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Sugarbaby1 part1

A couple months ago I decided I needed to get a sugar baby. My homelife was missing something and I wanted to spend some NSA time with a hot young lady. So I had done some research and decided to put up an add for a "mutually beneficial relationship". This was a couple months ago & before my married cl hookup. I changed my method which I will get into later but I spent a couple months trying to get a sugar baby...heres the story of my 1st real response:
So I get this response from a cute chola who is very tatted up. I am a conservative looking white guy "professional". We made some email small talk and she was the only legit response so I decide I wanted to meet her. We met at the starbucks by Costco...a low traffic starbucks. She is a tiny cute thing..size 4 I find out later and has lots of tats including sever 915 for min wage at a natl retailer. We finish our coffee and I ask if she wants to pursue this, which she does. My office was empty, so I invite her back there...we are hanging out in the conference room and the conversation gets better as she tells me she had a daddy before that gave her 75 to 100 per visit..hmmm..ok that seems reasonable, so at this point I decide im going to kiss her, I have no idea what im doing as this is the 1st online hookup I have. she is good with it and into it, so I rub my hands all over her gorgeous body and she reciprocates...she undoes my pants and instantly drops to her knees and goes to town on my now hard dick. She starts deepthroating me like no one ever has. As you can see by my pics, i'm average at best, but I have never had anyone take me like that. I take my shirt off and her nose is basically pounding my stomach. It is the best blowjob I have ever received.

I am a giver so I want to lick her pussy and return the favor. I take all of her clothes off and she has a perfect tiny body a lot more ink than I am used to seeing, but I like it. I kiss her perky b cup boobies for a minute and move down kissing her stomach to her juicy tastes great...I put a finger in to go after the g spot and after a few minutes she is moaning and pulling my hair...she cums and makes me stop...normally at this point I would be shoving my throbbing dick in her, but neither of us has a rubber...I tell her I want to fuck her and she grabs my dick and starts sucking it some more...constantly deep throating is incredible...after a few minutes I tell her im about to come and she picks up her intensity and I unleash in her was incredible...after she drained me, she got up to spit it out in the trash.

we get dressed and I check my wallet - I have 40 so I tell her since this was my 1st time, I had no idea what would happen but here's 40..she says that's great and we make plans to see each other the next week.

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