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May i give Sir a blow job?

"Did Sir have a hard day at work?" I ask as You walk through the door. Receiving a nod in answer I take Your lunch pale and hard hat placing them on the side table. I watch you ease off Your work boots and shrug off Your over shirt. Leaning in for a hug and kiss, wrapping my arms around Your neck and pressing my body firmly against You. A moan escapes my lips so You grasp me tighter before pulling away to sit and relax.

I decide to grab You a cold beer from the fridge. I crack it open while walking back in to sit next to You. As I hand You the beer I lean in and whisper, "May i give Sir a blow job?" The corner of Your mouth raises just slightly but You quickly return to a blank expression. "You know just what Sir needs, please do."

I stand up from my position beside You only to kneel in front of You. I place my hands on Your knees and rub upwards toward Your sex. Nibbling on my bottom lip I watch Your expression as lust ignites in Your eyes. Reaching the button, I expertly open Your jeans and tug, helping You shimmy out of them. Your boxers come off most of the way with them and I leave them tangled around Your ankles.

I grab Your cock lustfully, and look You in the eyes while swirling my tongue around the tip. I close my hot lips and suck on the tip of Your hard candy stick.

While Stroking Your throbbing tool with my petite hand and rubbing Your balls with the other, I massage Your cock with my tongue from top to bottom and all around making it all wet and slippery.

I lick Your balls and take them into my mouth one by one stroking them with my tongue. Letting them fall out of my mouth I work my way back up Your cock licking and swirling my tongue until I reach the tip again.

Loving Your cock with my warm wet mouth, stroking with my hand, and swirling my tongue around the tip one more time before slowly taking the entire length of Your manhood bumping the back of my throat, triggering my gag reflex. You grab my hair and push my head down a little more making me gag and choke.

I slowly stroke upward with my mouth and hand moving together like they're one almost letting Your cock fall out of my mouth but then slowly stroking back down and deep throating Your cock, I moan, causing a slight vibration and sending a shiver down Your spine.

Twisting my hand just slightly, stroking upward and un-twisting on the down stroke. Swirling my tongue against Your hard cock at the same time
applying some suction and getting faster in my stroking...up and down,
up and down with my mouth and hand together twisting and moaning.

I stop at the tip again and suck, looking in Your eyes and stroking Your cock in my tiny hand up and down, up and down. Rolling and massaging Your balls with my other hand.

Wanting You to cum in my mouth, wanting to swallow Your fluids, craving Your jizz. Stroking Your cock up and down while sucking on the tip. I slowly take Your cock deeply into my mouth sucking and swirling my tongue against Your warm throbbing rod.

Stroking up with my mouth and hand together again...up and down, working up a rhythm getting faster...up and down.

Moaning and sucking, waiting for You to explode, stroking and sucking looking Your eyes watching how much You love it.
up and down...up and down. My hot mouth on Your cock pleasing You, needing Your white hot cum. My tongue massaging Your cock and stroking it, getting You closer and closer, finally! Your balls pull up in my hand and I know You're going to cum. I stop at the tip and suck while stroking the cum from Your cock with my hand.

Taking all of your hot cream into my mouth.
Locking eyes with You while I swallow.
Licking and cleaning the tip to get every drop of Your essence.
You quietly say "Good Girl".
I smile up at You sweetly responding with,
"Thank You Sir!"

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