging Ellen to make her cum. Jan laughed this is not fair I should let someone else share in this pleasure. We all agreed we were enjoying this just fine and with that Jan went over the top telling Ellen that she was a great pussy eater. The explosion last for at least 30 full seconds as Jan lifter her hips to Ellen’s mouth and tongue. Ellen was also finger fucking Jan with a motion that matched her tongue. Ted and I just enjoyed as Jan was stroking our cocks as she continued to cum. When it was over Ellen said well guys it is my turn who wants what. I went for the pussy and Ted went for her mouth, with Jan sucking on her tits one at a time.

Ellen sat on my cock and this allowed Jan to go low and suck tits and Ted to go high and fuck his wife’s mouth. I just lay there enjoying each penetration into Ellen’s wet throbbing cunt. Did take long and filled her with my load deep here wet pussy.

Ellen wanted more which meant Ted was next to fuck her but not before Jan went down and tasted my cum dripping out of Ellen’s wet soaking wet pussy. Jan stayed with it long enough she told me later to get a lot of cum in her mouth and pussy juice on her face. Jan sat up and share the cum with Ellen as she took Ted’s cock deep into her cunt. Ted didn’t last long filling his wife up with a good load. Jan was down there again drinking Ted’s load right out of Ellen again. They shared this load as well and the evening was still young and ripe for more fucking fun.

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