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First time fucked

I was only 18 when i was used for the first time . i was watching a game that night so i was late for home . when i was in a hurry to catsh the bus i was attracted by someone who was walking in front of me . he had a femenine walk with flexible body and very tight jeans . he seemd like a girl from behind but he was bold than i recognized he was a man. so i slow down and followed him a little while from behind without taking his attention . i figured out thats he is a gay men ,i was turned on by his walk and his femenine style . he stopped in front of an appartment . he was living there , he noticed me walking toward him so he gave me a sexy look . i stopped and asked him about time . and protended that im waiting for a friend . iwant to fuck his tight ass so bad . he said that he will wait with me . we talked for a while then he invited me to his appart and wait there because it was freezing outside . i gladly accepted the invitation. we entered to this dark building and we tooked the stairs to rich his room on the 6th floor. he opened the door and we get in . we sitted on the couch next to each other .we talked a little then he started to kiss my lips so softly and waiting my reaction.i liked it so much so he invited me to his bedroom. i laid on his bed and we started kissing then i take off all my clothes and so was he . he had a great ass and huge shaved cock. he start to suck my cock and i enjoyed it so much it was my first time . i thought that the next step was to put my cock inside his ass and fuck him but he surprised me when he stood up on bed and put his big cock next to my mouth and wanted me to suck him. i was attracted by his big cock so i liked the idea and started to suck his cock . he f***ed it inside my mouth i felted . it was so hard and big to the point that i couldn't continue but he insisted . then he put in a doggystyle position and told me that i have a very sexy ass that was maided to be fucked and that he couldn't resist it . i told him that i was virgin but he told me thats is gonna be ok and that i will be a very sexy gay men with fuckable ass then he puted some lotion next to my asshole and started to put his finger inside my ass then he puted his cock slowly untill it was inside my asshole then he fucked me faster and faster . i felt good . and i was screaming like a reel slut .suddenly two of his friends were knoking on the door . he told not to get worryed then he returned and said to me thats two of his gay friends were visiting him and asked me if they could join us . i was thrilled by the idea . i accepted . they were to femenine gay men also. they tooked off all clothes and joined us . he returned to fuck me in doggystyle and one of them puted his cock in my mouth and the other was watching and playing with his cock then they switch roles . i was fucked by all the three of them the whole night and sucked them all . two of them came on the same time. the bold one came while his fucking me he come inside my asshole and the other when i was suking him so he came in my mouth the third one camed also inside my mouth . and i tasted his hot cum and make me swallowed . at that i was cuming also. it was a great sensation. i was like a bitch to them they fucked so hard and without mercy. it was late so he told me to spend the night. in the morning we changed numbers and i left not believing what just happened last night. he told that i was the perfect gay that every men want to fuck. i' ll never met him again .but i lived many other exiting experiences that you will never beleive . i will post other stories later. i hope you will enjoy my stories and excuse my english . i did my best.

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