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A journey from good girl to slut

This is a true story one that began many years ago but came to its conclusion only a few months ago. My friend of many years ago and I made contact thru Facebook and relit the passion of by gone years. Jan, short for Janet, is now in her 50’s and still maintains a nice figure being 5’7’ 145# with her short cut reddish brown hair. She is small-busted B cup bra with a smile that just knocks you off your feet.

We had been friends last seeing each other about 10 years ago when I at a conference in her city in the Midwest for 4 days. We had met for dinner one evening and spent the night fucking like there was no tomorrow. Not sure what happened but that was the last time until about 4 months ago.

Since coming back together we has reignited the relationship and sex has gone from that was a good fuck to she wants more and more. So way not give the woman what she wants. I have asked her how did she deal with here sexuality over the past few years because Jan is so turned on most of the time I can’t imagine this woman not getting some good cock on a regular basis. For about 4 years, ending 2 years ago, she shared that she and a co-worker had engaged in a fuck buddy relationship. Jackson a black man with, as Jan tells it, a black mans cock. She said that they would get together infrequently but when they did it was an all out fuckathon, in which Jan said she relished and got to where she wanted more and more. The sex was not unusual, well some tie downs and a little rough sex but pretty plain Jane fucking. Jan did say that she got hooked on being white fuck buddy for a black cock. She said she always started sucking on his cock and seeing her white hand on his black shaft was a turn on each time. Jackson like to take her in a variety of positions which included fucking her on his dinning room table, bent over the couch in the living room and even out in his garage in the back seat of his car. Different scenes went along with each place that Jackson would take Jan back to each time he fucked her there. The one that Jan found funniest was the front hall way, if Jackson met her there naked and erect it meant she was to drop to her knees remove her blouse or top, and suck his cock until he blew his load, which were always hugh, all over her face and tits and got into her hair. Jan like that but she enjoyed taking Jackson’s big black cock in her pussy even better. This fuck buddy fun last for a lot longer the Jan thought it would because Jackson had told her he had history of fucking one cunt for a few months and then moving on to the next one.

So we got hooked up again like I said 4 months ago and this woman is now a nympho that cannot get enough cock. We started slow when Jan met me for a dinner and came back to my home for the rest of the evening. We were barely inside the door of my house and my hands were felling her tits and she my cock. We were like teenagers in heat. Jan dropped to her knees and I unzipped my pants as she took my cock in her mouth. I told her to suck it like the cocksucker she was and f***ed her all the way down on it. Jan gagged, I am not huge being 6” cut and not very thick, but she still went at it like this was her last cock for a very long time. The rest of the evening was spent fucking Jan in every position and watching her cum and cum again. We laughed when she hit the 8th time and was still wanting more.

Laying next to her naked body as we took a break and enjoyed a little sparkling water, Jan share how much she missed getting fucked and being a very multi orgasmic woman she really missed nights like this where she would just fuck away the night. I asked her what was her experience with more than one cock and she shrugged it off, as no she was a one cock pussy at which we laughed and put my hand into her wetness and fingered her to number 9.

It wasn’t until about a week later that the subject of more than one cock came up again. I had bought Jan’s first dildo and little viberator during that time and we had had some good fuck sessions with the dildo in Jan’s wet cunt and my cock in her mouth. These were so good that I asked Jan if she wanted the real thing meaning to cocks one in her pussy and one in her mouth. I was surprised when she affirmed the idea that a second cock might be fun. We talked about the how of this and I offered a friend that I knew would join us for a 3some whenever she wanted to try it. Two days later Jan called and offered she would like to try that 3some this coming weekend. Called Jess and he confirmed sure lets fuck her.

Saturday could not come soon enough for me as one of my kinks is watch a woman take a cock right in front of me. Jan dressed in a nice pair of shorts; the summer heat was upon us, and a white top with two buttons undone showing her tits off to anyone who looked. I could tell from the minute Jan arrived that she was fucking turned on that evening and this was going to be fun. I was in the kitchen getting our wine as Jess arrived and Jan welcomed him to my home. I returned to the covered porch to find Jess’ hand down Jan’s open blouse and the two of them locked in a hot kiss on the couch. I laughed saying I see you two have met and Jan smiled yes and moaned as Jess sucked on her tits, which I knew turned Jan from a good girl to a wet pussy. Jess had wasted no time getting Jan wet and ready to fuck both of us. Jess had removed Jan blouse and Jan was sitting so as to allow Jess’ hands full access to anything he wanted. Jan smiled and closed her eyes as Jess’ move his hand into her pussy not even bothering to remove her shorts or panties. With that touch Jan give into the total pleasure she knew was going to be hers for the evening.

