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Funny but sexy!!!

This is a true story I swear it and I hope the lady in question doesn't read this that is why I shall not put any names. You guys know me from my videos with Aspen by the name Dr. Sleeze/Bothced. I was introduced to this lady and yes she was of legal age, 29 I think. Before me she had only dated African American men but for some reason we clicked and she had part of my dark weird humor in her but we got together at her apartment and before we even took our clothes off she started telling me all this crap about why before me she had only dated black men and the last one she said had a big penis and they were broke up and he was living with another woman and they had a small baby but any time of the day or night if he called she would let him come over because she said he was big down low and knew how to use it. Well I am average size and at first I didn't like her attitude so me and my dark humor kicked in. Now know this the lady in question was hot as hell with blonde hair and nice body and pretty face. I decided to teach her a lesson and pretend I had erectile dysfunction and believe me it was hard to pull it off so I had to think of little old ladies in wheel chairs with colostomy bags to do it. Well I did it and she reacted the way I thought she would and when she saw I was limp she said what is your problem and I said there is something I didn't tell you I have erectile dysfunction and she got mad and said,"I fucking knew it". Then she turned her back on me and I knew it was time to let my friend wake up and boy he did and while she had her back turned I popped her on the back of the head with my penis and she turned around and looked surprised and I said I was just messing with you. Well she is one of those type of women I call gushers because she orgasms outside her vagina so she can't fact a orgasm. To make a long story short we had sex all night long everywhere in her apartment like the shower, couch,floor and bed. I could not tell you exactly how many times she orgasmed but it was a lot. We took a break and I was standing in her kitchen fully erect drinking juice out of her fridge and she saw me and she orgasmed 8 feet from me onto the floor. After that she stopped letting the black gentleman come over and stopped taking his phone calls and told me I was the best she ever been with and I did not tell her to do this, I mean stop seeing him. Before anyone who reads this starts thinking I am some super great lover I have to be honest. My Dr. had just put me on a new medication called Paxil for depression and one of the side effects is difficulty having an ejaculation. I never told her this though even after we broke up but it surprised me as much as the sex did her. But all good things must come to an end because the Paxil stopped working and I had to go on something else. True Story, I swear it. Hoped you liked it. I got a very dark sense of humor as you could probably tell from my videos.

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