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Revenge of the Fags.

Revenge of the Fags. Posted for a friend from him.
This story is an absolute fantasy, no parts of it are known to be true nor is there any indication in any part will become true. Some of it may be gruesome and torturous. Nor do I condone including bareback sex in any of the actions in the story, I put it here only because it is a story. There is a bes tiality paragraph in here only meant to be revengeful, not arousing. There is no danger to anyone. There is a small straight section to perpetuate the story some facts were researched a little and may or may not be true. If you are religious you will be offended by parts of the story so don't read it.

The story begins with Paul Phillips, an 18-year-old who like his siblings, father and his grandfather hates fags with a passion. His grandfather is the famous pastor Fred Phillips of the Bigoboro Baptist Church. This is the famous group that protests funerals for veterans in the name of fag hatred. Paul has three brot hers, Johnny, younger than him at 15 is typically the quietest and never goes to the protests. The other two Kenneth 23, and Keith 19 are avid protesters against all gays. None of them are very large people, most call the whole fam ily almost skinny and underweight, with the exception of Kenneth who works out and is quite buff. Paul and his buddy Josh are always driving around Topeka and the surrounding areas to search for fags to bash and people to thump Bibles against. If they don't think you're fag they try to hand you a Bible and shove Jesus down your throat. Josh, also 18, is somewhat built at 6'6" 206 pounds, he can be somewhat threatening at times. Scrawny Paul whose only 5'9" a 125 pounds would not normally go out of his own and try to bash fags all by himself.
So these two heard about a farm that always has gay parties. This farm is somewhat near his uncle's farm so he is familiar with the area. He and Josh set out to find out how true this is and then plan for a possible attack. They head out there on a Friday night when they hear music coming from the farm which is quite embedded among many trees and lots of cover. So these two park far far away and stealthily make their way to where they hear the music. They make their way through some heavy underbrush until they get a full view of the open barn and all the people gathered around roughly about 7 to 10 people. As they're laying down in the heavy underbrush viewing the party they take mental notes of who and what's going on during the party. They notice that everyone there seems a little older than them like college-age maybe freshman or sophomores. As many of them dance, they grind against each other, making the two heavily suspect that this truly is a gay party. Then they are truly disgusted when they see a couple of them French kissing for 10 min. or so. Now they're trying to take a full count of who is there, and try and look around the area to get a full plan as they now definitely want to bash these fags. They see that they are eight of them and wonder if there are any in the house. Just as they are about ready to sneak back and go round towards the house to observe if there's anybody inside the party members turn off the music and light a small bonfire. They gather around and start talking. Paul and Josh hear them talking about having the same party tomorrow and for most of the summer as their parents are on vacation and they are the only ones on the farm. This is all they needed to hear.
So these two little fuckers went back to Paul's house and gathered an arsenal of weapons that they plan to use in attacking the gays at the party on Saturday. They thought about inviting others as it may be too many people to take on at once but they figure they'll get all the praise from their fam ily after they take pictures of the beaten up fags. They figure that they'll get them all secured because they will have the guns pointed at these "scared fags" and will make them tie each other up. So all excited at getting to beat up eight fags, they can barely sle ep all night. Hell they may even try to kill him all.
The next day they make their way to the gay boy farm and implement their plan of attack. They sneak in the same way they did yesterday by going around to the side of the barn. They observed how some of them go into a small room at times. So they sneak around and get into this small room undetected, which is quite easy because the music is blaring. They discover that this is where the refrigerator is and where the beer is located. So they are armed when the first victim walks in. He does as they say as Paul ties him up feet, legs and stuffed his mouth with a rag, he puts him in the corner and then he kicks him right in the face. He kicks him a few more times when Josh yells at him to wait until we get them all and don't make too much noise. It wasn't long before the next one came in and also got tied up. After four more were tied up, the music was turned off and they could hear two guys yelling about where everyone was and what kind of jokes they were playing. They don't say a thing, the two just walk into the room and before they could turn and run they hear a weapon being cocked. Now that all eight were tied up, they couldn't believe how much fun they were going to have as they kept laughing and screaming "we're going to beat the living shit out of you faggots". They gave everybody a once over to make sure that they were all fully secure and tied. Then they started arbitrarily kicking and punching each every one of them. They kicked them as hard as they could at times, in the nuts, in the face, in the stomach, and the back, anywhere that was exposed. All the while constantly talking down on fags. After most of them were quite blo ody they said maybe we should kill few of these, at least hit them upside the head with these two by fours. So they grabbed a 2 x 4 and faced them making the slur "so you faggots want a big stick, huh?". What they didn't realize was that a ninth person came to the party late and was now behind them with his own 2 x 4. He whacked Josh who didn't have a 2 x 4, in the back of the head, and before Paul could get fully turned around, he was whacked as well. Both lay there semi-u*********s as the new guy untied several of his friends and then they went and tied up Paul and Josh.
Several hours have gone by before Paul and Josh actually started to realize what it happened to them. By this time, the farmer owner’s son, Chris, a cute 20-year-old with a twink like body had a major plan to teach these two a lesson. He has watched enough CSI shows to know what he can and can't do. Before Chris got started he asked Paul and Josh if they would apologize, he would let them go. Of course, they just started yelling back you fucking faggots I don't give a flying fuck about you gay faggots at all. I hope you all burn in hell and if I get out of this I'm going to kill you all. That's all I needed to hear, as I figured said Chris. He then shoved two metal contraptions into their mouths that held them wide open. Chris and his friends took off all their clothes strapped the two into breeder mounts meant to milk bulls of semen. All the while Paul and Josh screaming as best they could though their mouths were held wide open. Once they were all secure, Chris then announced "well Jimbo you've been wanting that gang bang orgy for some time now, while it looks now like we're going to get our chance with a couple of fag hating gay bashers". Of course Paul and Josh being tied up kind of figured something like this was going to happen but actually hearing it come from the fags mouth made them squirm and try to scream louder to no avail.
Let me introduce you to the people you two bashed up pretty good. So I'm Chris, as he's taking most of his clothes off. This here is Jimbo, he's had a fantasy of all of us pulling a gang bang on someone. A couple of us were actually looking a little forward to bottoming for our gang but it looks like you two have volunteered since you so kindly tried to beat us up and even attempt to kill some of us. Jimbo and his buddy Bill were on the wrestling team in high school both of them have nice cocks that are going to fuck you in your ass and your mouth. They're going to warm you up for Bob and Tom here. These two were on the track team, they both have 8 inch dicks and their both going to plow you. Me and my two pals Rick and James have 9 inch dicks. Then there's Jerome here, a nice built black guy that as the story goes is going to pump you with his 12 inch cock. Then there's this guy he's tall and skinny and we call him 13 by 7. 13 for short. No not 13 from the show House, no thats the dimensions of his cock. You heard me right. This is the only guy you didn't get to beat up, so because of this we're going to take it a little easy on you and let him go last.
