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Shelia's Story

I met Shelia when I started working for a Dallas company. The department I worked in was almost exclusively women. I was the lone male. We worked on projects and sometimes spent long hours. You get to know each other working like this. One night the girls decided we needed a night out. That Friday night we went to a mexican food restaurant where we drank freely of the half priced margaritas. We had brought two cars 4 of us in my car and 3 in another car. As we finished dinner and we were unwinding 2 of the women called a cab and left. Three of the girls wanted to Karioke and they left. Shelia and I sat nursing a margarita each and talking. We left the restaurant and I was driving us to Shelia's apartment. She was feeling pretty good. Now Shelia was early 50's and had put on the over 40 office weight. She was still quite attractive. As we drove to her place she asked how I lost my virginity. With the alcohol and thought I might get a chance at those massive tits I answered. I told her I was in junior high and a high school girls baby sitting me and my siblings took my virginity. She smiled and said that was hot. I said your turn. She said when she had graduated high school she was still a virgin. She wasn't very popular or pretty. The night after graduation her dad took her on a date. The drinking age was 18 at that time and he let her order a drink. She said it was fun and it was really great watching others looking at them and thinking what was this old man doing with this young girl. Shelia said during the meal her dad started talking with her about how to entice young men to notice her. He told she had a nice pair of boobs and that most men are really attracted to large breasts. Shelia was a bit shocked but then she asked is that what attracted you to mama? He smiled and said it was. He told her that her blouse was buttoned up so high no one could see. Her dad then told her to unbutton the top 2 buttons. She fumbled a bit but she wanted to learn. When they were down he told to flatten her collar a bit. That separated the shirt more. Their waiter came back to the table and he was staring into cleavage that he had failed to notice. Shelia saw him eyeing her tits appreciatively. After he left her dad asked did you like that? Did you see him look? Shelia said they left the restaurant and she wanted to know more. When they got back in her dad's pickup she slid to the middle next to him. She asked what would she do on a date next. Her dad put his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close. He told her that most boys would try to position themselves to see more of her tits. He told her if she liked the boy to encourage him she would need to discreetly unbutton another button. He then said pull both feet up into the seat. Now let him see a little more leg. Shelia said she did both. Her skirt was mid thigh and you could clearly see where her bra joined. Her dad said that she might want to think about a sexier bra and at times maybe no bra. He pulled his arm from around her and moved it to her knee in the process lightly moving his hand across her left tit. She shuddered a bit. He told her if she wanted to go further than this she would part her legs. She moved her feet down to the floor board and spread her legs wide. Her dad said whoa girl. Let me show you what he will do with this and her dad's hand was moving up her thigh pushing against her pussy. He told this would have to be slow or she would lose control to stop the situation. She pushed his hand away reluctantly and slightly spread her legs. They pulled into an old abandoned warehouse in the back parking lot. It could not be seen unless you drove around there. Many of the high school couples came here to make out and fuck. Shelia was nervous as her dad shut the pickup off and pulled his hand up her thigh when it met resistence he stopped. He leaned towards Shelia and she let him kiss her. It was like lightning. She parted her thighs completely. She wanted to rub herself to an orgasm right there. She heard her dad say take off your clothes and she complied and was soon sitting on the vinyl seat naked. Her dad was playing with her tits. When he started sucking them she was in heaven. Soon she felt one his big thick fingers probing her pussy. She was wet already. All of the sudden she knew she wanted her dad to take her virginity. She told him she was ready to be fucked. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a thick cock. He told her she needed to kiss it to get it ready. She leaned over and he said french kiss it. She opened her mouth and for the next five minutes or so got a tutorial on how to blow a cock. She thought he was not going to fuck her because she hadn't given a very good blow job. He laughed and said this was just like school and she was learning and he would let her practice whenever she wanted. With his cock sloppy wet and her pussy flowing because of his continued fingering she was now ready. He laid her down and moved into her slowly. His cock was huge how did her mom have room for that monster. Shit it was going to rip her little pussy apart. Her dad stopped and the pain eased. He said he didn't know anyway to make this easier. With that he thrust suddenly the entire length of his cock into her pussy. The pain was searning but only temporary. As dad slowly rocked back and forth the pain was replaced with pleasure. With in 30 minutes she had rocked at least three orgasms. Her dad pulled out of her pussy and jacked his cock and squirted on her belly and tits.
We were at her apartment and I had a raging hardon. I was going to fuck her thinking about her story.

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