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THE BUSINESS TRIP (a lesbian tale)

THE BUSINESS TRIP (a lesbian tale)
Janet was really anxious to get out of that meeting. Even though dinner had been very tasty and the wine exquisite, she was rather tired of her evening companions. Rob and William were great guys but she had seen more than enough of them for one day. At home she knew she could relax in her condo after work and have some peace and quiet, but on the road she was with these men until close to bedtime.
Janet had been divorced for decades and in her early 50s, she was past the “drinking to all hours of the night” scenario.
“Ok fellas, I have to call it a night”, announced Janet to her colleagues
“Rob and I are driving back tonight…yes we have a designated driver”, said Rob, “so why don’t you join us ?”.
“And try to sl**p in a moving car next to two guys who smell of alcohol ?”, cried Janet playfully.
“Ok ok…so you prefer to sl**p here and fly back Saturday morning”, said William with some understanding. “It’s probably a wise decision”, he continued ,”and besides it’s what you do every time we come here”.
That was true. They had to visit a customer in this particular city once a month or once every other month, and every time Janet preferred to sl**p there and come back the following day which was usually a Saturday. The guys were married and had a full Saturday of f****y stuff to do.
Janet said her goodbyes and took a cab to the hotel. She had just gotten into the elevator when a woman ran towards the door which Janet held for her.
“Oh thank you…you’re a sweetheart”, said the attractive lady as she put her hand on Janet’s shoulder to steady herself.
“I nearly lost my shoe in my dash”, she laughed.
“You’re in a big rush ?”, asked Janet
“Oh no…I just don’t like waiting for lifts” she admitted “and I wanted the ride up with you”, she added winking.
“I am looking forward to my room and my bed”, said Janet smiling at the woman
“It’s been a long day, has it ?”, said the lady with a slight accent
“Oh yes…but I still have SOME energy”, answered Janet
“Then why don’t you meet me at the bar in 20 minutes”, said the lady, her eyes locking with Janet’s.
“Oh…sure…20 minutes…why not ?”, answered Janet giggling
As soon as Janet got into her room, she took off her clothes as quickly as possible. She grabbed a quick shower and chose some fresh clothes. Bra or no bra ? Her choice of “no bra” was motivated by the blouse she took out of the drawer. It was loose and silk and she thought her cleavage would look good. Janet was a little plump but her boobs were small and still very firm. She exercised daily and she was quite proud of her body. She added a short and tight woolen skirt, some heels, and a small bronze necklace.
Janet was quite excited and humming to herself as she dressed. You probably have already guessed that Janet is lesbo.
She made her way down to the lobby and looked around for the bar. She found the entrance tucked away in a dark corner of the large lobby. Her eyes took a few seconds to get used to the darkness and then she saw her friend’s hands waving at her from a small round table.
The lady was sitting near the window and Janet sat in front of her, both women sinking in large armchairs. Introductions were made and Janet found out the lady’s name was Beverly and that she was from London, England.
“That’s what I thought when you called the elevator a “lift”, said Janet
“I guess it’s always more exciting when it’s foreign”, laughed Bev, as she wanted to be called.
“I guess I would need a lift for those”, added Bev, looking down at her breasts
“Oh nonsense…” cried Janet who felt Bev’s foot touch her calf.
“Maybe I’ll call on you “cooed Bev playfully.
“I can be good at lifting”, answered Janet, enjoying the double-talk and her new-found friend more and more.
Bev was blonde, quite athletic looking with strong thighs and heavy breasts. Her high cheekbones gave her a Scandinavian look. Janet could not see it but her ass was firm and her buttocks moved up and down in a sexy way when she walked. She was probably Janet’s age maybe a few years older.
Janet didn’t know if Bev’s foot play was an accident but she responded by taking off her right shoe and resting her foot on Bev’s thigh. Bev’s face was visible only from the flickering candle on top of the table. Janet could see her friend’s cheeks get hollow as she sucked the air from her mouth, closing her lips in what appeared to be a kiss.
“So what will you ladies have”, said the bar maid, interrupting Janet’s flirtatious mood.
The drinks came a few minutes later and the ladies had time to chit chat about what they did and what they liked. While she was talking Bev crossed her legs as she moved to get comfortable. Janet was not sure, since it was dark, but she didn’t think Bev was wearing panties.
Janet had crossed her legs a few times and could feel her skirt rising up her thighs every time she did it and, every time the two women looked at each other, Janet could feel wetness between her thighs. Frankly her cunt was getting wet. I don’t know if Bev could feel it- it was probable- but she was using every excuse to call her “sweetheart” or “my love”. After the second drink, Janet decided to make her move.
“Bev darling, would you care to take the next drink in my room ?”, asked Janet rather boldly
“You mean by myself in your room ?”, answered Bev in her British accent and laughing.
“Of course not …silly you”, said Janet blushing and stroking Bev’s thigh,” I would be there to keep you company”.
“In the company of a lady, won’t I be so lucky”, cooed Bev
“I’m not ALWAYS a lady”, said Janet, suddenly serious
“I would rather see that with my own eyes”, answered Bev, sticking her tongue out sensually.
Janet left some money on the table and the women walked towards the elevator, holding each other by the waist. Janet took advantage of the fact they were alone in the elevator to grab a feel of Bev’s ass. Bev kissed her neck and mentioned something about a camera in the elevator.
“I promise to keep my hands to myself”, said Janet solemnly
“Only until we get to your room”, answered Bev somewhat seriously.
