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Caught with s****r in laws panties part 3

...... It had now been nearly six months since my s****r in law had caught me wanking whilst sniffing her dirty knickers, and what a great six months it had been. Amy had got her kicks teasing me and I'd got mine being teased. My wife would always go out for a drink with the girls from work on a Thursday night and this was the time when me and Amy would have enough time to really get down to it. I had rushed home this Thursday night full of excitement thinking about what was going to happen but when I pulled onto the drive my heart sank as Amy's car was not there. I parked in my usual space and went into the house.

Maybe she's popped out I thought to myself as I turned the key in the lock but the house was in total darkness, I was the first one in there this evening, I text Amy's phone to see if she had been held up I got no reply. Disappointed I went up stairs and took a shower, horny and stood up I went into Amy's room I thought I find a pair of her knickers to make me feel a little better but there were none to be found, I even found myself desperately digging through the laundry basket. "Damn nothing"

I took a shower and then headed downstairs to make my self some dinner, as I was sat at the table in the kitchen I saw Amy pulling up onto the drive "maybe this might still be a good evening after all" I quickly cleared away my dinner and waited for Amy to come in.

"Oh hi Amy, I was starting to wonder where you had got to, everything ok? " I asked

She said nothing just beckoned me over to her, I obediently did as I was told and went to where Amy was stood. She pointed to the floor, so I got on my knees in front of her. But this wasn't what she wanted and she pushed me down to the ground and made me roll onto my back. The tiled floor was hard and cold on my back, but the view I was treated to more than made up for it. Amy was stood over me so I could see right up her skirt, god her knickers were soaking I could see a large wet patch in the gusset of them. I thought "she must of been to the gym" she had made me sniff her sweaty gym panties in the past. I must admit that was one of my favourites.

Amy squatted down over my face and pulled her panties to one side, I thought his was strange as she like to make me sniff her and lick her through her panties first normally.

"Lick my pussy, pervert"

As my tongue met her pussy I realised how wet she was, and her pussy tasted different to usual. I made to pull away to say some thing but as I did Amy just pushed my face back under her pussy and sat down hard on my open mouth, I could feel her pussy contracting on my face and her thicker than usual juices filling my mouth, she was so wet her juices were running into my mouth and making me gag as they ran down my throat.

Amy repositioned herself so my tongue was now working her arsehole and with her hand she reached down and rubbed her pussy vigorously she came hard and loud spraying my chest with her sweet nectar. She moved and turned round Amy was sat astride me in a kind of cow girl position, I could feel her hot wet pussy against my rock hard jeans clad cock. She leant forward and pushed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me passionately, this took me by surprise this is something we had never done. See ran her tongue over my lips and my chin and even down to lick some of her own juices from my chest hair.

"Wow Amy what got into you! " smiling I made to sit up

She put her hand on my chest and pushed me hard back down to the floor "you've help me fulfil a sexy dream I've had for ages" she was red in the face and panting

" I thought we'd been doing that for six months now" I had to move as her weight pressing against my hard cock was uncomfortable.

"Do you know why I was late back? " that familiar wicked grin began to spread across he face

"No" I was a little apprehensive

" I asked one of the guys that goes to me gym to fuck me, and cum deep in my pussy so I could get my b*****r in law to clean me up" she actually laughed

" what " I stuttered

"I've just had a random stranger fuck me and cum deep inside me so you could lick it all out, I must say he was a pretty good fuck as well, nice and rough just how I like it. I could taste his cum in your mouth, don't tell me you didn't know!"

That's why her knickers were so wet and why hear pussy tasted different, I was annoyed that she had taken advantage of me like this "you fucking used me to clean a strangers cum from your filthy pussy" I had pushed her off me and stood up.

Amy looked a little shocked but got to her feet " your mine to use as I like pervert, remember I can tell my s****r all about you dirty little fetish, and even if you told her about us I'd say you we're making it up, let's be honest who's she going to believe!"

I was so confused, angry about being used in such a way but turned on by the same fact. I looked at Amy she was so damned hot her short skirt hitched up and her wet knickers pulled to one side. Before I knew what was happening I had hold of Amy's hair I pushed her down over the kitchen table took out my throbbing cock and plunged it balls deep into her already fucked pussy.

"Amy went to turn to look at me her eyes full of shock "what the fuck do you......" She shuddered as my cock slid out of her then as I rammed it back in she gripped the edge of the table

She moaned "oh fuck me pervert"

I was fucking her so hard the table was moving, as my cock slid in and out of her loose pussy all I could think about was the fact that another man had very recently been exact,y where I was right now, Amy's pussy felt loose, not that I'd ever fuck her before but you could just tell that she had just been fucked.

Amy reached a hand round and pulled me deeper into her " that's it fuck me hard pervert make my squeal, make me cum" she was so loud I was worried someone would hear.

" I want you to cum deep inside my pussy give me my second load of the day" she turned and gave me that wicked grin "then I'm going to make you lick your own cum out of me, you'll of swallowed more cum than me today. Pervert"

This pushed me right to the edge, a flood of cum shot from the end of my cock I could feel it filling Amy's young pussy " that's it fill me up you dirty bastard" she moaned

We had lost track of time I turned just in time to see the headlights from my wife's car coming up the drive way. "Shit, she's home" I pulled up my jeans and frantically cleaned up the mess we had made.

Amy just laughed at me rushing round "chill out or you'll give the game away" she moved off the table and pulled up her knicker just before my wife, her s****r came into the kitchen.

"Hi guys did you miss me?" She leant over and kissed me on the head "errgh you all sweaty"

" I've just got back form the gym" I stammered

"Why didn't you grab a shower there, never mind you better get one before you come to bed"

"Yes love, I just about to go" I said as I looked over at Amy I was horrified to see that my cum was leaking from here pussy and a small glistening trail was running down her leg. She had noticed too and when Lisa turned round to get a glass from the cupboard Amy spread her legs and winked at me. I ushered her to go away but she just smiled and shook her head. She was really enjoying watching me sweat.

"We'll guys I'm going to go and watch some tv are you two joining me ? " Lisa asked as she walked out of the kitchen

"I'll just grab a shower and ill be right" Amy had just ran her finger up her thigh and to her pussy covering them in my cum and her juices and shoved them in my mouth as I answered my wife.

"Run along pervert, you better do as my s****r tells you" Amy pulled her finger from my mouth and sucked on it herself, smiled hitched up her skirt so I could see her fantastic arse in those sodden knickers and walked to the kitchen door.

"Don't forget you owe me a clean up"

................ ( part 4 maybe???)

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