So the first two Jimbo and Bill got their cocks hard and rammed them down the throats of Paul and Josh without mercy. Of course both of them start gagging and throwing up and screaming at the same time. They would face fuck them a couple seconds let them throw up until they stopped and then face fucked them again. They would continue this until they didn't throw up anything anymore. Then they would turn to their ass's as both of them started fucking them a little slowly at first and then banged them with a set rhythm. Then they called out to Bob and Tom and told them to take over the ass fucking. So Jimbo and Bill pulled their cocks out of their ass and walked up to their faces and started fucking their mouths. After a while of fucking both ends Chris and his pals said hurry up its our turn soon. They switched back and forth from ass to mouth a couple more times and then all four of them fucked Josh in the ass and each one moaned as they claimed their cum has been deeply seeded inside him. Then they all laughed and giggled claiming that was great fucking the straight boys who can't do a thing about it. Now it's our turn to watch, go ahead Chris.
So now Chris, Rick, James and Jerome began fucking the four holes of the gay bashers Josh and Paul. Of course when 12 inch Jerome shoves it down their throat they gag profusely because Jerome's black eye reminds him to jam his cock to the base of the mouth opening apparatus. He takes turns with Chris spearing his cock into their for ced open throats. Then they take their turn on the straight assholes spearing their dicks as deep as they go all the while you can hear Paul and Josh scream even with huge cocks in their mouth. Rick and James fuck Paul profusely and hard and then moaned as they both claim that their spooge has been deposited inside Paul's ass. Next Chris and Jerome face fuck the still gagging Paul and Josh. They are drooling and screaming and can barely see with all that spit in their face from their own drool. As Chris and Jerome moan with ecstasy as they jam their cocks as deep as they go down the throats of Paul and Josh claiming they made them swallow all their cum.
Next came the site that everyone wanted to see, everyone except for Paul and Josh of course. They want to see 13's 13 inch cock enter the holes of these gay bashers. 13 decided to fuck Paul first, even though he was quite loose from all the fucking is little hole resisted being penetrated by such a massive tool. 13 went on to pump his ass for a while and then went on to Josh. Both of them screamed through their open mouth contraption as this giant wiener tore open their assholes. He then went to go face fuck Josh, and sighed Chris this thing ain't big enough. Chris then shouted damn shit, would you look at that old 13 is living up to his name our braces aren't big enough for 13's cock. So Chris went back and he got some tools and said well this thing is adjustable, let's see if we can make it bigger. So 13 then was able to shove his cock down Paul's throat saying I can't cum in his mouth as my cock gets bigger and harder just before I cum it will get hurt by the brace. Chris then claimed well I just fixed Josh's brace see if it bigger. No said 13 it's the same thing, I guess I'm just have to cum in their asshole. So he proceeded to pump that giant monster into Paul's ass. He pumped it for a little while and then moved on to Josh who he fucked really hard until he screamed he was exploding his cream down Josh's asshole.
Damn now that was hot claimed Chris, but now we got a bit of work to do. They took some ether to knockout Josh and Paul for a little while. They made many preparations, such as driving their car away and leaving it in the parking lot on the other side of town where they wouldn't find it. They had done other duties that Josh and Paul won't find out about until later. They took the two to the next town and left them in the middle of a soccer field of a small community college. This is where they woke up one on top of the other with the cock of one for ced into the other one. This may have been something they would have never spoken of again, but they were surrounded by giggling college students snapping phone cam pics of the site they stumbled upon for gym class. They both got up and started running away when the coach professor grabbed both of them who were still kind of dazed. The sheriff was called in and both were taken in for questioning. The sheriff and detective couldn't believe their ears when they told them the story of what happened to them. So the local CSI and on local nurse was brought in to process them. They took r a p e kits, pumped their stomachs and went out to the farm to talk with the boys that were out there. There were only three of them out there and they had bought professional makeup to cover up all wounds. They allowed the Chi’s to process the barn in which they did find a single bull mount, but all the fingerprints that were on it were Chris's. They tested everywhere, and dusted everywhere for prints and evidence. They also took the DNA of the three men who were there. Later on they got the DNA of the other six men that Paul and Josh claimed were there. Now they just have to wait for the PCR tests to come back. Of course this made the local news as the story seemed a little ridiculous to be true.
When they got back home, they would have gotten a whipping from Paul's father and grandfather but they claim they were really trying to beat the crap out of those fags. They were utterly disgusted. I certainly hope you two weren't playing around with each other. If you are you will be disowned. Both claimed that the fags set up the whole thing and when the DNA comes back it will prove their story. "You better hope so, I am Fred Phillips the sole owner of an anti-fag brigade. People have donated to me $641 million to put down, get rid of and oppress all fags everywhere. I certainly am not going to have a son of mine be a fag." The news media have gotten a hold of this information and are constantly hanging outside the Phillips's hacienda hoping for an interview. Fat chance of that ever happening.
The next two days were grueling when the sheriff came and gathered the two for questioning again. He took them back to the sheriff's office in an interrogation room and slammed the door behind him. "What kind of funny business are you to trying to pull. I ought to arrest you for filing a false police report". What do you mean questioned Josh. The sheriff blurted back "all of our reports show that you two have inseminated each other". Paul murmured out buuuuuuuut thaaats impossible those nasty fags tied us down to a contraption and put some crap in our mouths forcing their their fag faggot wieners in both ends and inserting their sick crap in both holes and at no time did either one of us even remotely got hard let alone fuck each other. The sheriff yelled back at him you think I'm stupid, we found your vehicle and you had a camera in it. This picture right here clearly shows Josh holding the camera as he's taking a picture of you two doing your disgusting deed. The background of this picture doesn't have any features that are inside or around Chris Chester's barn. You two got fucked all right but by each other and you definitely used some large objects. The nurse said you were pretty tore up and that neither of your six-inch weenies could've done that damage. Now get your S&M asses out of here before I beat the shit out of you myself.
You have one hour to grab all your shit and don't you ever fucking come back here again. Paul's grandfather was irate, he kicked Paul out after he thought he was a fag. Josh's pop did the same to him except he gave them 29 lashes with a whip and didn't even let him take his stuff. Paul and Josh met back up at the park and couldn't figure out how that gang did this to them. It must've been when they knocked them out. Paul was now more furious than ever, he said he's going to get a gun and kill all those mother fucking fags. The whole town is now making fun of them calling them the gay bashers that are gay themselves. Josh said he wants nothing to do with anything anymore and he walked over to the cliff in the park and before Paul could catch up to him he just jumped off. Paul at least still had his car which did have a gun in it. So he was planning on coming back to town in a few weeks and shoot every one of those fags dead. He didn't know that Chris and his gang actually foresaw this possibility and have prepared for it.
