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Breaking in a New Guy

Years ago I had a young guy answer an ad I had placed online. He saw my ad and thought I seemed sane and cool so he sent me his stat and a faceless pic of his body. He was 19, 5'7", 130, and had a cock that looked to be maybe 5" cut and thin. He said he was straight but curious and really horny and liked my ad. We Emailed for a few minutes, chatting about what we liked, etc. He was nervous and had only had sex with a couple of girls, neither of which sucked his cock very well and didn't swallow. I asked him what got him curious and he said that one time, not too long ago, he was on CL he was checking out the F4M ads on CL and wanted to see what people posted in other sections for a laugh. What he noticed was that the M4M section wasn't full of fakes and that the guys seemed up front about what they wanted. Then he started looking at the guys in the straight he was watching online and then started watching gay porn, and you get the idea.

He was very nervous and asked me about a million questions about what I like to do, was his cock too small, did I expect any recip, and he seemed to go back and forth on things. After a few minutes I told him that if he wasn't sure about meeting that it was cool, just let me know if he changed his mind. He said OK and the Email ended.

About 30 minutes later he Emailed me and says that he's really horny from our chat and that he was very nervous but wanted to do it before he could chicken out, and could I be over as quick as I could before he could change his mind? I told him I'd start heading over as soon as I logged off, just give me his address. He told me that where he was was his parents’ house in a nice section of town, and since he had the day off from college that no one would be home as his parents were at work, which was a ways away. He also asked, again, if I really swallowed, as none of the girls he'd been with would.I told him that I ALWAYS swallowed and looked forward to having him cum in my mouth.

He gave me the address and I said I'd see him in about 5 minutes and that he should be just in some shorts or a towel when he answered the door so we can get down to fun.

I parked my vehicle half way down the block and walked to the house, knocking on the door. He answered and we both must have had an OMG look on our face, but he let me I. He was a k** from a class I had taken (I was a "non-traditional student", meaning over 30, lol) and had talked with him in class a bit. He was wearing some loose basketball short, no shirt, no shoes, and his cock was plainly hard under his short. I asked him if it was still cool, and he asked the same, and we both kind of nodded and headed towards the couch.

"I had no idea it would be you!” he said, and I replied, "Same. Are you sure you're cool with this?" He looked a bit sheepish but nodded and I could see his cock was already hard under his loose basketball shorts. I asked him if he wanted me naked or not and he said "Yeah. You're pic s were hot!" He slid his short off as I stripped the shorts and tee I was wearing.

He sat back against the couch as I kneeled on the floor between his legs and started stroking his cock. It was actually a bit smaller than I thought, probably closer to 4" than 5", but still very nice and rock hard. I squeezed his cock and a drop of precum was at his piss slit and I stuck my tongue out and licked it off, making him moan. Then I just swallowed his cock whole. One thing I love about guys with small cocks is that I can get their entire cock in my mouth and have lots of room to play with it. When I hit bottom I heard him say, "Holy shit that feels good!", as I started swirling my tongue around his cock and cock head.

He watched me as I sucked his cock, changing technique and depth of it in my mouth now and then. He asked, "Do you think my cock is too small? Girls have told me it is." He looked a bit sad and apprehensive. I took my mouth off his cock and said, "Does it look like I have a problem with your cock?" Then quickly took his cock back deep into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down a few times. Then I stopped and asked how he liked it.

He said, "If I had known that it was going to be this fucking hot I would have done it before. You suck cock better than any girl, ever! MMM FUCK, Dude!" For a little guy he had one huge load. I put my tongue right in his slit and his cock about half way in my mouth as he flooded my mouth with several nice strong jets of hot cum! I swallowed every delicious drop of it.

Afterward, when putting my clothes back on, he seemed a bit sheepish, so I told him that he didn't have to be embarrassed or anything, and that I wasn't going to be bothering him online or in real life. He said that made him feel better. Then he hemmed and hawed a bit before asking if I was cool doing it again sometime? I said, "Anytime. Just let me know." Then I winked and said that he could even text me at school and I'd take care of him ASAP.

"Really?! He was totally incredulous.

"Yeah, bud. Seriously. I don't have a regular feeder and you have a great cock and a huge load of cum. If you're up for it, pun intended, I am."

"I'll have to think about that, but it sounds hot!

Then I left. That was first of many, MANY meetings at his place and at a school...

I worked his cock for a few more minutes when I could tell he was getting close. He acted like he was trying to back his cock out of my mouth. "I'm gonna cum, dude!" He said it like a warning, but I just gobbled more of his cock, making sure that he knew I wanted his load in my mouth

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