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It had been a tough year for both Jenny and her father,
she had lost her mother and he had lost his wife 6
months ago to cancer. Both were devastated by her
passing and it took many months before they were able
to move on. Jenny's grandparents had felt very sad for
both of them and wanted to cheer them after having such
a down year so they decided to treat them and send both
Jenny and her father on cruise in the Caribbean.

Jenny was excited with this news because being only 15
years old she had yet to travel anywhere interesting.
Her father agreed this would be a good idea to help
both of them move on with their lives and give Jenny
some happier memories instead of just sad and
depressing ones.

The time had come and they would be leaving in the
morning for their flight to Miami where they would
catch the cruise ship. As her father passed his
daughters bedroom he could see through the slightly
opened door his daughter modeling her new bikini in
front of a mirror, wow he thought, my little girl
really has grown up now. Jenny had large C cup breasts
and a perfect hour-glass figure topped off with
gorgeous brown silky hair. She looked almost like a
carbon copy of his wife when she was that age. He
sighed deeply to himself, he really missed his wife,
companion and lover.

The plane ride was uneventful and they were soon there
and boarding the large cruise ship which would take
them to several islands over 7 days. When they got to
their room however there was a bit of a mix up, there
was only one queen size bed instead of two singles as
they had requested.

It was explained to them that someone screwed up and
thought they were married since they had the same last
name, they apologized but there wasn't anything they
could do about it since they were fully booked. They
simply just passed off some free club and casino
vouchers as a "sorry" and that was it.

Jenny's father began to tell her that he would just
sl**p on the floor but Jenny just laughed at him and
told him not to be crazy, they could just share the bed
since it was big enough. He was hesitant, "I don't know
if that is right sweetie..."

But before he could continue she interrupted him "what
wouldn't be right is me hogging the bed while you
suffer on the floor the whole week, don't be silly and
don't treat me like a baby." So it was settled they
would just share the bed and stay to each others sides.

That night as the cruise set out into the Caribbean sea
both of them toured the massive ship and ate later at
the large buffet dinner. It was getting late towards
the end of the evening that Jenny met some people her
age and hit it off with them. Normally Jenny's father
might have been more protective with her after all she
was still 15 years old but she was having a good time
and she seemed happy for the first time in a long while
so he left her alone to be a normal teenager.

Before returning to their room he went to the bar and
had some drinks. He noticed most people on this cruise
were couples and attached, the only singles were young
teenagers here with their parents. He sighed again to
himself realizing there was absolutely no chance was
going to be meeting any one on this trip. After a few
shots and a few drinks he had a buzz going but decided
he better go to sl**p before he got any d***ker.

Jenny made her way back into the room after 1:30am, she
was worried that her dad would be mad at her but she
was relieved to see that he had already gone to sl**p.
She quickly stripped down to her bra and thong panties
and crawled into bed on her side. Her bra was
irritating her however, so she quickly unhooked it
thought as long as she had the covers over her it would
be ok, she could just put it back on again in the
morning. She was exhausted from the long day and plane
flight and easily fell into a deep sl**p.

Sometime in the middle of the night Jenny's father
rolled over and out of habit through his arm over Jenny
with one hand landing on her naked breast thinking it
was his deceased wife. He was in a dreamy state and
combined with his mild d***kenness he thought he was
sl**ping with his wife once again.

He had now pulled himself up close with his daughter
pulling her into a spoon position. He had a raging
hard-on that had escaped his boxers and was free. When
He pulled her closer again even more his cock landed
right up beside her thong covered pussy.

In her father's dream he was now fucking his wife in
this position, in reality his dick was rubbing up and
down against his daughter's teenage pussy giving her a
dry fuck. Jenny was in a deep sl**p and did not awaken,
however her breathing increased and she began to get
wet down there from all the stimulation of her fathers
cock. All this rubbing back and forth caused the thong
to shift to the side exposing her 15 year old pussy.

Now her father's cock was rubbing and nuzzling up
directly against her young pussy. Her father could
instinctively feel the extra warmth and when finally
the tip of his cockhead found its way partially into
the entrance of her now very wet pussy it was too much
for him and his cock exploded spewing tons of his sperm
right at the entrance of her young cunt and each spurt
after that coated her entire lower area.