So a Friday night two weeks later Paul made his way to the barn as he heard all the gang playing their fag music. He saw all nine of them sitting around a table. What he had was a machine gun, so at a few hundred yards he just started shooting until every one of them fell to the ground. He couldn't really figure is why no one reacted, and then he felt the sharp thump to the back of his head. When he finally awoke he found himself again strapped to the bull stand. He started to blurt out all you fucking faggots how the fucked did you escape my bullets. Chris smirked and said we kind of knew you were going to try something like this and so we had video cameras at the far end of our property and we set up the dummies even though they were 50 bucks a piece you did destroy them. Since you thought you were killing us were going to let you decide the punishment unless of course you want to apologize. Fuck no, fucking mother fucking faggots if I do get of this I am going to find a way to kill you your mother fucking faggots. That's what I thought claimed Chris, but more appropriately some of us are father fucking faggots. Mother fucking faggots is a contradiction. You want most of us to gang bang you or a different group to gang bang you. Paul gritted his teeth I want nothing to do with you fucking faggots except to see you bleeding on the ground. So Chris said oh nothing to do with us, I guess that means you want the other gang to bang you. Well we made some modifications to our mouth holder it is now much much bigger. So here's the nice gang that's going to pump all of their cum down your throat and up your ass. Take this shit away you you fucking faggots hmph ojj ooh... As the mouth holder for ces his mouth open wide. He is held tight in the bull stand and even has bars protecting his back from heavyweight. Chris then stated that before 13 is going to plow you we are going to let some smaller penises poke your body. I guess you're lucky old Billy here has somewhat of a long penis but it's very skinny. We're just going to put some of these pheromones right in your hole and Billy here will gladly fill your ass. Come on in Billy, Jimbo would you let Billy in. The door cracks open and you hear baa, baa, baa. Yeah Billy can smell a nanny in heat from a mile. That nanny is now your hole. Paul's eyes went wide open as he realized the Billy goat was about to fuck him. The Billy smelled his ass turned his lip up and then jumped up and started poking his thin wiener into Paul's ass. Don't worry Paul we haven't forgotten your mouth. Suddenly this big pig boar is up in his face and then jumps up on the bars as Chris and his pals direct his penis down Paul's mouth. Then the boar starts pumping in his face as the goat is pumping in his ass. Chris was gloating, so you wanted to shoot our fag asses dead now you're only going to get more cum, your favorite substance to be put in your ass and down your throat, as Chris and his friends laugh so hard they almost fall on the floor. Oh don't worry there's more to the gang coming. We will let these two seed you first. So the pig gives him a sloppy face and throat and the goat a sloppy ass. Next is 13. 13 comes around and says now these braces are big enough for me to properly fuck your face. But first let me do what I did last time, put this huge Magnum condom on this beautiful cock. Yup all of us were wearing condoms even though we said we came in you, we never actually did. And I'm wearing one now because I don't want to get nasty pig and goat cum on my cock, I'll let that stay inside you. As Paul keeps gagging, 13 doesn't care he just keeps shoving is 13 inches as deep as it will go down Paul's throat. Then he goes to his ass and very quickly without hesitation at all just slams it into Paul's hole. Paul screaming as best he could with his mouth for ced open. 13 said oh don't cry little Paulie there's something bigger going to be slamming you soon. This is what you get when you try to kill faggots. The rest of the crowd is cheering on as 13 slams Paul's ass pretty viciously. Then he takes his cock out of his ass and runs to his face continues pumping for another 5 min. as Paul still gags continuously. Then 13 moans as he more or less has his entire cock down Paul's throat. He pulled out and start slapping Paul in the face with his cum filled condom and cock. Awwhh, you wanted this come down your throat didn't you. Well that's too bad we'll let the bull do that. Of course his eyes popped wide open because he knew that 13 wasn't ki dding. So Paul could not see him very well but all of the sudden there was a big huge bull dick being shoved in his for ced open mouth. Damn says some of the guys that's a pretty big cock going down his throat. Sometimes they had to hold the bull back a little bit so that Paul could breathe. But it wasn't long until a heavy creamy load was dripping out of his mouth and the bull was retreating off his face. Chris then stated that quite nasty. Us gay boys would never take on any ani mals, that's just nasty, but since you volunteered in thinking you were killing us we have one more surprise for you. Then you hear clock clock clock clock clock clock and then a niegh. This is a star breeding stud horse and now we need to repay the services that you asked for when you were shooting at the dummies that you thought was us. The stud horse has delivered semen before had readily got up on the bars just over Paul's ass. One of the guys that had to direct the horses penis into Paul's ass, shivered iiiouuh I had to touch that with my hands. Paul was screaming and crying as best he could and was squirming a lot even though he was restrained. Damn, what is that thing about 16 inches long, he has 3 inches on you 13 and he's thicker too. 13 just said, well what the fuck do you think it's a real fucking horse. It wasn't long before a lot of white goo was coming out of Paul's ass. Someone in the crowd stated damn that's sick, what is that half a gallon of cum. The horse stepped off and they took it away. Would you look at that Paul here can't even keep his ass hole closed now and it's filled up all the way with horse cum, that is real sick but he deserved it. So it was almost morning and they had a final plan for this fag basher. This here is dog pheromone that you're going to find out how we used it soon.
The next thing Paul knew was a couple of dogs licking his face as he is bent forward over a bench with his hands duct taped behind him and his legs also duct taped. Another large dog was clearly mounting him and pumping his ass doggy style. Then he could hear giggling and camera phone snapshot sounds and he realized he was in the same field that the gang dumped him in last time. The sheriff was called out again, and they had to forcibly remove the large great Dane that was knotted in his ass. Paul never planed to tell anyone about what happened to him but he was for ced to because of the position they found him in. Again took DNA samples. He swore up and down to the sheriff that that is exactly what happened. The sheriff didn't want to believe him since he seem to have lied last time, but it seemed very difficult for somebody to duct tape themselves in the position he was in. He told Paul that if this turns out to be a lie he's going to get charged and put in jail. So they went out to the farm again and collect samples from all the ani mals there including dusting for fingerprints. They had to wait six or seven days before the DNA could come back since they do not normally test ani mals in this manner. After this time the sheriff had to spend a bit of time finding Paul, he finally found him sle eping in his car. They towed his car away and he was arrested. He charged him with everything he could think of like filing a false police report, best iality and a few other things. The sheriff told him none of those ani mals were a match and the game is over you're going to jail. We don't know where those ani mals came from or how you got the ani mals to do such disgusting things to you but we know they did them to you because the doctor said the damage to your anus was consistent with a large object penetrating it over a period of time. Paul was flabbergasted he couldn't figure out how they did that. He was arraigned but released on his own recognizance. His court date set for a month and a half from now. For the first three or four weeks he was moping around trying to figure out how he can get back at that gang this time without being caught.
A week before his court date he was grabbed by several members of the gang and taken back to the farm. First they beat him up pretty badly. And then they all stripped and Chris spouted that now we can have some unrestricted fun. Again he found his mouth for ced open and 13 shoving his massive cock down his throat all the while as he's gagging. Chris stated that he is so squirmy now I guess he likes it. Of course Paul gave him a stare showing him he did not like it at all. Another couple of guys were taking turns fucking his asshole. They would switch with 13 and they would clearly show Paul and smacked him in the eyes with their bare condomless cocks. 13 proclaimed Yep now you're getting the raw real deal. Oh yeah we used this electroejaculator to get the cum out of you two while you were under the first time you and your friend tried to fuck us over. The other guys joined in as they took turns rotating from his ass to his mouth until every one of them emptied a load in both of his holes making sure to smear cum all over his face and then down his throat. They were all content saying this is a lot nicer actually having to be able to cum in this guy. Then Chris said we have something special, we've saved a bucket of cum for you, in the past few weeks whenever one of us feels like jacking off we spooged right in the bucket. So then they took out a funnel and shoved it in his mouth and poured half the cum into it. He choked and tried to throw it back up but they held his nose and so it was either swallow or not breathe. Then they went to his ass which was still gaping and full of cum and poured the rest of the bucket deep in his hole then they took the bucket and put it on his head. Jimbo chuckled hey look it's a fag bashing dunce with a cum bucket on his head. They took the mouth contraption off his mouth as the cum bucket was dripping all over the sides and his face along with all the other cum that was covering his face and mouth. He was murmuring you fucking faggots but was kind of in a trance. They put a white background paper behind him. Then they untied one of his hands and stretched it out in front of him. Then another guy grabbed his camera phone, put it top of his hand and snapped several shots to make it look like Paul was actually taking his own self picture. They of course posted on the Internet from Paul's phone to his Facebook page. They took him to the same field but this time they just dumped him there loose. He just stumbled away. The next day he just sat in his car at a grocery store parking lot moping. His grandfather and father just happened to walk by and saw him all beat up. His grandfather didn't want to talk to him but his father said serves you right for being a fag. Paul weakly replied, it was the same guys at the Chester farm they beat me up and for ce themselves on me, this time I know they weren't wearing a condoms but the sheriff refuses to test me. I guess they knew that would happen. Please papa go out there and check it out they dance to their music like little fags. But watch it they got motion sensors or video cameras or something that tells them well in advance that you're coming. That's how they must have got me the second time.
