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Your online conversation has become increasingly delightful with him as what you've share with each other about yourselves has become increasingly personal and intimate. You've gotten to the point where you know each others' likes and dislikes and desires and fantasies so well that you agree the time has come to finally meet. He tells you he's hoping you’ll show him a side of yourself you don’t show other people, a private side, and you say that sounds exciting and will give it some thought. He also suggests that you do whatever you do when you make yourself look and feel as sexy as possible and that he has something planned. You say that sounds exciting, too, and that you will. You meet and find yourselves together in your room and he gazes at you, admiring you. You look sexy, all right, and you can see that he sees by your expression and the look in your eyes that you feel sexy, very sexy. He begins slowly undressing you and it seems hours pass as he removes your clothes, exploring every inch of your body. Finally he has you undressed and you undress him and you lie together on the bed. You hold each other and kiss and caress and when his hand begins moving slowly down your stomach, you put your hand on his and stop him. You feel his surprise and draw your head back and smile and say, “I have something to show you.” You turn onto your back and close your eyes and fondle your breast and stroke yourself between your legs and you know he's watching and smiling as you pleasure yourself. This is the side of you you know he was hoping to see and the one you want to show him. You bring yourself to climax and he holds you while you rest and when you're ready, you begin enjoying yourselves as you've talked about doing and when you're done, you're left tangled together in the sheets, sweating and laughing and catching your breath.

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