Although there was no penetration her entire pussy was
drenched with his sperm which was now running down her
ass and thigh. Neither of them even had any clue what
had just happened both were off in dreamy states, both
thought they were fucking in their dreams. Little did
they know how close they had come in reality.

After her father had ejaculated all over her he had
turned over and continued to sl**p, his deflating cock
withdrew back into his boxers and after a while of
shifting around through the night most of the cum on
Jenny had dripped off of her.

In the morning Jenny did not notice anything out of the
ordinary. It was still dark in the room, it smelled a
bit weird in the room but she wasn't sure what that
was. She just simply got up and headed straight to the
shower. Showering herself off she didn't even notice
her bottom half was a mess. She changed into her bikini
and headed to the top deck to sun tan and then later
met up with some of her new friends.

When her father woke up a little later, Jenny had left
him a note calling him a sl**py head and told him to
meet her up on the top deck. He was a little confused
about last night, his dream seemed so real, he hadn't
dreamed about his wife in months and then out of a
sudden he had a very erotic dream about her. He
realized he must of cummed in his pants through the
night by accident and felt embarrassed about that.

Jenny noticed her father had eventually made his way to
the top deck. He was wearing some newer style men’s
bathing suit, the kind you might see typical 20 year
old men wearing. She thought he kind of looked funny in
them since he was so old and slightly over weight. He
sat next to her and took off his shirt so he could go
swimming. Jenny could see he was starting to grey
already now, I guess this was the time for it after all
he was 52 years old.

Over the next couple days they kept busy stopping at
two islands and taking in the sights and sounds. Jenny
also started spending more time with a boy she had met
earlier, he was about 16 and both of them had been
making out and fooling around a little at night but not
going all the way since Jenny was still a virgin.

Then one night mid way through the cruise Jenny and her
new friend ended up drinking a little too much. Jenny
ended up giving her first ever blow job, she was very
nervous but he seemed to really like it which only
encouraged her, after a few minutes of sucking him off
he cummed in her mouth, she even managed to swallow
most of it. She was rewarded by the young man eating
her pussy out, likewise this was also his first time
performing oral on a girl. All these new sensations
plus the alcohol they had consumed easily pushed her
over the edge and she orgasmed for the first time with
a boy.

Her father during this time was getting extremely
d***k, he decided to use up that free club pass and was
having drink after drink feeling depressed and sad for
himself. All he could see were happy couples dancing
and having a good time, just like he had observed
earlier there were no single women here his age but he
decided to hang around for a while and continue to have
some more drinks.

Jenny eventually staggered back to her room on such a
huge high, she felt really good and grown up. It was
her first major sexual experience and she thoroughly
enjoyed it. She was so d***k that she had a hard time
getting back to her room and when she did she wasn't
even thinking straight, she simply just stripped naked
and lay down in the middle of the bed. She replayed the
evening over and over again in her head while fingering
herself and eventually passed out.

Jenny's father was the d***kest he had been in the
longest time. He took out his sadness and depression by
getting totally wasted, this was not like him at all
but he figured he was on vacation so why the hell not.
He had trouble finding his way back to his room so one
of security guards helped him find his way.

When they both got to his room the guard helped open
the door for him. The guard smiled and joked to him
when he saw Jenny passed out naked, "Looks like your
wife has been waiting for you."

Jenny's father wasn't thinking clearly and just said,
"Yah thanks I love her," subconsciously though it
implanted in his mind that he was with his wife totally
forgetting that he was actually with his daughter. When
he walked in to the room it was dark again, he was so
d***k he didn't even remember he was with his daughter,
all he could think about was making love to his wife.

He could see the outline of what he thought was his
wife, he knew her body well, every curve and form. In
his d***ken haze he had forgotten that Jenny had the
exact same body as his wife, in his mind it was his
wife there waiting naked for him. He stripped naked and
joined her in the bed.

He pulled up close to her and started to caress and
kiss her sexy body. He let his hands roam all over her
large breasts and moved his other hand down to her
pussy lips. He noticed she was already wet, he
proceeded to finger her slowly. He whispered in her
ear, "Oh Sara, I love you so much we need to have sex
more often, I just love you so much Sara and need you
more then ever." Jenny immediately woke up as her
father started to whisper to her, her eyes went wide
open but she froze. What was happening here?

