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Took Advantage Of My Mom

I was upstairs playing on my Xbox when mom came back from work just before ten and did her usual shout up the stairs “I’m home now, I’m just going to have a glass of wine” routine.
She has just finished her four-day shift pattern at the nursing home where she is a nurse and seeing it was a Friday night the girls ended up at the pub for a drink or two, so mom will probably be a bit tipsy by now. Since dad left for another woman, mom has been drinking more than usual and has started to use sl**ping pills that she collects off the old dears at the home to make her sl**p.
I can hear mom pouring herself a glass of wine from the half-finished bottle she left in the fridge last night, now how long should I give her, I think to myself.
I’m a shy fifteen year old and now very curious about mom after I overheard her telling my auntie things. She said it was that warm in the old people’s home at the moment, that she doesn’t wear any knickers. Since then I have tried my hardest to catch a glimpse of mom changing in her bedroom, but with little success, the more I try the more I need to see her.
After looking at some porn on the internet, I got the idea to spike her drink with sl**ping pills, I would not be doing anything wrong, she would be taking some pills anyway; just I give her a couple extra, ground up in to her bottle of wine.
I thought about mom while I waited for then to work Her tits are obviously quite large, 36dd cause I have played with her bras and maybe a little saggy but she is 41 years old now.
After about half an hour with a permanent hard on, I went down stairs to find mom fast asl**p, slumped down on the sofa.
“Mom, are you awake mom”
No response so I uncurled her fingers from around the stem of her wine glass and she did not wake, so the pills had worked.
Here was my chance but I started to tremble, a mixture of fear and excitement at the same time. I closed the curtains and made sure the front door was locked, I didn’t want anyone seeing what I was doing.
Mom was still in her nurse’s uniform, an all in one dress type of thing that had press-studs all the way down the front. The hem had raised up her leg a little, as she had slipped down in the seat of the sofa. I could see her chest rising and falling as she slept and knew she was still alive at least.
I clutched my cock that had been hard for ages now and making a bulge in my trousers, it felt good holding it and looking at mom at the same time. Gently touching her breast, it felt all soft and wobbly unlike my cock. I started to undo a few press-studs at the top and saw that she was wearing her pink bra, the one with the see through mesh panels. When I wank in to this bra, I always think its straining my cum like a sieve and there is her nipple pushing against the fine fabric, all big and dark.
This is the most I have seen of mom, in fact, any real woman and it doesn’t half excite me, undoing some more press-studs down to her tummy I push the dress from her tits and get a good view.
Her big heaving breasts fill her bra full and some more, to where they are spilling out over the top; they feel warm and soft as I run my finger over the overspill. I don’t think that I can get them out from her bra with out waking mom up but I bend down and suck on her nipples through the thin mesh.
My cock was now straining to get free and I slipped my trousers down, it must be the hardest cock I have ever had sticking straight out in front of me. Slowly lifting her hand from the arm of the sofa, I placed it on my cock and started to thrust in to it. Gently rocking back and forth, it felt like my mom was wanking me, in a round about sort of way and it felt great.
I had so much more to see before my cock exploded so I knelt in front of mom’s legs, which were already apart slightly, sliding my hand up her stocking covered leg I came to the soft naked leg spilling from the top of her stocking tops. I had to see this and started to undo the rest of the press-studs. Pulling back both sides of the dress together, I was giving the most wonderful view of my naked mom. She was a lot hairier and darker than I was expecting for someone who was blond, a dense mass of small tight curly curls with her long pussy slit poking through. The more I looked the more my cock twitched, I had to touch her when I was this close and began to slide her feet wide apart.
Running my finger over her soft wispy hair, I touched her pussy lips that were soft and wrinkly. Shit I thought to myself, I’m touching a real fanny and grabbed hold of my cock, which was leaking pre cum at some rate now. Tracing the opening of her lips, they began to suck around my finger before my finger found her pussy hole. I was now fingering my mom, slowly at first before going faster and faster with excitement in her warm moist hole.
The shear enjoyment took over and I climbed in between her legs, holding my virginal cock I started to rub my cock up and down her slit. Pre cum oozed out from my cock end, lubricating mom’s pussy lips in silvery trails.
I had no intention of fucking my mom; I just want to see her naked but this felt good. Her hairy bush tickled my cock end then her lips began to part, her floppy folds looked soft and pink just covering half of my bell end. That was plenty I though to myself, but it felt wonderful having a fanny covering my tip.
Just a little further will do no harm, I think to myself as I watch my cock head disappear; now my hand is touching her pussy where it holds my cock. It feels tight as I remove my hand and push the last bit in, now I am all the way in mom‘s pussy.
I am so excited; my breathing is long and heavy as I start to work my hips back and forth ever so gently, trying not to make myself come and wake mom. A strange feeling starts to take over my body, a warm tingling feeling starting in my feet. It feels good what ever it is, now I feel like I am trembling and I am struggling to get a breath. Shit realizing too late, my cock has already squirted deep in to mom’s pussy and it has just jumped and twitched again.
Pulling out because I should not have been there in the first place, it fires another might squirt straight over her hairy pussy. What a sight, my white creamy cum splashing on to mom’s pussy. I push my cock up over her bush and let it erupt, making a cum puddle just above her hairline. I’ve never seen my cock produce so much spunk in one go and my cock end look so angry.
I collapse in a heap between her legs when my cock stopped twitching, now what have I done, I only intended to have a wank while looking at mom naked. I mopped my cum up with a couple of tissues from her bush. But how do I get it from inside.
I sit looking at mom naked when all of a sudden it happens, a white blob of my cum starts to come out from her half open pussy slit. Quickly drying it up I stuck my finger inside trying to encourage anymore out, she was very wet and sloppy but it seems to come out in one long trail.
There is nothing more I can do but fasten her dress back up and go for a duvet, I lift her legs and screw her around on the sofa, at least if I wake her now I was trying to help her. I cannot resist another quick feel of mom when she is u*********s, a hand on her tits while the other up her dress poking her hole.
It was mid morning when I got up, no school today and mom was up as well, all bright and bushy eyed and freshly showered, has she any idea what I did to her last night I wondered.
“Thank Tom for looking after me last night,” She said before hugging me tight.
I think I might just have got away with it, this time at least.

The End

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