I placed the wine bottle and glasses on the table and joined Jess in making sure Jan got enough cock. I stood with my shorts down placing my cock in front of Jan’s mouth and when she looked she just slurped down and I pushed her head all the way. Jess stood up and did the same and Jan went back and forth between Jess’ full 8” thick cock and mine. Jess was enjoying gagging Jan and calling her names, which I knew would turn Jan on even more. I watched as the horny pussy went back and forth sucking and gagging slurping our cocks.

Jess asked if I had ever tied this bitch down, which I said no but why not. We pulled Jan off our cocks and told her to stand up and strip. She stood and dropped the top to the floor and the shorts and panties also. Jess kissed her and pinched one of her nipples enough to cause Jan to yelp in pain but still hold Jess’ head tight to her. I said let move to the bedroom and tie her down. Jan didn’t object and we all made our way to the bed quickly. Jan was surprised that I had some tie downs already in place as she climbed in the middle of the bed. She laughed and shared that we two must have talked about what she was going to do this evening laughing. Jess went to one side of the bed and tied her arm to the rope and I did the same on the other side.

Jess opened Jan’s leg and moved down to taste her wetness. Jan moaned as the tongue touched her cunt lips and Jess’ mouth sucked on her clit that was now throbbing with pleasure. I moved over Jan’s face and pushed my cock into her willing and open mouth and began to fuck her mouth harder than ever before. Jan was gagging and slurping and I could see her eyes blazing with pleasure. Jan gets this look when she is turned on I mean really turned on that invites to you to just take her and fuck her anyway you want. This was the look and I was in the mood to oblige this bitch with a face fuck.

Jess was still enjoying Jan’s wet cunt fingering her pussy and asshole before moving into position and mounting her with his fucking big cock. Jan winced as Jess pushed into her with full f***e and going right into a fucking motion with speed and purpose. Well I told Jan she had her two cocks hope she was happy. I knew Jess and I were and from the slurping noise of her mouth and cunt I suspected Jan was also. Jess banged her hard pumping her full of his cock. I had asked Jan if she was ok without condoms and she thought so as long as I trusted my friend. Jess and I had both been tested the previous week which I shared with Jan and she said go for it fuck her bare back which we were doing at that very moment.

Jess suggested that we untie Jan and let her sit down on his cock, knowing that I then to fuck her in she sweet ass. Jess didn’t know that in all her years that Jan had never been ass fucked this would be her first. Untied Jan moved on top of Jess and sat down on his cock filling her wet pussy to the brim. She moved quickly into fucking Jess putting a smile on his face. I moved behind her and lubed up my cock and her asshole, which told Jan she was about to get double penetrated but more imortantly for her this was to be her first ass fuck.

I moved into position and heard Jan say, slow please. I grabbed her hair and told to shut up and just take both our cocks. She knew I was going to be slow as we had talked about her firs ass fucking she just didn’t know that it would happen that evening and with another cock in her front door. As I felt for the right spot Jan reached back and guided me to her ass which then was entered for the first time. Jan let go of my cock as I went into her and slowly went all the way in. Jan moaned and told us to fuck her which Jess and I both said you bet. The motion was hard to get down but once we did Jan was getting pounded with a cock in your pussy and one in her ass. We kept this up for a few minutes as I slipped out and went back in several times.

It was about here that I could tell Jan was going to cum so I grabbed her hips and pushed in as deep as my cock would go in her ass and with that she exploded and the ride was fantastic. I managed to keep inside her pussy though her total roller coaster orgasm. Not sure if this was one or several because each time I though she was done she started right back up and Jess and I each enjoyed every seismic explosion from this hot fucking slut.

I don’t remember who shot first but my load went deep into Jan’s tight asshole with great thrusting action and a damn fucking orgasm for me. I heard Jess telling Jan to take it all in her cunt and he exploded to which made Jan cum again and pushing me out of her ass. One good night of fucking had begun.

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