She quickly realized her own father was fingering her
and kissing her body. Her father reeked of alcohol and
was too d***k mistaking her for her dead mother. Jenny
didn't know what to do, she was scared, a little bit
embarrassed but at the same time she was very turned
on. Her father was fingering her very good and without
even realizing it she found herself starting to moan.

Then suddenly he withdrew his fingers and shifted
positions, maybe he realized he made a mistake she
thought but that wasn't the case she was shocked to
find her father had moved down between her legs and had
started to lick and eat out her pussy.

She knew what was happening was wrong but she remained
frozen unable to move. She didn't know what to do, her
father was pleasuring her thinking he was with her
mother, his wife. It also didn't help that she was
still slightly d***k herself. Should she speak up and
try to stop him? She was too confused his licking of
her clit and pussy was over powering to her she was on
verge of her second orgasm tonight so her body made the
decision for her.

Somehow she found herself instinctively holding his
head tight against her pussy mean while closing her
legs as tight as possible around him. Then what
happened surprised Jenny, she orgasmed even more
intensely then earlier tonight. Her father had just
given her a better orgasm, she kept thinking this is
supposed to be wrong, why am I letting this happen?

Even in his d***ken state her father knew that she had
just orgasmed so he shifted positions again and was now
hovering over her sucking on her neck and playing with
her tits. Jenny became aware that his rock hard dick
was teasing her pussy lips. She was again scared, was
he actually going to take her virginity?

She watched helplessly as her father again sat up,
spread her legs wider and took his large cock and
started to massage it up and down on her pussy. She
noticed how her father's dick was much larger and wider
then the boy she was just with. She didn't even know
men could have such large penises. After teasing her
pussy for a short time, her father had found the mark
and the tip of his cockhead slipped a tiny bit into her
tight teenage cunt.

All Jenny could do is take a deep breath and bite her
lip, here was her 52 year old father about to fuck her
and take her virginity and she was doing nothing to
stop it. Her fathers cock started to slide in about an
inch and then a tiny bit further, she winced in slight
pain when his cock touched her hymen, he had reached
her barrier, her maidenhood.

Her father wasn't sure why his wife seemed so tight
tonight, he told himself probably because they haven't
had sex in a long while. He continued to ease his cock
in but was having difficulty getting all the way in,
all he could get about 2 inches tops into her. Maybe he
was at a wrong angle or something, he was getting a
little impatient so he pulled his dick out lined it up
again at the right angle and just slammed it into her
as hard as he could.

Jenny again winced in pain as her fathers cock tarred
through her sacred virginity making her officially a
woman. The pain was unbearable for a about a minute but
it started to subside. Her father had now started to
thrust in and out of her slowly, she was now shamefully
starting to feel pleasure again from her own father
fucking her.

Jenny watched as her father held on to her legs and
plowed into her deeper and deeper, where no man has
ever been before. She would have never envisioned that
her father would be the one to take her virginity but
here they were father and daughter fucking away, only
her father was too way too d***k and had mistaken her.

By now Jenny had surrendered herself to the feelings of
pleasure, she was now humping back at her father and
they were fucking at a good pace in sync. This being
her first time having sex she was amazed how naturally
it all came to her, her body instinctively already knew
what to do, she was on a verge of another orgasm.

Just as she started to cum her father was plowing into
her quite hard now and yelled out, "Oh god Sara, here
it comes baby, aarrahh!" He suddenly stopped and held
himself firm in her, she could feel her father
ejaculating his sperm into her which felt warm, she
felt could feel him squirt several times in her filling
her young virgin cunt fully for the first time ever.
When he was finished he collapsed on her for a minute
still impaled inside her. Jenny putting her hands on
his back embracing him could feel his sweat from the
work out they just had.

After her father went soft he rolled over on to his
back and feel asl**p. Jenny just laid there beside him
trying to catch her breath and come down from the high
of just being fucked and having two orgasms. She
lowered her hand to her pussy and it was a sticky mess
of cum, there was a huge puddle below her where most of
her fathers cum had already leaked out of her.

