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XXX Ben 10 Story: Small Problem Part 4

Ben thrust himself forward his hard rod penetrating deep into the slick hot folds of Gwen’s tight cunt. Both of them gasped in pleasure as Gwen felt that cock suddenly invade her, stretching her insides in a way she had never known before and Ben felt her hot tightness wrap around his member. So hot and so tight her pussy was almost lovingly wrapped around him. They fit so perfectly into and around each other it was as if they were made for this shared pleasure.

Slowly, he had to move slowly or else he knew he would blow his load right then. Ben started to move his hips. Gwen closed her eyes and started to breath deeper and faster. Through her body she felt fire burning up and growing in intensity through her.

She gasped and tensed and he stopped, afraid that he was hurting her. Gwen shivered her breathing trembled. It felt so good. It was so much better than her fingers or what had happened in the bathroom. God it made her feel so wet to think about shoving her tiny cousin up inside her as a dildo. His every movement rubbing at her folds and driving her closer to an explosive orgasm. But this was so much better than that. A thousand, a million,and infinity better and he hadn’t done anything more than ram his rod inside her. She could feel him deep, so very deep inside her she had never thought it possible. He filled her up so completely.

Ben’s pace started to slowly build. The heat built between their bodies. They both started to groan as the powerful waves of pleasure started to churn and rise up through them. Gwen started to move, grinding her hips in pace with his thrusts. She could feel her g-spot rubbing on his dick. Lightning bolts fired through her with every delicate touch of that throbbing head. She could feel the dick twitching, pulsating inside her. Fire burned through her insides, radiating out from her pussy and spreading through to every inch of her body.
Ben and Gwen ground their hips in perfect automatic synch moaning and breathing heavily as they found their pace and felt their twin rockets of passions building, rising up towards a powerful ecstasy. Their bodies burned with desire and they were just lost in the ocean of delight. All thought and feeling was gone only these explosions of ecstasy made their universe. Their movements built up, becoming faster and faster. They moaned deeply and twitched as they both felt the waves of ecstasy crashing around inside them.

Gwen moaned deeply. She was so close she felt like she was going to explode. To her delight, she heard Ben’s moans of pleasure deepen. He quickened to match her pace. His own climax was getting close. Both of them felt it, great pressures building up deeply inside them, pressures that were threatening to explode. That was how they felt, like they were just going to explode.

She could feel his dick twitching inside her. With every thrust her pussy felt more and more sensitive. His cock felt ten times bigger than before. She was so sensitive her cunt juices were running out of her like a river. She thought she was going to tear in two. Ben moaned and thrust all the harder as his balls tightened and a feeling of both pleasure and ecstatic pain gripped him. He almost couldn’t breath!

Gwen threw her head back, her body arching almost painfully. “BEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNN” She screamed his name and clutched onto his shoulders as her powerful orgasm ripped her world in two. Her climax exploded upwards through her body from her pussy and crushed her brain. Nothing else existed but that second, that second when the heat and pain and pleasure and all things broke down into just the feeling that burned through her body.

Ben thrust upwards powerfully, burying every last inch of his cock inside her. He felt the powerful wet tightness of her pussy walls clamp around her as her juddering climax tore through her body, sending him over the edge. He cried out her name as he came as loud as she had screamed his own. She heard the deep groan rise in his throat as his orgasm took him. His balls blew their load with such f***e he felt it firing out of her somehow just as powerful as it had come out of him when he’d jacked off. Each spurt of the cum was like a bomb going off in his brain and he heard Gwen gasp beneath him as his dick fired into her. Her body stiffened and twitched with shocks of ecstasy as she felt his burning hot cum shooting up and spreading through her insides. So hot and creamy it felt so good. She could feel it covering every inch of her cunt, she really could feel it. It felt so wonderful.

They ground their hips a few more times to squeeze the last out of their climax’s. But all too soon they collapsed into a heap as exhaustion took them. Ben felt the soft, hot walls of Gwen’s cunt squeeze and pulsate as his cock twitched in time with their heartbeats. Hearts beating as one. They both just lay there, trying and failing to catch their breaths and feeling the shared heat and sweat between their bodies. They couldn’t move and neither one of them wanted to move. They were just enjoying the feeling of satisfaction draw upon them like a blanket is drawn around a cold person. Ben loved the feeling of Gwen’s cunt wrapped around his cock and Gwen adored feeling him inside her.

Inevitably they had to part, though the action was unwanted. Ben rolled to the side, off of Gwen. His cock left her cunt, leaving her with a feeling of emptiness in her that she didn’t like and left him with a coolness and freedom around his cock that he didn’t enjoy. He lay her her side and the two of them stared up at the ceiling as the sweat cooled from their bodies and they slowly managed to regain their breaths.

“That…” Ben began but didn’t finish. His brain just wasn’t working. He had forgotten all the words he ever knew.

“…Yeah.” Gwen agreed. She was in a similar situation. She managed a small smile. She could feel the warm mixture of her pussy juices and Ben’s cum slowly mixing inside her, some of it ran out of her cunt lips and she felt it run down her body and onto the motel carpet. She shuddered lightly as a tiny aftershock tingle danced through her. It had been so much better than before. So intense. She had no idea people could feel like that without their heads exploding but it had happened. She smiled and her hand played lazily with her breast, her finger gently dancing around her nipple and the soft curves of her mound. “That was so amazing.” She said slowly. Her speech was coming back but her head still felt so weird, like it had been wrapped in cotton wool and struck with lightening. She also knew she couldn’t stand. She didn’t even have to try her legs to know they would be too weak to hold her. “oh, Ben I had no idea sex was like that. It was just…wow. Just wow. That’s the only word for it. So intense. So powerful. Oh god Ben I think I love you. I mean if two people can make each other feel like that then they’ve got to belong together.” She waited but she was met with silence. “Ben?” She sat up and looked at him.

Ben’s eyes were closed and his breathing was slow. She couldn’t hardly believe what she was looking at until a slow and quiet snore emanated out of his nose.

Love, and confession of was instantly forgotten. All emotions were currently set back to normal. How dare he fall asl**p on her. “BEEEENNN!” She screamed right into his ear.

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