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My sexual awakening

My sexual awakening started around 12 when I would wake in the morning with something large in my groin area.
I went to stay with friends near the beach and they had a lovely 14 year old daughter whose feminine attributes had already formed as it would appear her boobs were well developed.
We all went swiming in the surf not 2 rough just right.
All of us were just standing around talking and laughing and each time a wave would arrive I noticed that 'her' boobs would just float out the top of her bathers and when she was ready she would put them back only for them to float back out again.
She did not care when I MOVED right in behind her and gently put them back for her all of which gave me a very large hard.
After a while after kissing her neck gently a hand went down and removed my equipment from my bathers and a gentle rubbing occurred.
By this time everyone else had left so I TURNED her around and dropped her bathers down to her knees revealing a very hairy part which she took great delight in me rubbing and fingering.
Suddenly she grabbed me and raced out onto the beach and onto our towelssome on which we lay on and some acted as a minnie covering.
At her request and to my delight she wanted me inside.
I positioned myself to carry this out when a voice yelled out are you two coming home for lunch.
Well that did it and she went cold on the idea from that poiny on
Two years later my mum and dad decided to take a coastal boat trip.
These small freighters carried about 10 people and freight which they took from port to port.
I was asked to go along and for company they invited the daughter of a good friend of theirs age 16 to come along as company for me.
Second night out we sat at the front of the bridge watching them load and unload the goods.
It was a balmy night but cool enough for us both to wear jumpers.
As we talked about many things I keep noticing that her boobs seemed to be about the same size as the ones I HAD SEEN previously.
I decided we should cuddle and she agreed
After a while I put my hand up her jumper but found her bra hindered my further
progress so with the other hand I started stroking her leg which was nice BUT I was not allowed past the top band of her stocking ( worn in my time).
After a fair amount of kissing cuddling and stroking her attitude changed.
She said if I wanted to see more we should go down to our cabin in the knowledge that mother and father were with the Captain and friends.
We went down to the cabin had a kiss and a cuddle and the remark was made if I would like to see and touch her boobs I would have to leave the cabin for a few moments.
This I did and when I opened the door she was standing there naked to the waist.
I was encouraged to come and touch. kiss and suck them which I did wth much gusto. they were lovely with large nipples.
About an 1/2 hour passed and she said would I like to see her naked and if so go out again.
I did this and when I returned there she was totally naked standing with her back to the wall. Her breasts stood out as did the triangular section below her waist Again I was invited to come amd explore.
I break this part of the story to explain that at the age of 12 she had visited her uncle on a school holiday and that he and his two sons had taken her virginity and helped themselves to all of her each and every visit.
She told nobody and had in fact after the first time she got to enjoy her visits to the barn - mornings afternoons and evenings when she was wanted.
She said to me had I ever had sex with a girl and if not would I like to have sex with her on the bunk bed.
Needless to say it happened and my sexual awareness had been truly awakened.
Our friendship grew and grew and even after church when I sat in the lounge she would retire to her room - remove her bra and pants and return to sit very nicely on my lap and what I had ready for her to receive.
Even if people came up to the lounge to say something all she would do is stay there and try and make me feel uncomfortable by tightening her muscles.
One day I arrived parents gone for the day to find her in the bath
After she got out and I had dried her all over we went and used mum and dads big double bed all day.
One account finished another one started and it was great because by this time she was well and truly on the 'pill'.
About 4 months before we ended our relationship ( she had found through a friend a 'black weapon 3 times larger than mine so we parted but not before she and I had many sex sessions with a younger women who unfortunately got killed in a car accident.
I must say to this day puffy nipples and natural body still turn on the old lamp

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