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The next day

The next day i woke up late, everyone had gone to work except for my aunt who was sitting on the bed. She was looking at me, i didnt know what to say to her, she still had her nightie on, "you should have a bath" these were the only words she spoke as she got up and left the bedroom, in a few seconds i could hear the water running. I went into the bathroom, it was very dificult to pee as my cock was pointing to the up, it was such a hard on that the normal lifting my leg dog fashoin, my knob was very red and my cock rock hard. "turn off the water" my aunt said from outside, "i cant" the pee was really straigning my cock, i started to pee, but from from as far from the toilet to try and ark the piss into the toilet, "Turn off the water" my aunt came into the room, i was peeing up in the air trying to direct it into the bowl, "what the fuck are you doing" piss was now going everywhere including across my aunties nightie, she grabbed my cock and try to f***e it in a down ward direction, it might of made it worce as the piss went down her nightie and her legs and onto her feet, but had me falling forward as i had to go with my cock or have it broken, i grabbed onto her so as not to fall, "your braking my fucking cock" piss was still coming out, she let it piss on the wall above the bath. "We will just have to share the bath, but you behave yourself, do you know what you did to me last night" i could only look down at the floor, "i thought you did it to me" i said still looking at the floor. she took off her nightie and got into the bath, i had the plug end, which i never like, "can i have that end", "just sit down and wash yourself" i could take my eyes off of her tits, so big and hanging down, my cock was still hard and sticking out i think it must of been twitching as it was waving up, its a strage spasm that you cant control, it twitches. she smaked my cock and told me to sit down. no sooner had i sat down then she stood up, she started larthering up with the soap, her hands going up and down her legs, reaching her bushy fanny, "shall i wash your back for you" she gave me the soap and i started to rub it all over her back, standing behind her reaching her neck made my hard cock rub against her leg and bum, with her legs and bum already soaped it felt so delicious, i must of rubbed her back and shoulders forever, feeling that beautiful sensation on my cock, it soon found the gap between her cheeks, i tried not to move it but it twitched on its own, "you are such a darling, but this is so wrong" my twitching cock was soon lodged at the front door of her ass hole again, just the slightest movement and it poked into her, she stood still, i was still lathering her back, i wanted to push it in, but just held it there, my lathering came from her shoulders down whilst all the time my cock was just inside her tight hole, twitching forever. she moved forward releasing my cock from it favourit place. come on ill wash you, she took the soap and washed me from head to toe. She never paid much attention to my cock just holding it up and scrubbing by balls and ass with the soaped flannel. when we got out she gave me a towel and told me to dry her back, i dryed her neck and shoulder and when i got down to her bum cheeks she lent forward, as i went down with the towel i could see her fanny, it was open and wet, i rubbed her but cheeks and the tops of her legs, one hand i let slip to the end of the towel so as to feel her fanny with my fingers, she lent foerther forward, the side of my hand was feeling her lips, she was very sticky, it was easy for my hand to rubber her, i let the towel go as she pulled my head into her ass crack, "lick for darling" her butt was now sticking out, i licked up and down her fanny to her ass hole, i sucked on her fanny lips. Soon she was holding my head and pushing her bum into my face, i lick all the wetness but still more came, when i reach ber butt hold again she held me there,"stick your tongue in", i tried but the hole was to tight, i kept trying, digging my tongue into her bum. she was moaning and calling to keep licking, my tongue was acking so i started to suck, "oh fuck, Oh fuck" she was talking in a strange voice, the tone was deep, she held my head hard against her, i could not breath, i brought my hand up to pus her off, she was strong, but she let me go. "you are my favourit of all the f****y, its your turn now" She led me to the bed and lay me down, my cock had gone down a little, as she lay down from me she took my cock in her hand and rubbed it on her beautiful soft tits, licking my cock head, the takingit in her mouth, she sucked and slathered, it was delicious, my cock was soon hard, she let go my cock and started to lick my balls, around the back of my ball and lifting my legs she started to lick my ass hold, it felt so good, she was sticking her tongue in, poking me in my bum hole with her tongue, i could see my cock close to my face, it was dribbling wet sticky stuff, she was licking and sucking, i thought i was going to faint, the she climbed up to me kissing my putting her hot tongue into my mouth, it was my first tongue kiss, i started to push my hips up, rubbing my cock onto her belly or leg, i was totaly delirious. with one movement my cock was between her legs, her hot kisses stopped "slowly" she said, looking into my eyes, i felt the warm hot sticky fanny slid onto my cock, it felt so good, she held me still, but i could not help but to push more, she opened her legs wide and all of my cock slid deep into her beautiful fanny, i was still pushing in, it felt locked in, as if we were lokced together, she moved just a little rocking my cock trying to get more, i could feel her stick ass hole on my balls, she started to moan again, this time she brought her face down to mine and started to kiss me again still moaning and rocking deep on my cock. she lay on me still, my cock was tucked up up fanny, she got off and slid down, again she started to lick up and down my cock, licking my balls, then she put my cock in her mouth and tried to get all of it in, she was rubbing my ass hole with her finger, it was to much, as her finger went into my ass, my cock let go of my sperm, she kept her mouth on it, pulling on my balls, with her finger going deeper into my ass. she sucked my cock clean, then my balls and then my ass hole. This was only day two at my nans house. Summer holidays mine truly were the best

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