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First Cock I Sucked

After my wife left me for another man I have to admit I went a bit loony. My sex life mostly consisted of reading a lot of porn and masturbating. Sometime during this period I went from being very straight to having thoughts about cock.

There used to be little porn theaters in the Hollywood area. One night while I was sitting in the back row watching a couple going at it on the screen a guy came in a sat right next to me. Before I could react he pulled his cock out, it was already hard, and started jerking off. I tried to ignore him but that hard cock fascinated me and I couldn't help looking at it. Then he just grabbed my hand and put it on his cock. It shocked the hell out of me, but I also found myself extremely aroused—touching another man's cock felt nothing lick touching my own. I felt and jacked off that cock for a while, then he tried to push my head down on it. If it hadn't been in such a public place I might have sucked him that night. Instead I pretty much panicked and left the theater.

For the next few weeks I was obsessed with the idea of sucking cock. I kept thinking about how he tried to push my head down, how his cock felt in my hand, how big it was and how hard it was.

Then one day I got a phone call and I was invited to a swing party. When I got there the host said I was early and none of the other people where there yet. We smoked some pot and he gave me some scotch to drink. I'm not quite sure how it happened but I found myself very buzzed and naked in his bed. He sucked my cock and fingered my a bit ass while he was doing it. Then it was my turn...

I help his cock in front of my face and just looked at it. The time to suck had come and, even with the buzz, I found myself shaking. Fantasy was one thing, but actually becoming a cock sucker...

I touched the tip with my tongue...the world didn't end. A pulse went through my own cock. It was time; I put my lips around the head and my cock pulsed some more. Down I went and I found sucking to be easy and quite exiting.

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