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Me and the stranger!

as he shoved his purple headed piss rocket into my pulsating chocolate pipe,he fucked and he fucked until he made my pulsating man pussy wetter than a spastics chin. His cock snot dripped from from my stretched man cunt,making a puddle on the floor where he had fucked me not 10 minuets hence, i could not move. He teased my ass with his 12" dick,i remember thinking i just wanted it back in me. He looked at me and said that he wanted to see me again,i said yes. He left and i just led on the bed smiling. 2 days later the phone rang,it was him,iver boyle,wanting to my chocolate man cunt again. I said to him that i wanted to go for dinner some where posh and he said he would like that. We went to a very expensive place that only people with money could afford and not an early bird menue in sight nor a drop of stella or cheap supermarket vodka could be seen in sight. No sooner had we been seated,i could feel the sexual tension in the air. I felt a foot working its way up between my legs, touching and prodding my already semi hard cock. In turn i slowly moved my foot onto his and started to massage it. It was to much. We made are way to the toilets and shut ourselves away in th very spacious cubical. No sooner had he locked the door,his stiff rock hard piss rocket was fucking my face,making me gag and choke,this is not something i was used to but somehow felt horny while he was doing it,he came very quickly spilling his hot,creamy load all over my face. He got his hand and began to rub it into my face,he turned me over and........................

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