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"My First Time"

I remember my first experience with a tgirl,i saw her ad on craigslist and was really turned on by how sexy and beautiful she was,i`ve always fantasized about fucking a tgirl and being fucked by one thats been my fantasy for a long time,so i finally decided she`s the one,it was her pictures on craigslist that finally made me wanna do this,i was so turned on by her beauty and knowing this girl had a cock.When i called her and she answered my heart was beating so fast,my cock was hard as a rock and my ass was twitching like crazy just wanting her cock in me,when she agreeded to meet me i was nervous as hell,i mean i been with lots of women in my lifetime but this is a dream come true,i`m finally gonna make my fantasy into a reality,omg just thinking about it i almost came in my pants.As i drove to her place,my cock was throbbing just thinking about fucking her ass,at the same time i could feel my ass in heat,knowing i`m finally gonna get fucked for the first time!!!!!As i got to her place and knocked on her door,she open the door wearing this sexy black baby doll outfit with thigh high black stockings and high heels,omg she was amazingly beautiful,she took me straight to her bedroom told me to relax,she could tell i was nervous and said "this is your first time with a tgirl" and i answered "yes",she leaned over and kissed me then pulled my cock out of my pants and started sucking on it,i started caressing her thighs working my way up to her cock and then i started rubbing her cock,she moaned softly as she kept sucking my cock,she then layed me on my back and took her panties off and got on top of me 69 position and started sucking my cock,i took her cock and gently started sucking on it,this was my first time i ever sucked a cock,i tried to deep throat her cock as i choked on it,omg her cock tasted good,her pre cum tasted so good,then she looked at me and said "are you ready to fuck me baby",i said "yes",since i was already laying down she got on top of me and slowly put her ass on my cock,she slowly slid her ass down on my cock and started bouncing up and down,omg was she tight,then she started bouncing harder i can feel i`m about to explode as she squeezed her ass on my cock and bounced on it hard,i exploded shot a huge load in her,as she pulled out she licked my cock clean,her cock was hard and then she said to me "now it`s your turn baby,i`m gonna fuck your virgin ass good",i was shaking knowing this was gonna hurt,i spread my legs wide open,i could see her lubing her cock then she put in my ass,she then put the tip of her cock in my ass,omg it hurted and it was just the tip,then she just rammed her cock deep in me and my ass popped,omg my ass was in pain as she pounded my ass,i wrapped my legs around her waist allowing her to just pound my ass deep,i was moaning in delight but yet in pain but it felt so good,she just kept fucking me hard,every thrust i could feel sent chills to my body,then she said she was cumming,she pulled out,i opened my mouth and she shot her load in my mouth,i suck her clean making sure i swallowed every drop of her cum,she look at me and smiled and kissed me and then said "damn baby you`re the first virgin ass i ever fucked",please come back that ass is tight and i want to be the one that trains it to love cock,omg i did go back,her cock is amazing and that first time was an experience i`ll never forget,since then i been with 5 other tgirls but my first time with Brandy oh you`re a fine tgirl,omg it was awesome my slutty ass thanks you baby.....

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