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Based on a True Story 1

Disclaimer - This actually really happened and is something I did. Names, if any, have been changed and that is all.

I found this girl on Craigslist, she replied to two of my ads so i played both of them. i knew her dirty fantasies and i took full advantage of that.

This is in December, she knew exactly what she was getting, and I never do this kind of thing with discussing all of the details beforehand; except she didn’t know exactly what she was getting. She had already told me that she wanted to be spanked to the point she cried and nothing else, that she wanted to be shamed for acting like such a slut. This was perfect for me because I could combine both of her fantasies. She could be a slut and get the punishment she craved.

She agreed to meet me in at a local grocery store, and although she had seen my picture as part of the spanking fantasy, she didn’t want to see the person that would be “r****g” her. I knew what she looked like and would be wearing and driving, so when she got out of her car it was easy to follow her into the store. I stay behind her but not out of site, she never looked back, maybe she knew I was there, maybe not.

After a few minutes in the store she started to leave. At that point it was time for me to approach her. As she was leaving her pace quickened but I was still gaining on her…as discussed she knew exactly what was going to happen. I approached behind just as she was unlocking her car door. I swung her around f***efully and pushed her against the side of her car. I told her to shut the fuck up and I wouldn’t hurt her, that I was going to take her to my van and she didn’t want any trouble…and neither did I. My knife was pressed against her side the whole time.

We made our way slowly to my van…her hair was long and made a good place to hold her from, even though I was all over her in the first place. I pushed her against the driver’s side door of my van so I could open the sliding passenger door. And in under a second she was free but trapped…she had been shoved into my van faster than she could think. I followed her in and locked the doors as fast as I could…she tried to kick and fight me but it just wasn’t happening…. She was a small girl and not many stand a chance at doing anything except exhaust their selves. Within a few minutes she was worn out and easy to tie up. My threats were exactly what I told she would expect…she was a slut and had this coming, she was a whore dressing the way she did, I was going to fuck here little white cunt…

I tied her down using the seat belt straps, very effective. It kept her out of sight and full restrained at the feet. She was wearing a scarf and that made the perfect blind fold….i didn’t want her to see me other then what she had seen and I didn’t want her to know where I was taking her. All of this had been discussed beforehand. Once she was tied up I started to cut off her clothes…her shirt was cut open in the front and her bra was cut a well…I pulled her pants down and cut her panties off, pulling them between her legs to remove them. She was yelling but no one could hear her. I told her now one cared about another white slut in a city like this getting ****d. I took her phone and started taking pictures of her for her to keep, I told her that those would be hers to get off to later, and I laughed as I turn her phone off. I also took a few for myself.

Finally I decided it was time to go. She was secure in the back of the van; my tinted windows would keep all but the nosiest of people out. It was a 15 minute drive to where should be punished, and the whole time she only said one thing.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were the same guy?!” she barely whimpered. We had been driving for about ten minutes at that point. I got out of the car and climb in the back. I gave her a VERY hard slap across the face and reminder her that this was everything she wanted and asked for. Then I got out laughing at her as I moved up to the front.

Finally we got to the lake where I would abuse her. I told her to scream for help, we were in the middle of East Saint Louis and even if people heard her, no one would care. I felt her pussy…she was completely soaked, she may have even cum on herself, of course I teased her for it before I untied her legs…she tried to fight but it was amazingly pathetic. She was genuinely exhausted from the fight and the ride over. I dragged her to the edge of the car her ass and legs were hanging out, exposed to the cold air. It was time for her punishment.
I removed my belt, I was not going to go easy on her, we had never met but she had told me she could get off unless she was crying real tears. I want going to disappoint her. I attempted to strike her harder than I had ever whipped someone before. And the first strike cemented that. I could feel it in my arm, and she felt it too. Her legs went straight out and her body fell under her reaction. But I wasn’t going to stop…I struck her seven more times like that. Each one was harder than the first. On the seventh strike it broke the skin slightly but there was no bleeding...she might have wanted more…but physically, she couldn’t take it.

There was a small amount of snow on the ground which I quickly rub on her ass, knowing would only make the lingering pain more intense. Then I pulled her back in the car so I could allow her to cum. I brought my biggest dildo with me, it’s about 12 inches and thicker at the head then the base…I untied her hands and reminder that is she tried anything I knew where I was and I would find her faster than she could imagine. I told her that she was my little white whore and that she was going to was going to take every inch of nigger dick that I gave her. I had no intention of fucking her. I wanted to combine her **** fantasy with her spanking fetish. I didn’t want to get off…just make her cum harder then she thought was possible. In a way I wanted her orgasm to be pain inducing.

I pushed her over the back seat, she was asking me to stop but not using her safe word…she always had the option. So there was no stopping me. She wasn’t fighting; I think she was happy I was done with my belt. I told her to beg for black cock…she didn’t argue but she could barely get it out. I f***ed her legs apart from behind as she “begged for nigger dick” I laughed as I f***ed the dildo into her dripping wet cunt. She came in about 30 seconds but she couldn’t stop to breath….my legs were forcing her legs open so I could keep thrusting the rubber dick into her and she kept begging for more….with her third orgasm she squirted every…all over me, my hands her jeans…she was drenched but I still wasn’t done with her…I took my hand to her clit and f***ed another sloppy wet orgasm out of her. I finally made her rub her pussy for her last one. After that her body went totally limp.

I tied her hands back in place and blindfold her again. As I was driving I told her I was going through her purse and had copied everything off her phone…and that if she didn’t want to get on my bad side because if anyone found out what I had done, then I knew a few people that would happily pay her a visit. We had already discussed things like that…she wanted to hear it.

When we got back to her car I made her get dressed blindfolded and at knife point, dragging it across her skin to remind her I was there. Most of her undergarments and her shirt were cut but her jacket and jeans were fine. When she was dressed I dragged her out of the car…still blindfold. I made her face away from me while I removed the blind fold all she knew was that she was back where she started, facing her car. I told her to count to 30 while I walked away and to keep facing her car. If she didn’t do it then EVERYTHING would start all over. By the time she was back in her car I had taken shelter so she couldn’t see where I had went. She got in her car and drove away. She never looked around for me. But that same day she told me she needed more like the filthy cum hungry white whore she was…

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