Janet’s hand was shaking with excitement when she put her card key in the slot. She lifted it and nothing happened. She tried again and still nothing.
“Damn…it worked this afternoon”, cried Janet
“Let me try it”, said Bev calmly, as she turned the key around, pushed it down and up again. The green light went on and the door opened.
“You have to be gentle with the crack”, cooed Bev, licking Janet neck.
“I’ll be gentle with your crack”, said Janet in a throaty voice
“Not too gentle baby…rub your crack against mine”, cried Bev as she pushed both her hands up Janet’s skirt.
Both mature women could have used the many hands of Hindu goddesses. They were unbuttoning blouses, unzipping skirts, taking off jewelry and kicking off shoes…all at once it seems. Bev leaned forward to kiss Janet but was pushed away.
“Get your clothes off and then we’ll kiss”, cried Janet, her shaking hands having trouble with the buttons.
Bev did not take no for an answer and she pawed Janet’s hard tits with both hands and tried to kiss her again.
“Stop it”, cried Janet pushing her away again
With her bra dangling by one shoulder strap and her partially unzipped skirt stuck half-way down her thighs, Bev, who had no panties to begin with, made another assault on Janet’s half-naked body.
Janet put up a good spirited fight but the British lady was too strong for her and she brought her down to the carpeted floor, cursing and screaming.
Bev ripped Janet’s blouse, which brought a frightening curse from the business lady, then went after her skirt which she pulled up around Janet’s waist and, with a quick movement of the wrist, completely destroyed Janet’s minuscule nylon thong.
Bev clamped her mouth on Janet’s dark hairy triangle while Janet pulled the British lady’s mid-section over her own head. It took them a few minutes to adjust properly but the ladies soon found themselves licking and sucking at the other’s gaping vagina. Both women moaned loudly as they ate each other’s cunt lips, rolling about the room, sometimes Bev being on top and moving her hips furiously against Janet’s outstretched tongue, sometimes Janet being on top enjoying Bev’s tongue-play on the wrinkled hole between her firm buttocks. The room was filled with the smell of perfume, perspiration and sex. Janet thought Bev had had an orgasm but she was not sure. In any event, the business woman stood up and discarded the few pieces of clothing she still had. She pulled Bev up to her feet, finally throwing the busted bra to the floor, and both women got into a bear hug in the middle of the room, a few feet from the made up bed. They finally kissed, strangely enough what seemed to be their first kiss, their breasts flattened against each other, engorged nipples pushed outwards. They bumped tummies and moved their patches together enough for them to feel the other’s hair. They mumbled sentences as they kissed and grabbed whatever naked flesh they hadn’t yet seen. There was talk of fucking and some disagreement about it. Janet pushed Bev on the bed. She bounced on her back and round asscheeks. She got up again only to be pushed back by the business woman. Bev seemed to suddenly become more submissive or maybe it was that she had no choice. The slightly smaller Janet climbed on top of Bev and suddenly took control.
The women’s upper bodies came together first. Lips moved all over faces, smearing fresh lipstick, mixing saliva with sweat and juices from their very recent licking. Janet moved her small tits against Bev’s bigger rack, making sure nipples were touching, then popping loose. She had to stop the kissing to do that and she did, then she went back to kissing. At the same time, the women shifted their bodies and even lifted them so they could both grab each other by the buttocks. They were preparing their fuck. It looked like they had done this dozens of times before. Bev lifted her legs and crossed them around Janet’s waist. A rear view of the action showed the two hairy cunts, one black, the other blonde, were touching. Janet pulled her lover to her and Bev opened her legs wider. Janet moaned loudly and said something to Bev no one could have heard. Janet moved her hips quickly then stopped, as if to do a test run. The rear view was best since one could not only see the vulvas pressing against each other but the ass-grabbing had separated the buttocks and both puckered holes were in full view. The two mature lesbians began to undulate slowly against each other, the noise of wet vulvas rubbing and of cunt hair mixing drowned the smacks of their kissing. Then it was the cries, the laughter, which one could hear coming from the two lesbians fucking. Janet’s rhythm increased, and so did the cries, turning to screams in Bev’s case. The last minute of their mating was wild. They fucked hard and both came, Janet claiming later she had actually spurted. One would have had to be hovering over the couple to see every stroke, every kiss, every word which was exchanged in the aftermath of their fuck. The mating women remained in that position for a while, then maybe one fell asl**p.

“Do you know when you’re coming back next time”, said Bev from the bathroom
“No…I’ll phone you”, answered Janet still in bed.
“Phone me at work this time…my daughter is home sometimes so…you know”, asked Bev
“Sure…we’ll do”, answered Janet stretching.”Oh my God, that was so good”.
“ was special somehow”, Bev agreed.
“Did you like the British accent ?”, she asked
“Even fooled the barmaid”, laughed Janet
“I owe you a blouse”, said Bev
“You sure do…you bitch”, cried Janet, throwing a thong at Bev coming out of the bathroom
“Don’t start anything…I really have to go”, warned Bev
Bev walking over to the desk and picked up an envelope.
“Same as usual ? Tell me if you need a raise”, said Janet
“Nah…for you sweetheart…it’s a fixed price”, answered Bev, slipping the unopened envelope in her bag, walking over to the bed and kissing Janet on the lips.
“What is it going to be next time ?”, asked Janet, “French ? Aussie ? Oh we did those”.
“I think I’ll play a hooker”, said Bev.
Both women laughed

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