The sheriff was called out to a farm not far from the Chester farm. It was Dave Hassell's farm and he claimed something may have been stolen because there was a lot of things moved around. The sheriff looked around and saw a couple of bull stands. He also saw a pile of used duct tape in the corner of one of the barns. The sheriff asked Dave what that was all about. He told him that was one of the other reasons why he called him, because of some of the extra stuff. He asked him if anyone else ever came to the farm. Dave told him it was just him and his wife, but a few weeks ago we had gone on vacation and my nephew had to feed the ani mals. He came in every other day to feed and water them. The sheriff said well I'm going to need to talk to him. Dave said that he didn't know anything about what was messed around with here. Well I need to talk to him anyway what's his name? It's Kenneth, Kenneth Phillips. The sheriff raised his eyebrows and glared back at Dave. You're ki dding. Oh you know him said Dave. Have you been watching the news lately. No, what's been going on, we don't have a TV and my nephews are the only people I ever really talk to, as why my si ster ever married those religious nuts I'll never know. The sheriff told him well were going to get a CSI team out here to figure out what's been going on in your farm. Whatever you need sheriff, I just want to make sure nothing is missing. The CSI team came out they took all the duct tape, and took DNA samples from all the ani mals. When the DNA came back, as the sheriff suspected it matched the DNA found on and inside the rectum and stomach of Paul Phillips. CSI team also said that much of the duct tape was rolled on in a manner that only required one person to do it. It was found to be cut off and matched to the duct tape that was found wrapped around Paul Phillips when the college ki ds found him over the bench when that canine was mating him.
That night his dad did find it kind of hard to believe that his own son was a fag so he decided to get a group together which included his two older sons so he could find out for himself. His grandfather was reluctant but he also joined in. So they did a more proper scoping out of the place and indeed did find both video cameras and motion sensors. They did hear music coming from the barn. They decided to come in from the back, even though it was quite rough it was unlikely they set up anything there. So they snuck up into some underbrush trying get a good view but they were on the wrong side of the barn. But before they could get up to move they saw a couple of the guys come back around to the back of the barn and start kissing and then start sucking each other off. Mother fucker, poor little Paul may have been right these are nasty fags whispered Paul's father. Paul's grandfather whispered back that doesn't mean that Paul wasn't a willing participant. They didn't want to move for fear of being discovered but they try to look away often from the disgusting fag activities that was in front of them as the two began fucking. Then the bottom turned around and took all the cum into his open mouth and then sucked the tops shrinking cock. Ughh that's so disgusting whispered the grandfather. Then the two walked back around to the other side of the barn and then the music stopped. Then they all came closer to the back of the barn bringing chairs as it was getting pretty dark they gathered around a woodpile and started a bonfire. They were yakking and talking quite loudly to overcome the noise of the bonfire. They were talking about all sorts of things but then they talked about Paul as the fag hating group could hear how they were bragging of how easy it was to frame Paul making him think that it was their own cum inside the first time and it was these ani mals here that screwed him. That was it, the entire fag hating group burst out from under the brush and before Chris's group could even react fast enough, they were all being beaten punched and kicked. They even had sticks and pieces of burning bonfire thrusted onto some of them. The fag hating group left them battered and beaten. They had to call an ambulance as three of them were severely injured but all of them needed treatment. The sheriff asked what happened and they told him that they think it was the father of Paul, his grandfather and others from his group. The sheriff went to the Phillips Hacienda and questioned them. They swore up and down that they have nothing to do with it but they said they knew that Paul was framed. The sheriff continuously asked why they suddenly thought that this was the case as they have disowned Paul for actually thinking he was gay. They just kept saying we know it now and we believe Paul. The sheriff was not convinced.
In court Paul was sentenced to five years as all the evidence pointed to Paul creating this scenario for flash and notoriety as none of the ani mals nor humans DNA matched either Paul or now deceased Josh's story. Paul's cute boy face and small frame body got him rap ed over and over and over again by hundreds of inmates. The fag hater was turned into a for ced cum dumpster whore. One day there was a train of over 100 guys that plowed his ass on his own bed. His bed was literally soaking wet with cum. He gave up on telling the guards because they took it as their own invitation to fuck his ass in a private room. He wouldn't even sle ep on his own bed, he just slept on the floor whimpering and crying every night. He tried to kill himself many times but there are very many objects available that can do the trick. He would try and piss off some of the inmates that haven't tried to bang him in hopes that they would shank him dead. Well all that did was get more cum in his ass. This was the worst most horriblest thing that could happen to a fag hating straight boy. He prayed every night wondering why the Lord couldn't save him. So much for Jesus hates fags. Paul would never have been in this mess if he didn't go around trying to beat up fags.
