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Bachelor party turned around part 1

My good friend Ted was getting married last summer so his b*****r(Brad) and another friend(Cory) decided to throw a bachelor party. Ted had just turned 27 but his b*****r was 41 so he wasn't sure what went on in bachelor parties now days. Cory suggested some strippers and we could have it at his house so we made plans. The night of the party we had about 10 friends show up with alot of drinks and party favors. We had been there a while when I asked to speak with Cory and Brad in the other room "Wheres the stripper?" Cory tried to call several time but no one would answer. I asked if he had some porn to pass the time he could put on while me and Brad continued to call. After 30 minutes or so the stripper answered and informed us that she had double booked and would not be coming.

I went to the Living room and broke the news to everyone and asked if they had any other ideas. Since we live in a town with no strip clubs that was out of the question. That when Brad said when I want to get my dick sucked or fuck some strange ass I go over to the Adult Theater. Instatnly all the guys were like hell yes. We went got to the Adult theater most of us had never been here before so it was like a bunch of nervous school k**s looking at porn. Some of the guys went straight into the theater and Booth area and some of us stayed in the store area looking at porn, toys, and other items. I asked Brad where he gets the action at and he said some nights in the theater and some time in the booths he said go on in and look around.

I paid the clerk the fee and he rang the buzzer leting me go thru the door I walked down the hallway into complete darkness. I stood for a second letting my eyes adjust then I noticed a hallway to the left with numerous doors and the theater to my right I walked into the theater but it was so dark I couldn't tell if anyone was in there I sat down on a couch in the back right corner. My eyes had finally adjusted enough I could see a few people sitting in the theater and could here some moaning. Most everyone was close to the front so I decided to go up and sit a little closer. When I walked towards the front I seen a guy with his head laid back moaning I looked closer and noticed it was Ted and some guy was sucking his cock. I quickly turned and walked out of the theater thru the door way next to the screen. I turned the corner and there was another theater with a gay threesome on the screen I stood in the doorway for a second then sat on the first couch. I was getting aroused watching the guy suck cock and take it in the ass he seemed to really enjoy it. I noticed someone coming in the door so I looked down to try and keep from being noticed. As they walked by it was Brad and another guy from the party they sat near the front and within no time the other guy's head was in Brads lap. I was getting real horny and got to thinking about getting my dick sucked I got up and went down the hallway to the first open booth. I sat down locked the door and fliiped thru the channels. I started to drop my pants but didn't want them to get dirty so I took them and my underwear off and sat down stroking my cock slowly. I heard some noise in the booth beside me and noticed a hole in the wall on both sides. I thought this must be where Brad gets his action. I wasn't sure if the edges on the hole was rough so I stuck my finger in and moved it around checking the edges(I didn't know that was the sign then) When I pulled my finger back a cock slid thru the hole it was a white cock about 7 inches not very big around. I looked at it for a second then thought to myself why not. I touched the tip of it slowly and rubbed donw the shaft with my hand stroking it a couple of times then opened my mouth and took the head into my mouth. My body must have really wanted to do this because I was drooling instantly. I was just taking it in and out letting it go to the back of my throat and back to my lips. I was keeping my tongue out of the way at first but then decided to lick it from the top to bottom underneath his cock to his balls and down the sides then swirling my tongue around his head before taking it back into my mouth. I was really enjoying sucking his cock when I felt someone grab my cock and stroke it I stopped sucking for a second and looked back to see an arm thru the hole on the other side. I repositioned so I could keep sucking him but got my cock closier to the hole. I started back sucking and the other guy kept stroking my cock, rubbing my balls, and ass. He was focusing more and more around my ass when he slid his finger in. It felt good so I didn't react at all. He was fingering my ass with some type of lube I could feel and it felt like he had a couple or more fingering in now. He was working my ass in and out when I just said outloud what I was thinking "Fuck my ass" The cock I was suck pulled back a bit and he said OK turn around. I turned around and put my ass up the the hole and he eased his cock into my ass. I was looking at the other hole when he stuck his and balls thru the oval shaped hole. He had alot bigger cock than the other guy atleast 8" and plenty big around. I starting sucking him as the other guy worked from a slow in and out to steady speed fucking my ass. I was drooling more now I could feel it run down my chin so I pulled my shirt off real quick and started back sucking him licking his shaft and licking and sucking his shaved balls while stroking his cock. He pulled his cock back and said I want some ass I pulled my ass off of the other guy and put it in the hole for him He didn't start slow at all he plunged into my ass making me moan and lunge forward I pushed back and he again went deep. After a minute of this I was getting use to it just moaning when he slammed forward. The other guy put his cock back thru the hole and I could taste my ass as I started sucking him again. He was getting close I could feel his cock swelling when he shot his hot load of cum in my mouth. I didn't swallow but I kept sucking letting it run down my chin to the floor. he finally pulled his dick thru the hole. I was still getting the shit fucked out of me as I looked thru the hole hoping someone else would walk in I was really enjoying this. Just then a guy walked into the booth I looked at him and it was Brad I pulled away from the door a little so he could n't see me but watched him pull his cock out I stuck my hand thru the hole and reached for his cock and he stood up and stuck it in the hole. I started sucking it quickly in and out when he exploded less than a minute a huge load of thick cum I kept sucking until he puled back. Then the guy fucking my ass pulled out shot his load on my ass, balls, and back. I turned around and stroked his cock getting a couple drops of cum out and I licked it off the end of his cock.

I got dressed and walked out of the video booth looking around to see if anyone noticed it was me no one was in the hallway so I went back to the theater and sat down. I had a raging hard still and an uncontrolably desire to get fucked more and suck some more cock. I lloked up at the screen and the girl was taking a load in her mouth swallowing it as he came more and more I was getting honry wanting some cum. to be contiued

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