She could not believe she just had sex with her father,
her father had just devirginized her and worse she
realized that he had fucked her unprotected. Being only
15 years old and not sexually active yet she had not
been on any birth control pills. Her father had just
planted a huge load of sperm into her fertile womb.
What was done was done though, they wouldn't be
arriving back to the port in Miami for another couple
days anyways so there was no way to even get an after
morning pill even if she wanted to.

Jenny glanced over at her now sl**ping father, up until
tonight she had never seen him an sexual light but she
could see why her father and mothers sex life was very
good before she got sick. Her father definitely knew
how to pleasure a woman even when he was d***k.

What happened tonight was not planned but as a result
she was now looking at him in a different light.
Whether he knew it or not he had made her his lover
tonight and she was basking in that glow. She pulled
over the covers and lay across her father's chest, her
breasts mashing into his hair chest and moving one of
her legs over his own. Her father instinctively threw
his arm over her as well and she fell asl**p with him.

Sometime a few hours later in the early morning just
before the sun was about to rise Jenny's father woke
up, he was still d***k from drinking so much only hours
ago, waking up d***k is always a weird experience, it
was pitch black and he felt his love asl**p holding on
to him.

Feeling her naked butt he started getting hard again,
he reached a little father and between her legs and
remembered he had already fucked his wife earlier so
she was already wet. With what he still thought was his
wife he pulled her petite body over him so that her
pussy was lined up with his now hard cock.

Ever so slowly he pulled her body down on his hard cock
and with the pressure her body began to sink in on his
cock. Jenny immediately woke up again when she felt the
penetration, she found herself on top of her father
with him holding and moving her hips up and down on his
cock, she was on top riding her father!

After he had mistakenly taken her virginity earlier
Jenny had already abandoned any resistance to him, she
was now wide awake she started to hump back at him and
matched his movements and was now sitting up more
straddling him and riding his large old hard cock.

Her father was alternating between fondling her tits
and squeezing her ass as she rode him. Jenny couldn't
believe she was now so freely fucking her father in
such a position, she had only seen people fuck in this
position in some pornos she had seen but never really
imagined she would be having sex like this for only the
second time she had ever done it.

Her father only had his eyes open partially, it just
felt too good to be fucking his beautiful wife again,
he wasn't even sure why they hadn’t fucked in so long
but all he knew was that he was enjoying this night
with her, he whispered to her with slurred words, "Oh
Sara you always knew how to ride a cock good, your my
cowgirl, ride me hard baby." Jenny felt her father
start hold her ass harder with both hands and slam her
down harder on his cock, he was close to cumming again
and she knew it this time.

Her father started to groan loudly and stopped moving,
Jenny also stopped moving and she could feel warm fluid
entering her yet again tonight, her father was
ejaculating his load of sperm a second time into her
without even realizing it was actually his daughter and
yet again Jenny had done nothing to stop it in fact she
was a willing participant this time, at least for
tonight she had become her fathers lover whether she
wanted to believe it or not.

After he finished spurting his load into her they both
fell asl**p again this time with Jenny completely
collapsed on top of him with his now softened cock
inside her.

Both of them did not wake up until many hours later,
her father started to stir a little and both began to
wake up together in each others arms. The light was
still dim and her father was still disoriented from
last night, his mind still foggy and with a naked women
on top of him he subconsciously just thought it was his
wife. He spoke to her, "Oh god Sara, we had some crazy
sex last night just like old times, I love you so

Jenny realized she had to tell him the truth, once he
wakes up a little more his senses would kick back in
again and realize what he did, she replied to him
softly, "I love you too... but I am not Sara."

Her father moved her off of him and they locked eyes,
instantly it all came back to him, he realized
immediately what had happened and was in shock himself.
He just kept repeating over and over again "Oh my god!
Oh my god!" He started apologizing and asking himself
how he could be so stupid, he was panicking and was
becoming frantic pacing around their small room. Jenny
put a stop to this she told him to sit back down and
relax and just talk with her.

Jenny could see her father was in starting to tear up,
he had violated his own daughter's body when he was
shit faced d***k. He sat down and Jenny simply just
hugged her father tight holding him. Her father was
still uneasy, his daughter was still naked and was
mashing her breasts into him, this was only helping to
stir hardness in his cock.

