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My cuckold fantasy (part 1)

The Master comes in and sits on the couch. He tells me to go change because he has some needs to be sated.
“Yes sir” I respond and go to my room to become suitably attired. I take off my clothes and put on a skirt that shows my ass whenever I bend over. I then return to him, and get on my knees and put my face on the ground and await his orders. A good 10 minutes pass while my cock throbs between my legs.
“Alright bitch” I hear “you may start”
“Yes Sir”, Sir may I please release your manly cock?” I ask.
“You may, “he says in a commanding voice.
So I start my task of removing his pants and underwear to release his manly cock. Once I have done so and seeing my erect cock, he says” You bitch what have I told you about your faggy erect cock?”
“You told me that I can’t show or have one with any real cock around Sir.” I say.
“Bring it here,” he orders, “and lift your skirt.” “Yep,” he laughs “still as faggy as ever, now crouch a little with your legs spread”
Once I assumed the position he ordered, he quickly reached toward them and slapped in a upward motion both my balls and cock. “Now jerk it off you bitch, into your hand”
Working through the pain off the slap I finally cum my pitiful amount a cum into my hand. “Now, rub it onto my cock, and tell how happy you are to be allowed to touch a real cock” he ordered.
“Yes Sir. What a pleasure it is to feel a real cock” as I rub my cum over his throbbing cock. “I love how it feels in my hand, so hot, and thick. I should be allowed to worship it all the time.” i say with awe. i wipe the pre-cum like every other stroke causing his cock to glisten. Knowing him the way i do, I start saying “what a lucky cuck I am to have such a generous Master, one that allows little cocked cucks to suck such a cock.”
“Well quit talking about bitch, start sucking, its not going to suck itself” he laughed.
So I crouch down and take the head of his glistening throbbing cock into my mouth. As I suck on his cock trying to clean my pitiful amount of cuck cum and his copious amount of pre-cum. i suck on his cock for quite some time, using my teeth gently on the underside of the head then my tongue and sucking hard, always being rewarded with a spurt of his pre-cum. Of course after sucking such a manly cock, my cuck cock of course can’t help but start getting hard again, even though i tried desperately for it not to.
As though he could read my mind, “That is enough bitch get up.” He ordered. Shamefully i stood up with my little cuck cock fully erect. “Ahhh, look at the little thing, all faggy hard from sucking a cock. Assume the hard-on postion!” He said sternly.
So I went over to him and bent my knees and spread my legs, dreading, but desiring as well, the known punishment. My cock getting harder still as he stroke the underside of my cock and balls. “I’m going to do something different this time, since this punishment doesn’t seem to work. Put your hand out to catch your cum, I’m going to jerk you off this time instead, but stay in that position.” He ordered.
“Yes Sir.” i replied, putting my hand in front of my cuck cock. As he started to gently jerk my cock, within a couple of minutes I felt my balls tighten up with the prelude of my cumming. Sensing my on coming cum, he sped up his jerking, at the first spurt, he removed his hand to allow me to catch my cum, i thought.
Instead, there was a intense pain in my nuts as his slap timed with my ejaculatation. “You stupid bitch” he said, “I’ve told time and time again, no faggy cuck cocks are to be hard while there is a real cock any where near by.” After the first slap, i know there was at least two more ball bruising slaps. On my knees i fell, tears in my eyes with pain. “Great” he said “now I feel bad for having to fucking teach you manners.”
“Sorry Sir.” i stammer out.
“Get up here.” He demands, and rub that pitiful cum on my cock so I can make myself feel better for your shitty behavior”
“Yes Sir. ” i say as i start rubbing his cock, coating it sparsely with my painfully earned cum.
Slapping my hand away he stands up, “Since you like being on your knees bitch, I am going to allow you to stay on them.” Getting on his knees behind me, he reaches between my legs and grabs my now flaccid cock and throbbing balls, and pulls them towards him. i of course move quickly to ease the pain, moving my ass tight against him. Feeling his throbbing cock against it. i know what is coming next, even though usually he lubes his cock, but this time i know there will be none, just as i know he will not wrap it this time, for the first time. Suddenly, i feel his cock head at my ass, and with a thrust he buries his nine inch cock deep into my ass. Just as quickly he pulls most of the way out, i know then that this will be the speed that he will punish my ass for his pleasure. After a minute of this, my wife comes over naked and lies on the floor in front of me and positions her soaking wet pussy in front of my face.
“Eat it bitch.” She demands. “Fuck that faggy ass of his so hard that his pathetic cock never gets hard again!!” She laughs. “Drive his face into your pussy, it’s the only way he’ll ever have it. That is how a real man fuck, you bitch. Tell me how much you like feel of a real cock!!”
“Yes Ma’am” i manage between face smashes, “i love how the cock feels in my ass, driving my face into your pussy, how my pitiful cock and balls sway to his thrusts. i am such a lucky cuck!”
Suddenly Sir stops with his cock deep in my ass, and i feel his cock swell and throb as he dumps his cum into me grunting. My wife wraps her legs and pulls my head hard into her pussy as she matches his orgasm with her own. After cumming he leaves his cock in to let it soften, my wife moves up to kiss him as she sits on my head, soaking the back of it with her cum. Unceremoniously he stands up pulling his cock out with a wet pop. “Come on bitch, come and clean this shit off my cock.

To be continued :D

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