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Seduced by gay guy

I'm now a mature male in my 50's but still remember the first time I ever had sex with anyone including a female.
I was a young boy still at school and had a part time job during the school holidays and during the week after school in a local DIY store.
My boss only worked alone during the week and my job was to take things inside the shop at closing time that were on displayed on the forecourt, also during the holidays he would trust me in looking after the shop whilst he took lunch by going home for the hour.
It was one day just as he left that a male asain guy about 50 years old came into the shop and was asking to look at samples of formica/plastic sheets that get glued to work surfaces. He began thumbing through the samples I was holding but in his other hand he held a plastic shopping bag and unbeknown to me the back of his hand carrying the bag pressed against my groin, before I knew it his moving his hand across my groin had given me a hard on which was evident through my jeans having a big bulge in them. He saw this and joked that my girlfriend must be impressed with my cock, to which I replied I didn't have a girlfriend. He laughed and patted it and said he didn't believe me.
He went on to say that he can tell how big a guys cock is by the size of the guys nose and asked if I thought he had a big cock, I said yes as he did have a big nose. He then wanted to look at some timber at the back of the store, when we got there he just turned towards me and said come on let's see how big your cock is? l just froze as he unbuttoned my jeans, slid them down to the ground , then pulled my pants down and took hold of my cock which was hurting so much with how hard my cock was now. He then leaned forward and made me kiss him. This was the first time I had ever kissed a guy and he began to slip his tongue into my mouth, I began to copy him and respond with me murmuring with passion that I now felt and urgency. he then pushed me in the stomach which made me kneel down. He took out his enormous cock and pushed it at me, I had heard about oral sex so knew to open my mouth. he slipped it in as I began to suck the man's cock my first of what would be many cocks over the years . he thrust back and forth for about five minutes until I felt him go faster and heard him grunt and feel him cum in my mouth. I didn't know what to do but he stood me up but I still had his cum in my mouth, he french kissed me again but I couldn't breath properly unless I swallowed what was in my mouth.. it tasted salty but I found it quite erotic, this was the first of many times I sucked him off but never got him to suck me off, I longed him to fuck me and asked him too and he said he had a friend whom lived around the corner and would I like to go there with him one day, I bottled out but in hindsight I wished I had gone and had him take me with his friends. A great experience lost I think now looking back as I saw him a couple of times between sucking him whenever he came to the shop with about 4 to 5 guys.I still imagine how it would have been going to his friends and having to suck so many cocks and maybe then finally fucking me.

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