The sheriff was heavily suspicious that the fag hating group has beat up the gang at the Chester farm but the district attorney said he wouldn't take on the case because there was limited evidence and the Phillips have a lot of money to throw at an attorney. Jimbo's si ster Anita and her best friend Stephanie had flown in from Europe where they have been studying for two years. They had to see Jimbo who was in the hospital and beat up pretty badly. They heard that the group beat them up badly for being gay. Stephanie was a hot girl only 18 with a nice set of tits, turning heads wherever she goes. You would think that a hot girl like this would be hard to get but Stephanie was quite the slut. The two talked with other guys in the gang to figure out how they can get back at the fag bashers. And so a plan was set forth. They did a little research and found that Paul's grandfather was accused of constantly beating then killing his wife. Paul's mom left his father after he repeatedly abused her and beat her up. So the gang now knew that these people not only like to beat up fags but they often also like to beat up their own wives. They of course also knew that they were religious nuts. So Stephanie got dressed in a Moronmon uniform and gathered Moronmon papers to make it look legitimate. She said there's no way these guys are going to be able to resist. She knocked on the door of the Phillips Hacienda and started to spout out things about joining the Moronmon church. Kenneth answered and when Keith heard a woman's voice he also came to the door. They then said you know whose house this is this is our grandfather's house Fred Phillips of the Bigoboro Baptist Church. Would you like to come in we'd like to hear a little bit more but we also like to talk to you about our church. Both of these guys were more interested in getting into her skirt than talking to her about church, but they definitely wanted her to come inside. After talking for a few minutes she could see that both of them had hard-ons underneath their pants. They were both trying to joust position to see if one of them could get to screw her. And then their father, grandfather and little Johnny came walking in from the back pool asking what is going on. So the two older sons explained that she was a Moronmon trying to get us to join the Moronmon church. Fred Phillips then called to her saying why do you like the Moronmon church don't they have only one husband who is usually very old marrying many wives usually very young like yourself. She replied back well I don't really mind what kind of guy would be my husband I like all kinds including a hot guys like you with your age and stature. Fred Phillips was taken aback and then he became more interested. Then Stephanie said, actually I wish it was the reverse where I have many husbands but I serve them as they have their way with me. Now she could see that all the guys in the room had hard ons except little Johnny. In fact, little Johnny was paying very little attention to her which she found strange for a 15-year-old on teenage hormones. "Oh really" prompted Fred's son, "that's very interesting". So what do you usually like to do, like in bed? Stephanie said she doesn't normally get to do anything with anybody because the Moronmon church is so strict. She then said don't tell them but I'm thinking of leaving because I can't go on without sex for that long. Fred Phillips then called to Johnny and said Johnny, I need you to take up large bouquet of flowers to my wife's grave and since you've had your driving permit for six months and have driven very good with all of us I'm going to let you drive the Mercedes all the way out there all by yourself. You can pick up the bouquet at this flower shop. Johnny shouted out that's awesome I'll get a two-hour drive all by myself. And then Johnny left. Stephanie thought it was kind of odd for a teenager to show no interest in her him leave without even looking back. Stephanie asked if she could go use the restroom and they told her she can go use the one in the master bedroom right over there. So while she was in there, the four of them talked about how hot she was and how it would be nice to get into her pants. So Stephanie came back and asked if they could gather everyone else in the house so that she could talk to them more about the Moronmon church. Keith then blurted out there's no one else was here, my mom left years ago and my grandma died years ago. Neither one of us had a girlfriend in months as he pointed to his br other Kenneth. Oh that's quite interesting said Stephanie I kind of have been dreaming of the scenario like this for months now since my last boyfriend three years ago. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean asked Fred Phillips. Well I kind of had a fantasy of several guys taking advantage of me. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean advantage? Well just flirting with me and doing things. Are you interested asked Stephanie. They all looked at each other and said well yeah you are a hot girl as you probably know what you just want to play some games, watch a movie or something. Well hold on let me text my colleagues something. She held her phone down to where they can pretty much see what she was texting as she typed out "I'm going to be a few hours, I will meet you back at the North East section of our coverage area at six o'clock". They all saw that that was two hours from now as they were all excited.
So what do you guys want to do Stephanie asked. Keith stammered out of anything you want to do. Oh come on, you guys have to be hard up and I like things rough and tough, like something to put me in my place. The four of them weren't exactly sure what she meant as they stared at each other. What do I have to spell it out for you. What do you think I mean? What do you want us to call you names or something. No not exactly but I do want the four of you to do me separately. Whaaaat dooooo yuuuu mean do you? Geez you guys are dense. Okay I'll be blunt and I've never done anything like this before but when I saw that there was four hot guys I knew I could have some fun. Here is what I want. Kenneth I want you to drag me into that bedroom throw me on the bed and literally tear off all my clothes except leave a few pieces hanging. Then I want you to act like you're r****g me call me nasty names even slap me and fuck me in any hole you wish then cum in my face and maybe spit on me as you leave saying, next. All the while I will act like I'm crying and hating every moment but I am actually very turned on by that. Then I want your father to basically do the same but the even rougher I want him to pull me around the edge of the bed all the while fucking me hard. When he goes to cum I want him to cum in my asshole. Then he spits on me as he walks out and says, next, as he leaves. Although I will act like I'm crying and hate it I actually fantasized about this scene for a while. Then grandpa comes in and rips off whatever clothes I have left dangling and whips me with it. He fucks me in all holes but spread my legs wide and creams right on my pussy. Slaps me across the face and as he's leaving saying, one more for you slut. Keith then I want you to come in and slap me several times right off the bat then shove your cock in my face and down my throat. It doesn't matter if I gag or not just keep shoving it. Actually if I gag just slap me again and shove it down my mouth. Then throw me across the bed fuck my pussy for a while and fuck my ass, and make sure you call me a lot of nasty names. How big is your cock Keith? Ahh, well ahh, actually I'm 9 inches. Oh that's awesome. And when you cum I want you to take your cock and shove it all the way down my mouth then for ced my mouth open even more and put your balls inside and cum down my throat as you're doing it telling me to swallow every last drop you bitch. Keep your cock down my throat until I pass out. Then take it out, and we have to be a little safe here make sure I'm still breathing by slapping me, I should wake up and then throw me across the bed telling me how this filthy whore deserves this. And then the four of you come back in and grabbed my legs and arms and take me out into the hallway where if you will all fuck me at the same time. NOW DO YOU GET THE PICTURE! Their eyes were popped open the entire time. Their jaws were almost hitting the floor, they could not believe what they just heard from such a hot girl. Kenneth then finally said that sounds mother fucking awesome. The others shook their heads and agreed. Fred Phillips asked are you serious, I have never heard something so fantastic in my life. Stephanie then said fucking A, I'm serious. What, you don't want to do it? Oh no, we do that sounds spectacular. Well Kenneth what are you waiting for? Here's my arms pull me in and ra pe me. He hesitated for a few seconds but and his fa mily members who were nodding go ahead we will wait our turn. And so they each pretty much did it exactly how she asked. In the end they went in and dragged her out as she asked but when it came time to actually fucking her in front of each other they said they really could do this as they felt to self-conscious but that it was awesome. Fred Phillips went and got a set of his wife's clothes and handed it to her and asked her if she ever wanted to do that again. She took the clothes and said that was really fucking hot. I enjoyed every second of it I would like to do it again but the Moronmon church is moving me. Fred then said oh you don't have to worry about the Moronmon church you could stay here if you want we will pay for everything that you would ever need. That was hotter than I ever could've imagined. The others all agreed. She put her clothes on and said I think I might just do that but I have to talk to the church and tell them I'm leaving. Let me quickly text them that I will be there soon. I would love to have that done every day. Let's go in the kitchen and we can exchange numbers and e-mails. Why don't you write them all down on the paper there. So they headed to the kitchen and she scratches pretty roughly what they think is her phone number and e-mail address. Then she opens the discussion of what else they like to do just to make five or six minutes go by. They can hear her phone and she looks down at another text. Well I got to go, but I should be back here tomorrow for another fuck session. After she left they were all flabbergasted and could not believe how much fun they had. Them having out a woman that actually likes to be hit is like a dream. Kenneth stood up and said well normally you guys don't let us drink at all but I think this calls for a huge celebration I'm going to go to the Mancini's fine liquor store and get us some expensive champagne. Keith said that's about an hour away but it will be well worth it. Fred said I normally would never allow drinking in this house but after having the hottest time in my life I don't care if you brought dr ugs into this house right now. I'm going to actually drink with you.
