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Mark was 38 and stood in front of the mirror slowly stroking his massive cock. He did this on most Saturdays, he got up early went for a run and smoked a huge joint followed with him turning on some porn and occasionally making a new Xtube video. He loved to toke and edge and he love to look at his body and rub himself. He had black hair and green eyes and was 5'11 and 160 pounds of lean muscle. "oh fuck oooooooooh f-f-uuuuck." he moaned out. This was a particularly good session and he had been at it for two hours now just stroking his dick to the edge as large amounts of pre-cum oozed from his cock. His swollen cock head was so red it was almost purple as each vein pulsed. He could see his shaven balls tighten as he played with his nipple. "oooooooooh fuuuuuuuuuuuck." he moaned over and over his deep voice filled with lust and ecstasy as his head fell back and his eyes closed. He was so fucking horny and he knew that when he blew his load it would be massive.

The thing that sent him over the edge was when he thought of teen step-daughter's pussy. She was a sophomore in high school and was so fucking hot. He had been married to her mother for a year and had only been dating her for 5 months (bottom line she was older and he was young and hot and has a huge fucking dick and when he made her cum all over his cock he knew he was in set for life from fucking a 50 year old woman who he had to admit had some pretty good pussy). He had seen her fingering her self and seeing that young shaven hairless pussy squirting had awakened his suppressed hunger for teen cunt. He stroked faster "yes yes yes oh fuck.....oooooh fuck....oh my fucking..OH OH OH OOOOOOOOOOOOOH FFFFFFFFFUCK!!" he moaned out. Huge thick ropes of the pearly white nutt shot out of his prick and landed with a f***eful thud on the mirror. He looked at him self cumming noticing his face with his brow furrowed his mouth open and his cock pulsing with each ejaculating shot. His knees gave way and he collapsed on the bed behind him, there he lay in a calm and euphoric state, his perfect body heaving and shaking from this intense nutt. Amanda had the reddest hair any one had ever seen and her eye were light blue and clear.

Her skin was porcelain and her face was stunning. She was 5'6 1/2 110lbs and Mark just knew that pussy was ripe for fucking. The lodging of his cock deep inside his teenage step daughter was only fantasy, to be used for his edging sessions but little did he know it was about to become a reality. Marks wife had to leave the country on business and would be gone for a month , on the third day of being away Mark was about to get some cunt he would never forget. It was summer and Amanda did what every teenager did on break but she could never spend the night at a friends she always had to be home at night. She was really horny this particular evening and she snuk into her moms drawer and took her electric massager and decided to make here cunt feel good. she lay there on the bed naked and he beautiful white leg spread and her pink hairless shaven teen snatch's swollen aroused cunt lips begging to be pleasured. "oh oh ohoh ooooooooh" she moaned as her young body neared orgasm. Mark had been in the basement getting high and was on his way to bed when he heard her. He saw that he door was slightly open and he looked in and was in awe. He watched as she writhed all over the bed and moaned and he could see the juice trickling out of her cunt and then bam she started to squirt "ooooooh oh oh yes yes oh oh oh oh oh." Marks cock was so fucking hard and so fucking sensitive that he nearly came from his cock merely rubbing against his fleece sweats and because he came close to cumming he unwittingly moaned out loud. Amanda gasped and sat up " Mark, is that you?!" she asked. There was silence and then she saw him move he was busted. He told himself that he would pretend he caught her and scold her for doing that but she was sure to see his 10 inch cock bulging from his sweats and indeed she did. "Were you watching me?" she asked as she slowly walked over and opened her door. He said nothing at first and then after to him what seemed forever he began to say it was an accident. As he spoke to here his cock got harder and he was so stoned that he could not hide the fact that he was looking at this teenage girls hairless pussy that had cunt juice dripping down her leg. He wanted to fuck his teengage-stepdaughter hard and deep. Amanda's perfect little young teen pussy lips were swollen and plum in their aroused stat and her clit begged for pleasure. "Mark so cock is so big. Do you like watching me Mark huh do you like watching your step daughter make her pussy cum.?" she said as she rubbed her pussy. What Mark didn't know was from the day he walked into her mothers house she wanted him inside her young cunt. She could smell the pot on him and saw his rod bouncing and pulsing in his sweats which had a huge wet spot from all the pre-cum that used from his dick. "Amanda listen this was an accident, okay I'm just gonna go down stairs and we wont's say another word about this" he managed to say. He walked out of the room and she followed him to the basement. " Mark come on it's okay I like that you watch me" he stopped and turned around. She stood there naked and as when he saw her pussy cum dangling from her cunt he lost it. " y-y-you promise not to tell your mother?" he asked as his cock bounced in his pants and as she shook hear head no she got on her knees like a good fucking teen whore and began to suck her hot step-dad's long thick adult man dick. He stood there in awe of the situation the perverse nature the taboo nature and he loved it. Your the fucking man Mark he said to himself you have young teen girls sucking your man cock. She sucked the fuck out oif his cock too "yea thats right suck that dick you nasty cunt, you like suck grown man cock don't you?" he moaned as he face fucked his teen step daughter. He stood her up and sat her on the couch. He slowly spread he legs open and the smell of warm wet pussy filled he nose. He had to taste her and he began to lap at her little young teen pussy.

She was so sweet and she went wild as he ate that cunt making her cum all over his face. It now time to sink his donkey cock deep inside this bitch. " I'm gonna fuck your ten pussy and it's out little secret right baby" He whispered as he spit on his fingers and wiped it on the head of his cock. His eyes rolled in the back of his head as he entered her warm very tight and very wet pussy. He could not believe it here he was home alone stoned as fuck with his massive cock lodged deep inside his step-daughter's hairless teen cunt and she fucking wanted every inch and know one would know. "oh you fucking biiiitch." he moaned as he buried every inch deep inside her despite her slight resistance which soon gave way to her moaning and asking for daddy to fuck her teen pussy. "yes fucking young little teen pussy feel so good to daddy...oh oh oh fuck oh oh fuck" he moaned to her as he pumped her nice and steady. He switched from long deep stroke to fast hard ones, really tearing her pussy up and she came all over his 38 year old man cock. He almost lost it as her young pussy tightened around his prick. He pulled out and fingered her and sucked on her nipples. The smell of pussy filled the room and the carpet and couch were soaked with her juices. His rod glistened from her cum juice and the head of his thick throbbing hungry cock was beet red. He teased her teen clit and then dipped back in the bitch. then he began to fuck her with long hard slow strokes taking with each downward stoke in her pussy "you-fucking-young-teen-cunt-whore-gimme-that-fucking-young-pussy." then he could no longer take it and he began to speed up and whimper as his cock swelled even more and then he busted the hardest fucking nutt in his entire life deep inside his teen ste-daughter's cunt. "oh shit oh shit oh oh oh fuck..Oh my fucking GAAAAAAAAAAWD! AH AH AH AH AH!" he held his cock balls deep in her and she could feel his hot jizz coat the walls of her young snatch. She could hear him whimper and feel his body tense and tighten against hers, his rock hard muscle felt good and strong and his whimpering voice as he came was such a turn on and as he came she stroked his head gently. His body then went completely limp on her and he lay there unable to move, you see he forgot that young pussy can wear a fucker out. He slowly extricated his horse cock from her and his cock was so sensitive that he shuddered. When he tried to stand he fell right back down, his knees were week yes the pussy was that good. She lay there as cum dipped from her teenage punta. "so is my step daddy gonna fuck this young teen pussy all month or what?" Mark smiled "this is gonna be one fucking great summer." he thought to himself.

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