She explained to her father what was done was done and
that reassured him that he didn't **** her. She went on
to explain that they were both d***k, lonely and in
need of love. Even though his d***kenness clouded his
common sense she did not stop him because he made her
feel good and she was happy to make him feel good and
that was all that mattered.

Jenny's father was now calming down but still had guilt
for what he had done, he tried to tell her that i****t
was wrong and what happened shouldn't have happened at
all between them. Jenny told her father that she
thought that as well initially but realized that it was
just the two of them now, all they had were each other.
She had always loved her father and now was no
different only now she loved her father in a new way.

Her father was still unconvinced, it may have been an
honest mistake but he had committed i****t with his 15
year old daughter, mistake or no mistake there was no
excuse for it. In his d***ken stupidity he had done a
terrible thing. He violated his little girl, the girl
he was supposed to protect no matter what.

Seeing her naked however he could not help but keep
thinking of his wife, he understood now how easily he
could have been confused. His daughter’s body was
exactly like her mothers, only this was his 15 year old

Despite whatever he was thinking in his mind his cock
was thinking the opposite, it was now fully erect.
Jenny noticed this as well and commented, "It must not
be too wrong if you are getting that excited for me. I
love you dad and always will, we only have each other,
why not be happy together instead of being so miserable
like the past several months."

Jenny grabbed her fathers cock and started to slowly
give him a hand job. Her father did not stop her and
remained silent, just like how Jenny had froze last
night when her father advanced on her, he like wise
froze not sure what to do or say. Jenny now lowered her
head and started to give her father a blow job, her
first blow job to the young boy she realized had now
been some good practice for her, she was now able to
give her father a nice slow blow job with more

Her father still did not stop her, it felt too good for
him to do that. He however couldn't fully accept that
his daughter was sucking him off so in his mind he
pretended that it was Sara his wife again. With this
denial in his head he allowed his daughter to continue
sucking him off. He started to moan, "Ohh Sara... uh I
mean Jenny."

Jenny stopped for a minute and said, "It's ok dad, you
can call me Sara, it alright, don't worry." She
continued to give him a good sucking until he reached
his limit and exploded in her mouth. Spurt after spurt
of cum filled her mouth and Jenny swallowed all of it.

They showered and cleaned up together. For the rest of
the trip they continued on like a normal father and
daughter during the day sight seeing the islands and
taking part in activities around the ship but by night
time they were lovers. Jenny became his Sara for him,
they both came to accept this arrangement from then
after. Both of them grew to accept and cherish this new
relationship and grew much closer together.

After they arrived back home Jenny later missed her
period and discovered she was pregnant with her own
father's baby. Being just barely 16 years old now both
realized they could get into a lot of trouble if people
figured out the truth. So very quietly but quickly they
sold their home and moved to another large city 12
hours away by car.

Their f****y was saddened that they were moving away so
far but Jenny's father used the excuse that there was
an exciting job opportunity there that he just couldn't
give up.

Just before the baby was born they both changed their
last names so that they could slowly slip away from
their relatives. The baby was born under the new last
name. Jenny had also changed her first name to Sara.
They were both now living together in appearance as
husband and wife. Nobody in their new neighborhood knew
otherwise, they just assumed my father was rich and
went for a young trophy wife.

Our f****y eventually did try to find us after we
dropped off contact with them but they did not have
much success and could not find us. The police had
advised them they had changed their names but could not
reveal to them what our new name was or what our new
address was due to privacy reasons. The cops also had
no reason to suspect us of anything improper, for all
they knew we just wanted to get away from our f****y
which is nothing new or unusual for the police, they
see that all the time in their line of work.

Many years later I am still living with my father as
his husband, I have fully taken over my mothers place
and identity. My father no longer sees me as his
daughter but as his wife instead and we are happy with
this arrangement.

Every once in a while we go back on cruises together,
sometimes we recreate that fateful night and end up
having very passionate sex. I later went on to have a
total of three c***dren with him, all beautiful girls.
I wonder one day if I will ever tell them the truth
about their parents but for now we were happy living
the life my mother had started but was unable to
finish, we were both helping to honor her legacy in our
own twisted way.

The End

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