Kenneth was at the liquor store and walking back to his car with a case of champagne when he saw Chris walking up to him. What do you want you fucking faggot, I ought to beat the shit out of you after what you did to our br other Paul. Well you already did that once, but now it's my turn. Your little faggot ass couldn't beat up mouse sitting on the table. Well I'm not going to beat you up but you might want to call Keith and tell him to check out the video camera on your grandpa's dressing room cabinet. What the hell do you mean stammered Kenneth. You'll see replied Chris. So he immediately called Keith who walked into the bedroom and then replied back to Kenneth yeah there is a camera here it's an older model with a little tape inside. Then Kenneth turned around and screamed how the fuck... He looked around but could see Chris anywhere. And Keith was saying how did you know this was here. Never mind that, does it have a wireless connection at all. Kenneth heard some crumpling noises and then Keith said I don't think so it's got a copyright saying 1987 on it. Oh thank the Lord said Kenneth. Hey wait, hook it up to the TV and play it. What do you mean said Keith. Just do it. So Keith looked around and found some old RCA cables and plugged them in. Oh wow this is awesome proclaimed Keith. Kenneth asked what do you mean? The whole fuck session it was caught on tape, we get to watch everything we did to her. Kenneth then said, no no no, I think you need to destroy it. He then said but I can jack off to this for hours. Kenneth then said yeah that would be great except I found out the camera was there from Chris Chester. You mean the fag Chris Chester. That's the one. I don't know what he's up to and I'm glad that video wasn't sending something wirelessly and that only we have possession of it. But I don't know how it got there or what he plans to do with that information so I think we need to destroy it now. Damn you got to be ki dding said Keith and I'm all hard watching this. Okay I'll get rid of it. I'll see you in an hour said Kenneth. Keith hooked up the camera to his computer and copied the entire footage onto a DVD and then hid it in a place he thought no one would ever find it. He then went back to the burn barrel with the tape and the camera, he threw it in and started to pour gas into the barrel over the camera when he heard "FREEZE, AND DROP THE GAS CAN".
So the Sheriff and the police were gathering all sorts of evidence with the warrant that they had. They took Keith away in handcuffs as they gathered the camera from the burn barrel. His father and grandfather were also led into squad cars as they were taken to the precinct for questioning. The sheriff asked where the other two br others were when one of the deputies said that she said it was only the older br others so we're only looking for Kenneth. About a half an hour later Kenneth was driving down the road as he saw all the police cars he turned around quickly and sped out of there, but one of the deputies saw him and chased after him. A police chase ensued, but it wasn't long before he crashed the car and was captured. The detective on the case told the Sheriff that they all said the same thing that she told them she would act like they were r****g her, that she wanted it to happen and she acted like she was resisting. Well this will be a hard thing to prove as it is four against one even if the DNA comes back as belonging to the fa mily. Any word on the younger son. No said the Sheriff, they all said he went to visit his grandmother's grave but hasn't returned. The detective said the videotape will be hard to reconstruct considering that the gasoline has eaten away much of the plastic. The CSI's have conf isc ated all computers and disks including a rather cleverly concealed one. They're going to check that one out first. It was a very short while before the district attorney was called to the CSI's office where he was astounded by what was playing on the DVD. He said there is no way that that girl was consensual to that abuse. How many different fingerprints were on the camera and the DVD? All of the fingerprints belonged to Keith Phillips. They said she sent text messages on her phone but no phones or the phone company had any text messages that talked about the Moronmon church from her or any of her friends and relatives. They were thrown into separate cells to await arraignment. Where they called their lawyers who said it will be an hour before he gets there. Fred Phillips was thrown into a cell where he thought it was a bunch of women. As he got to the gate he realized they were all transvestites or transsexuals. He pleaded with the deputy to put him in a different cell but the deputy denied his request. He sat cowering in the corner when one out of the 15 trannies proclaimed do you know who that is? That's the fag hating pastor Fred Phillips. Suddenly the grandpa found his mouth covered to silence him as 15 trannies where ripping off his clothes. At the same time they were kicking and punching him. He was able to get a word out or two, please if you're going to stick me... Okay one of the girls said let him say a little more. So they took their hand off his mouth just a crack he said if you're going to stick me please use condoms. They covered his mouth back up and laughed this is a jail cell honey not a bathhouse you're going to get fucked raw. He tried to bite the hand that was covering him and then she screamed so then they got a piece of his clothing and shoved it to one side of his mouth for cing his mouth open. They all face fucked him and fucked his ass hard blowing all their loads inside him. And then threw him in the corner where he whimpered and slowly put back on all his clothes. When the lawyer came he told them that he wanted to file charges on being put in the same jail cell with these faggot fake women. The lawyer explained to him that he will see what he can do but there is no law saying you can't be put in a cell with other guys even if they are transsexuals. The other three fared a little bit better if you hate fags, they only got the crap beat out of them in their jail cells. Although the father did get his own shirt stuck up his ass.
They were arraigned at $5 million bail each in which the more than half billion dollar net worth of Fred Phillips easily covered. They plan to fight this in court with a very powerful lawyer which is exactly what the district attorney thought. Little Johnny snuck back into the house and asked everyone what was going on. The attorney thought it would be best if Johnny stayed hidden until we call him as a sudden witness claiming that we could not locate them until that same day as he will take the stand. The Phillips attorney also said that maybe Johnny should take control of the entire wealth of the fa mily so that it would make it more difficult for anyone to sue them for damages and for the government to collect any fines. At his age he can be given full guardianship of himself also so that he could stay alone in the house without any other adult. And so Fred Phillips thought this was best and now Johnny had full control over all the money some $641 million meant to be used in protests and projects against all fags. The district attorney showed the court the evidence of the DNA and the locations that it was extracted from Stephanie's body. He then said that he needs to show the video of her getting ra ped, even though it was extremely graphic, this will prove his case as they can visually see exactly where that the DNA was found was consistent with the same location that each perpetrator ejaculated. Most of the audience couldn't watch the video very much even though they were required to, they had pretty much made up their minds that this was definitely not consensual. One week into the trial the Phillips attorney called his star witness Johnny Phillips. The district attorney objected because he was not able to talk to Johnny Phillips as a witness. The Phillips's attorney said that Johnny just showed up today and has key information that Stephanie Smith came in saying she was a Moronmon trying to perpetuate her religion and not dragged off from the streets like she said. The judge said well we will see where this goes and if I don't like anything I will allow the district attorney some time with the witness. So Johnny walked in and went right to the Phillips lawyer had told him he was fired or at least he wasn't going to get paid more money from the Phillips fa mily. The Phillips lawyer said I object. The judge said what did you object about this is your witness. The district attorney and the crowd couldn't believe what they were hearing and the judge asked the district attorney if he objected. The district attorney though astounded said no I don't object at all, I'd like to hear what this witness has to say. So Johnny took the stand as the Phillips lawyer even though he was now longer getting paid said he would continue and asked Johnny if he saw Stephanie Smith come into the house in a Moronmon uniform. Johnny said no I was sent off by grandpa to go get a bouquet of flowers to put on my grandmother's grave more than an hour and a half away and they told me not to come back for several weeks. "LIAR, WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO US". Mr. Graham would you please control your clients. The lawyer turned around and said you can't say anything that will only hurt you. He then turned back to Johnny and said may I remind you that you are under oath. Johnny said I very much realize that and although I am not lying at all, I don't believe anything in that book you made me put my hand on. "BLASPHEMOUS". Mr. Graham, your client. The lawyer turned around and said shhh. The Phillips lawyer Mr. Graham grilled Johnny on everything he could think of, but Johnny said that he did not witness anything other than his grandpa telling him to leave for extensive period of time. Mr. Graham was disgusted and said I'm through. The judge then said to the district attorney, your witness. The district attorney said I think Johnny said it all just as suspected and I have no more further questions. Objection, speculation, said Mr. Graham. Sustained said the judge and the jury will disregard with the district attorney says that he thinks happened. The jury spent five minutes, that's only five minutes to come back with a guilty plea and sentencing of 45 years each without the chance of parole, the maximum the law allowed for aggravated ra pe and conspiracy to commit ra pe. The courtroom went wild, the judge had to bang his mallet many times calling order in the court. But it was to no avail until everyone was moved out of the courtroom. The four of them were sent to separate prisons. Fred Phillips pleaded with Mr. Graham to do an appeal, but Mr. Graham said I'm not going to do it without being paid. You will have to find somebody else. But you gave control over to my son. Yes I realize that but he now has control and I can't do anything at all about it. So Fred Phillips did have other fag hating lawyers to call an appeal pro bono but they told him it would be several months before any new court dates. They did appeal many times over the years but they never succeeded.
