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After the frat party... With Kara

The frat party was dying down, as the crowd became less dense the spilled beer pong cups and garbage became less apparent... Sucks for whoever is going to clean that one up.

The girl I met (we'll call her Kara for identity sake) was waiting for me to drop her off. We had a pretty good time, this is one of the few times I had a girl with me and didn't have a shit load of "Mother Hens" interfering.

"Are you ready to leave?" I asked.

"Yes" she said eagerly.

She was a cutie... he had ample breasts, and a nice shapely ass. Her hair was dark with blonde streaks... or blonde with dark streaks, didn't really matter. She had a flat little tummy with a belly piercing.

Fast forward...

I pulled my car to the entrance of her dorm... it must've been like 1:30 am.

"I guess I'll see you later" I said.

She asked me if I wanted to come inside, and that her roommate was working the overnight shift at some hospital.

That's right, she was always telling me about how her roommate worked every weekend.

To me it sounded like one thing. She was basically saying "FUCK ME!" But in that subtle around the bush way girls usually do.

I parked the car and we both walked to her room. Her dorm room was a stereotypical girly room. There was pink shit everywhere, and she had some stuffed pandas on her dresser.

"Sweet, we have an audience"

Her roommate's side was kinda bland, just some poster on the wall I didn't give a shit about and a bunch of textbooks, near a computer monitor. And their room smelled like incense and girl.

Enough details...

She cleared some pillows from the bed for us to sit, while we watched some late "B" films that always come on at that time. We cuddled under a blanket... I started feeling very warm with anticipation of fucking her.

We began to kiss... I started kissing her neck. Her eyes were closed with pleasure, she took off my shirt and started to kiss my chest. My cock was pressing uncomfortably against the denim of my jeans...

oh, okay she started to loosen my belt, that helps...

I took off her shirt and grabbed her fuckin plump titties. She felt so fuckin warm. She began to jerk me off. While she jerked me off, she bit her bottom lip and smiled while holding eye contact, it was sexy.

Her hands were so soft, I was gonna fuckin' blow if I didn't stop her soon. So I moved her hands and took off her pants. Then the panties... there she stood in front of me butt-ass naked! Her socks were still on, I usually like to see a girl's nice feet, but it really didn't matter right now.

I began to finger her, she didn't moan she just breathed heavily. Hm, a challenge.

I forgot my condom in the car, but luckily she had some in her draw... she read my mind before I could say anything... She ripped the wrapper with her teeth, jerked me off a little bit more, then put the condom on my dick. She sat on my cock and road it like a cow girl. Her blond and black hair was flowing in the air.


I grabbed her ass, it felt so soft. She rode it harder and faster... I thrusted upwards hard into her.

I decided to try a new position. She held my face and made out with me, she was a good kisser.

I grabbed Kara by her little waste and turned her doggy style. What a view, her naked ass, silky back, black/blonde hair, and her little smurf-blue socks. I began to thrust into her hard. The bed started to creak a little bit. Her back began to glisten with sweat. It felt good. I let out a loud "Ugh!"

She whispered an "awwwwww yeeeeaaaaahhhhh"

That shit turned me on more. She was on her knees, I laid her down fully on her stomach. I began to thrust hard into her... I wasn't going to last long like this. I kissed her on the cheek and kept thrusting. Her round ass gave me plenty of cushion for the pushin'. I kept going harder and faster, it began feeling better and better. I then let out a loud


And came hard... my body convulsed a few times as I ejaculated. I took off the condom, she quickly got me a towel... pink (figures). And wiped my dick with it.

Good girl

She asked me if I was staying, I said "no". We spoke for a little while, made out again, and I left.

We're definitely doing that again.

I got back to my place and laid in bed, I slept like a fucking baby.

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