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Brad and His Cousin Joseph....

I was now openly crying as Brad held my face and made me suck his penis, Brad shot another load all over my face and told Joseph, 'your turn, make that bitch suck you good, We ain't no where near being finished. You're having fun aren't you.' Joseph looked at Brad laughing and said 'I get to fuck a good piece of ass and get my dick sucked, what you think.'

Joseph came round and took hold of my head, I looked over at Brad and pleaded 'Mister Brad, this isn't right. I thought it would just be you and me.' Brad smiled at me and said 'now you don't think boi pussy this good I would not let my cousin enjoy. Joseph isn't much older than you are, I'm twice y'all age, I want the two of you to have fun.'

Brad patted my head and kissed me on my lips 'you will always be my bitch, I'll just let some of my close friends hit that ass once and a while. You know, just to keep you straight,' both Brad and Joseph started to laugh.

Joseph had hold of the back of my head and the bottom of my chin. He lifted my head till I was looking up at him and said 'now be a good little dick sucker, open wide and take it all.'

I gagged as Joseph pushed his rigid cock into my mouth and throat and started to bounce back and forth. My eyes bulged as I gagged on Joseph's penis, Brad sat in a chair and rubbed his limp penis smiling at the scene before him.

It wasn't long before Joseph let loose an stream of sperm into my mouth and throat, Brad yelled 'swallow that shit, don't you miss one damn drop.' Not knowing what to do I closed my lips around Josephs throbbing penile shaft and swallowed, I swallowed all of Joseph's cum till his penis went limp.

Joseph knees dropped to the mattress as he pulled his penis from my sucking lips. 'Damn Brad, you didn't lie, this bitch is a natural cock sucker.' I covered my head with my hands, Brad came over and removed my hands and turned me over.

I was laying on my side as Brad slid in behind me, I felt his hands part my buttocks and his rock hard penis slid up and down my butt crack. Brad whispered 'I'm gonna slow fuck this pussy, cause you've been so good to my cousin.' Brad's penis eased into my well lubed anus and true to his word, Brad started to slowly side his penis back and forth till he had pushed his entire length of penis in to my neither region.

For nearly 40 minute Brad slowly sexed my butt till he gripped me tight and rolled me over on top of him. I was laying on my back on top of his stomach, his penis still lodged deep in my anus.

I didn't know what to expect, Joseph climbed up on the bed between Brad's legs. Joseph lifted my legs as Brad pushed my shoulders up from the back. Joseph looked past me at Brad and said 'you think this bitch can take us both,' Brad answered 'we're about to find out.'

My mind raced as I tried to figure out what they were talking about, Joseph soon answered my question. Placing his rigid penis on top of Brads and right at my bung hole Joseph pushed steadily till his rigid penis push into my anus along with Brad's.

I cried out in agony and tried to push Joseph away, Brad gripped my wrist and pulled them back behind me, Joseph gripped my shoulders pushing my feet up past his head folding me up like a pretzel. Helplessly trapped I ha to endure the sex act in tormenting agony.

Joseph exploded first and pulled from my anus, his sperm running out around Brad's penis. Brad released my hands and I stretched out, he rolled over till I was under him and with a vengeance Brad rammed into my butt till he too erupted in my rectum.

Brad pulled from my butt and stood by the bed as I whimpered and withered. Brad slowly walked out of the room and Joseph climbed up on my butt, he entered my anus with no resistance and begin to grind steadily into my neither region. In Pain I didn't object, I just laid there and allowed Joseph to have his way.

When Joseph finally emptied his load into me he laid his head on my my head and started to lightly snore. I laid there for what seemed like an eternity till I too drifted off in to peaceful slumber.

I was wakened by Joseph rolling off of me, groggily I looked around to see Brad and another gentleman, about Brad's age. I looked up pleadingly at Brad and he said to me 'now, now don't fret, this here is Claude, he can't stay long, so he wants a quickie.'

I looked at Claude's crotch and saw that he was stroking a monster of a penis, Joseph grabbed my feet and Brad held my hands. Claude crawled over my butt and bust my sloppy bung hole wide open with his enormous penis.

I cried out all to no avail, Claude grunted and slammed his penis up in my butt without mercy for all of 20 minutes. With a growl deep from with in, Claude erupted a flood of semen that flushed out from around the massive shaft that filled my anus. With each throb of his penis Claude erupted a gusher of semen till it flowed freely from my ruptured anus.

Brad and His Cousin Joseph....

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