The story for each of the Phillips fa mily members continues right after they were taken to jail. All four of them discovered that for the most part most of the jail members did not care for their fag hating ways except for the neo-Nazi KKK members, but they were very few. Fred Phillips because of his age was taken to a minimum security prison in which most people only spend a year or two in it. Most of the people sent here were thrown in jail for prostitution, yes they were almost all males prostituting. Fred Phillips asked to change prisons but was repeatedly denied. They all knew he was the fag hating gay basher so just about everyone in the prison even if they were in prison for a short time fucked his ass and spooged down his throat sooner or later. The first time they try to stick their cocks in his mouth, they were screaming that he was biting them. Then one of the other guys said we'll just take his teeth out. They yanked his dentures out and smashed them on the floor. There you go old man, keep biting down with your gums, it feels nice and tight on a cock. They wouldn't normally do this to an old man, but they knew exactly who he was and this is how they showed their hate for him. He went to the doctor a lot and the doctor told him that too much semen was not enough to keep him hydrated he still needed to drink water every day. He just sneered back at the doctor, because he knew that the doctor knew damn well he didn't want even a microscopic hint of someone else's semen anywhere near him let alone the many ounces even several cups he was for ced to take every day. His son didn't fare much better. In his prison the big guys always fucked the little guys, and he was a little guy. Not only were these guys big and fat they had enormous penises. He was ripped open three or four times a night. He had to go to the sick bay often mostly to get the stitches replaced on his anus. He was glad that they usually did not try and stick it in his face but they slapped and pissed on him an awful lot. He was definitely in straight gay hating gay bashing hell.
The other two were pretty boys in a prison with hundreds of inmates. You can just imagine what happened to them. It was getting close to cell door shut down as Keith was paraded to his jail cell he could see all the other cellmates stroking their cocks through their prison garb and all sorts of distasteful thoughts went through his head. Keith was put in the same cell as a 6'10" 265 pound black guy. He of course asked for a different cell many times before it was locked down for the night but they told you don't get choices here ki d. Samuel was his cell mates name and he tried to make small talk with him and see if he could get on his good side. He asked him what he was in for, Samuel smiled and told him serial ra pe and a murder. Yeah I love fucking, but usually what I wanted to fuck definitely did not want to be fucked. Oh said Keith, that's what my fa mily is in prison, although she and her friends framed us by sneaking a camera in and playing like he was really getting ra ped even though that's what she told us what to do. Yeah sure she did said Samuel. Keith didn't figure he would be believed. And so he questioned so how many girls did you ra pe? 14 and a half by 8. What does that mean said Keith. Well I killed one of my ra pe victims, they stopped breathing and I didn't know it. I was face fucking them, they must've passed out, I didn't feel any resistance so I just kept doing it. 14 and a half by 8. Why do you say that asked Keith. Well that's the size of my cock said Samuel. You fucked her in the face with a 14 inch dick. Damn you killed that chick with a 14 inch cock as a murder weapon. Well I killed them all right but I don't care for any young chicks. Oh said Keith, what do you do older ladies or something. No, I like to fucked twinks. Keith blurted back what the fuck is a twink. Samuel then smiled and said back to him how I love those twinks, but most of them don't like me as a type so I just went out and ra ped them. Occasionally a size queen twinkie would play with me and that was awesome but they usually got tired of me and that was the end of that. So Keith said describe to me what a twink is. Well it's smooth, has very little hair on their body, skinny a nice little bubble butt and most of the time shorthair. Keith then said back ahh you like little skinny girls huh? No said Samuel, twinks are usually in their late teens and early 20s. Keith said well, is that slang for a young lesbian? Nope, I think it describes exactly someone like you. Keith's eyes became glazed over as he stared in fear at the grinning Samuel. "GUARD, GUARD, GET ME OUT OF HERE". The guard came and Keith pleaded that he would do anything, anything so he could change cells. So the guard took in the shower and cleaned him up real good then took him to a back room and basically ra ped him, he fucked his face, he fucked his ass and he deposited a huge load into his ass and Keith let him do it all because he figured an average dick is better than that monster. Then he took him back and threw him in the same cell that Samuel was in. But I let you do anything to me said Keith. Well I had to loosen you up, you know old Samuel here is over 14 inches. Thanks said Samuel, now I can go to directly plowing his ass. Tears just came to Keith's eyes as he basically flopped the floor crying.
Don't cry little Keithy I'll make a deal with you. I only ra ped because I rarely got a willing participant, if I got a willing participant I like to do all sorts of things even please my partner. So my deal is that you be a willing participant. Then we could please each other and things would go much better for you and you may even like it. Keith was sobbing why would I ever want to do that, I would never like a dick getting in me. Well it's either that or I just rip you a new hole every night not caring how much it hurts you in your mouth or in your ass. Then I won't even care what happens outside the cell door. I know for a fact that once you go down to the mess hall you are going to be pulled into a room and fucked hard by at least 25 guys. I already heard them talking about what a cutie were and how it was going to be fun. If I say the word that you are my little bitch boy and you are untouchable, nobody will even grab your ass. They know if they do that I would just grab them and break them into two or just make two of their holes much larger without restraint. Everyone except for the guards I can't control them, except for Mike here because he loves being my bitch boy and will do anything I asked him. So what'll it be? I guess I don't have much choice, I will definitely go with the more pleasant scenario and be under your protection. That's my little bitch boy Keithy.
Well I'm going to give you a treat then. You're going to get off first and I'm going to enjoy getting you off. Keith then told him there is no way I can get off knowing that a guy is doing something to me. It won't even get hard. Samuel started pulling Keith's prison issue pants down and said well we'll see about that. Daaaaaaamn, you are not small for a white boy. What I want you to do this to either think of the hottest moment that you ever had sexually or the hottest porn you have ever seen and keep that in your mind and try to believe that it is going on right now. Don't think of anything else but that. Keith still sniffling, I don't know, I just don't think it will work but I guess anything that you want. So Samuel started working his cock, sucking on it with expertise and jacking it a bit as he rolls his balls around in his mouth. Keith knew exactly what thoughts to think about and was astonished when his cock was hard, he was even thinking this feels damn good. See I told you could get hard said Samuel. Yeah I can't believe you could take it all away down either. Samuel mumbled back well I've got a very big mouth. Now I'm going to do something to you and you will be cumming within five minutes. Sure thought Keith, I doubt it. Then Samuel started doing a series of Deep Throat pulses over and over on his cock taking Keith's ass with his large hands and pushing it toward himself over and over and over again each time taking his cock the whole way and even licking his balls at times while it was all the way down. Then Samuel took Keith's hands and put them behind his own head and motioned him to push Samuel’s head up and down on his cock. After a few seconds Samuel pulled out his cock and blurred you can pump my mouth as hard as you want. So Keith really started to pump his cock in and out very hard, Samuel had one hand on his balls licking them at each pump. Keith found this motion very familiar and it wasn't but a couple more minutes that he moaned he was cumming as he shoved his cock as deep as it would go and Samuel at the same time sucked his balls into his mouth and rolled them around as he could feel the pulsating cum empty from them he sucked on until he could feel his dick wilting. That was amazing said Keith, it was just like when I pump that girls mouth and that's exactly what I thought of. I thought you said you didn't for ce her said Samuel. I didn't that's what she told me to do. If I didn't know what was coming next this would have been pretty awesome.
