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It happened one summer when I was 26 I did something stupid and wound up in jail awaiting court I had no money for bail so I was just trying to tough it out! The cell block I was on was mostly good guys there were a few assholes of course but thats to be expected...The guy in the cell next to mine was named Freddy he was a really nice black dude kinda short but not too smart fella too but he did something stupid too! Hey shit happens you know nothing you can do but try not to make the same mistake again! We became fast friends and hung out talking and playing cards all day not much else to do sometimes anyway He tells me one day that this young black boy Darrel I think his name was was doing him! I said "Yeah is he good?" "real sweet " he replied "Have you fucked him yet?" I asked He smiled wide and nodded " Good for you" I said "Have you ever had a white boy?" He looked at me and said "no can't say I have are you offering to be my first?" I really liked him a lot so I said "yeah I'm offering what do you say we have a little fun but we keep it between us ok?" All he did was stand up and pop the biggest cock I had ever seen out of his jailhouse pants it had to be at least 11 or 12 inches and real fat too I told him to look out the door so we wouldn't get busted I had to practically unhinge my jaw to get him in my mouth all I could fit was the cock head! Oh my god I thought he's really going to stretch out my little asshole I hope it fits cause I'm sure going to try! I stroked his cock as I sucked on his massive dick and it seemed to grow even bigger as I continued I grabbed his balls and massaged them too he really liked that pushing twards me and driving my head back because no more was going to fit in my mouth! I backed off his cock and said " Hey Freddie how about we try to get this thing up my butt? He shrugged and backed into the cell I took his place in the door way "Do you have any butter?" I asked "Yeah" he said got a few pats next door!" "Ok I'll go get em" and I ducked it his cell grabbed the pats and hustled back to my cell I pulled down the back of my pants being that they had elastic waist it was easy they stayed up in front but exposed my ass perfect! I rubbed a pat into my rosebud shoving it in as deep as I could then I lubed up his cock with another till it was all greasy "OK" I whispered " lets try it but take it real easy you are fucking huge man!" He pushed it into my butt crack it felt like a baseball bat trying to get inside me and I pushed back a little it began stretching my little pink asshole out back and forth we went slowly it began to make some headway I felt like I was birthing a baby in reverse stretching until I thought it would tear I was in agony but determined to have him in me! I gritted my teeth and pushed back and I could almost hear a pop as he finally passed beyond my ring! OMG he was huge he filled my colon as he slid up into me now I know how a popsicle feels! I was soo full of cock it was so painful yet so pleasurable I felt myself leaking cum out of my own penis he must be hitting my prostate what a cock! I felt his pubic hair rub between my cheeks and I knew I had him completely it was the fuck of a lifetime and it was all mine! He drove into me faster wanting to cum as quickly as he could you never knew when a guard was going to walk down the row and I was really digging it now no pain anymore just this amazing black cock fucking my ass. I heard his breathing begin to quicken and I knew he was going to cum soon so I helped him along working my ass up and down biting my lip so I wouldn't cry out! I felt his fingers tighten on my hips and he grunted as he bucked into me his titanic pecker shooting cum rockets up into my well abused asshole after a few more thrusts he stopped and I heard him whisper " That was fantastic baby thank you" " Your welcome" I breathed in his direction and with that he pulled that monster out of me I swear if you spoke loud behind me you would hear an echo! I pulled my pant up and turned around he was grinning and shaking his head I came up to him and kissed him full on the lips I even slipped him some tongue before I broke off! "I'm going to court tomorrow " I said wish me luck Ok! He did and that was that I never saw him again I got out on probation went back to work got on with my life... but I never forgot Freddie and I never will!

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