That's right now it's your turn, but I will go easy on you at both ends. First you start sucking and we're going to see how deep you can go. You will gag but after a few weeks of practice you may not gag so much. Your ass will be easier to get used to it. So now I'm going to shove this in your mouth and let you gag but you constantly try not to gag. So he made him suck but not too hard he gagged many many times and was able to take 5 inches of the massive tool. Then he inserted it slowly until Keith gagged as he was gagging he shoved it down even further and then pulled it out. That's enough practice on your mouth for now said Samuel now this is going to poke your ass all the way. Keith gave an awful face upon hearing this but knew it was better than the alternative of huge gang bangs and this massive tool ripping him whether he likes it or not. With that Samuel flipped him on the bed on his back with his ass in the air. He then proceeded to rim him, he took his massive tongue and swirled around his hole. Keith stammered that feels pretty neat. Oh I still taste the guards cum in your hole. Oh do you want me to clean myself said Keith. No no no, I like licking that up plus cum makes a very good lubricant. He didn't like the sound of that but any lube is better than no lube. Then Samuel started inserting fingers, the first one until he got to all four showing half his hand up his ass and turning it. Then he pushed in and out until it remained gaping for a short period of time. Of course Samuel's cock was rock hard from doing this as he then leaned up to insert his cock. He put it in as his hole resisted but was loosened up a bit from Samuel's hand. He got 7 inches in when Keith said Dan that's starting to hurt pretty bad. So for the first 10 min. Samuel only thrust half his cock in and out of his ass then without telling Keith he went inches deeper each time. How is that little Keithy? It hurts like hell it's going to be even worse when you stick the whole thing in he cried. Well I've got news for you I'm already jamming the whole thing in you. Oh I thought it was going to hurt way worse than that. So he pumped him each time he shoved his entire 14 inches in then finally blasting cum deep inside him. Samuel then made him sle ep in the same bed as he spooned him.
The next day word got out that Keith was Samuel's bitch boy and was untouchable. As Keith walked around all the prisoners were almost stepping out of his way afraid of not upsetting the wrath of Samuel. Keith thought he was going to have a horrible time in prison worried about who was going to beat the shit out of him, ra pe him or kill him but now he almost walked around like he's the King. Even the guards for the most part avoid him but occasionally one jammed their cock down his throat. Keith got a lot better at sucking and was able to take 11 inches without gagging after a while and occasionally he took the whole thing. He got used to getting fucked and Samuel made him jack off while he fucked him and he was surprised how he could cum each time he did this. Every week or so Samuel let Keith face fuck him hard, but always had fingers up Keith's ass while he was thrusting. Then one week he accidentally tripped the Warden when he turned around and didn't see him there. The Warden sent him to solitaire for two weeks. After the first couple of days Keith jacked off but could not cum. He couldn't figure it out, no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get off. A week and a half in and he was still trying to jack his cock to cum and no luck until finally he poked all his fingers in his ass and with a bit of work he finally ejaculated. But this was the only time for the whole two weeks that he could cum and after that he realized what he needed. When he finally got back to his cell he told Samuel either fuck me or suck me otherwise I can't cum. Samuel was amused but not very surprised. So the gay hater can no longer cum without a dick in his ass.
Kenneth was not so lucky. He knew he couldn't keep anyone out of his ass but he would never let them put a dick in his mouth. They knew he was a fag hater and when he got to his cell six or seven of them gathered around to get a piece of pretty boy ass. One of them smiled well as best he could as he had no front teeth. So they grabbed him and tore his pants off and started r****g his ass, as he screamed they covered his mouth and someone said fill that thing. So another guy pried open his mouth and stuck his cock in there and Kenneth bit down as hard as he could as the guy screamed blo ody murder and then ran out holding his bleeding cock. The guy with no teeth in the front of his mouth said ahh you shouldn't have done that. Then one of the other very large inmates said I'm going to stick my cock in your mouth and you're going to suck on it. Kenneth blurted back I'm going to bite any cock that gets in my mouth, I don't care how badly you beat me up. Then the large inmate said we need to take a break boys, as the guy fucking him looked down shaking his head then pulled his cock out of his ass. Then with about three or four punches to the face of Kenneth, the large inmate then opened his mouth and said oh I missed one. With that there was another punch to his face right to the front of his mouth. Come on back boys. The large inmate took one more glance as blo ody face and mouth and then jammed his cock in between the gums of Kenneth's face. He said now bite down all you want, the harder you bite the tighter your gums make my cock feel good. As a matter of fact I'll hold your jaw shut myself. The large inmate took his 9 inch cock and kept ramming it down his throat as hard as he could until he came in the back of his throat and said next. There was a line of 40 or 50 guys who took turns on his ass or mouth, or both, before it was finally over for that night anyway. Kenneth just laid there broken on the floor cum oozing out of his ass and dribbling out of his mouth as he did very little else except contemplating how horrible the next few decades are going to be. This sort of scenario was done repeatedly several times a week. Now the fag hater who beat up fags is now beaten and ra ped by them weekly.
Watching the news one day Fred Phillips saw that his youngest son was at pride day parade ceremony donating 500 million of the fag hating, "God hates fags" money to a gay youth organization called the Matthew Shepard foundation. Another hundred million was donated to an American atheist society. Then on national TV his youngest grandson turns to kiss his boyfriend which is too much for Fred Phillips as he collapses to the floor of the prison ward as he's watching this. The prisoners all thought it was funny, especially since there was 600 prisoners housed with him, one for each million dollars donated. So the prisoners decided, to help him celebrate, each one of the 600 prisoners would donate something into his body, if you know what I mean. After a long day for Fred Phillips the last prisoner did his deed, he was sitting in a lake of cum all over and in him. He felt like he was having a heart attack, and he was thanking the Lord for taking him away from all this. When he went to the doctor, the doctor just said he was just hyperventilating. The Lord gave him a very healthy heart, he will have many years to live, but I'll say it again semen isn't the best liquid to replenish your fluids. One of the other prisoners proclaimed” I think thats a record, no prisoner has ever been fucked by every single other prisoner". We should call Guinness. Another prisoner stated "your fag hating God has given more guys fucking your ass and your male fa mily's asses(including one that obviously loves it from the look of his boyfriends face) than you ever could've imagined and almost your entire donated wealth of "Jesus hates fags's" money has been re-donated to a gay youth organization, and another chunk to an atheist organization as your youngest grandson kisses his male lover on national TV". Isn't your God wonderful. Praise the Lord, Jesus is here.

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