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My first time

I guess we all started experimenting with sex and sexuality at an early age, and we tried some crazy things, but we never knew what we were doing or whether we even really liked them. I know it's true for me. I started masturbating at 9 or 10 years old, when another boy I knew taught me about it. He showed me how to do it, and we used to sit in some private place and do it sometimes. We even tried sucking each other, not because we were gay buy just because we'd heard that people do it and like it. That, and we dared each other to do it, of course! The thing is, I never had an orgasm. Or at least, I never ejaculated. I'd seen him do it, but every time I tried I just built up and got really excited and then it started to hurt and I wanted to stop.

Didn't stop me from doing it, though - the built up felt pretty damn good!

Fast forward to the summer when I was 12. Both my parents worked, so they had a 20 year old woman (she seemed do OLD to me then!) who would come to the house and babysit me during the day. Of course, being young and just starting to be full of hormones, I was infatuated with her. Whenever we'd go to the pool, I'd spend hours staring at her bikini-clad body, wondering what she would look like naked. I'd never seen a woman naked before, except for my mom, and I was sure she didn't look like that. I can still remember the thrill I got when she would part her legs for a second, and I could see the slight cleft in the fabric between her pussy lips.

One day, after coming home from the pool, I was in the bathroom changing, and I noticed her wet suit hanging in the shower. I'd seen it there plenty of times and never thought much about it, but something made me notice it that day. Maybe I was just a horny little k**! I was standing there naked, feeling the air on my smooth little shaft and balls, and I went over and touched the crotch of her bikini. I felt so dirty! My erection started to grow, and I got even more excited. I ran my fingers over the fabric on the inside where her pussy had just been, and my other hand strayed absentmindedly to my little cock. Feeling so naughty and so excited, I was almost shaking as I picked up the bikini and sniffed it. I'd never smelled a pussy before, and it was kind of weird, but somehow I liked it and I didn't want to stop.

I laid a towel on the floor and laid down on it, with the crotch of her bikini over my face, one hand on my now aching shaft,t he other feeling my balls as they got firm and wrinkly in the cool air. I even slipped my tongue out and licked the crotch of her suit, feeling filthy and thrilled as I did it. As I lay there masturbating, wondering how long it would be before I hurt and just how bad I was being, eyes closed and completely lost in the moment, I heard her voice behind me.

"Looks like you're enjoying yourself," she said. "I'm flattered. Mind if I watch?"

I was so embarrassed! I must have turned beet red, because my face felt like it was on fire, and I was trying to cover my naked body with my hands. I couldn't say a word, and I could barely look at her. She was sitting on the toilet lid, still in her towel, looking at me and smiling, almost laughing.

"Come here, and stand in front of me. Now, give me your hands, and let me look at you. You're more of a man than I'd realized." I was standing in front of her, completely naked, my hands in hers, terrified that she would tell my parents or punish me on some way. I was still blushing, and shaking. "Aww, sweetie, it's all right. You're not in trouble, okay? I love what you were doing, really. In fact, I do it to."

I was shocked! I thought I was a dirty freak, and I had no idea a woman would touch herself like that. "You do?" I asked.

"Mm-hmm," she said, "but not quite like you. Would you like to see?"

I nodded, excited and still scared and completely confused. She pulled the towel up her bare thighs and parted her legs, showing me a beautiful pair of very dark curly lips and a fiery red bush above them. "Have you ever seen a woman's private parts before?" she asked? I just shook my hear, scared to speak - not even sure if I could speak at that moment! "Well, I'd like you to look at mine, if you want to. You do, don't you?" I nodded eagerly, smiling.

"Sit down in front of me, and I'll show you." I sat on the mat in front of her, my face level with her legs, and she slid forward a little and parted her legs wider for me to see. She ran her fingers over her outer lips - they were like nothing I'd ever seen before, brown like milk chocolate, and somehow smooth and full and wrinkled and curly at the came time. "These are my outside lips. They keep me covered up, and they're very sensitive. They're kind of like the skin on your penis. sometimes you have to be really gentle, but when you're excited you can be a little more playful, like you were a minute ago." I blushed again, but I never looked away, because as she spoke, she gently pinched her lips together and then pulled on them gently. I swear they got even bigger! Then she took her fingertips and spread them open like a butterfly.

Between her outer lips were two very thin, bright pink lips, glistening in the light. "These are my inner lips. The keep my most private parts covered, and when I get really excited, they start to get wet. For me, getting wet is like when you get hard." I didn't have to look down to know how hard I was, and I wondered if she could feel it aching like I did.

"Can you tell when you're wet without looking," I asked. It felt like a stupid question, but I really wanted to know, and she seemed willing to teach me.

"Oh yes, I can tell! It feels very good, and warm and tingly, and everything down there gets extra sensitive." She pressed her fingertips into her mound very slightly at the top of her slit, and pulled the lips apart, and I saw a little dark nub.

"See that? That's called a clit. It's a lot like the head of your penis. It's very sensitive, and you should only touch it when it comes out like it is now. It feels really good, but you can hurt it by being too rough. I'll bet you've hurt yourself being too rough with yours too, haven't you?" I nodded, wincing as I remembered the pain of learning how to touch myself. "Let's leave it alone for now, it's not quite ready to come out by itself." She let her lips close around her clit again, but I noticed that it was peeking out a little. She parted her lips further down, and showed me the opening of her pussy. "Men and women are like opposites. You have an outie, but I have an innie. See what I mean?"

I'd heard something about putting my penis inside a woman, but I didn't really know what it meant. I knew they didn't have a penis like me, but I didn't know what they did have. I was still a bit confused, and I guess it showed on my face. "Here, watch me," she said. She slid the tip of her finger into the hole, and then her entire finger, until all I could see was a four-fingered hand pressed against her lips.

"Wow!" I said. "Does it go all the way up inside you, to your stomach or something?"

She giggled a little and said "Not to my stomach, but it does go inside me far enough for a man's penis. Why don't you feel for yourself? Here, give me your hand." I reached out my hand, and even before I touched her I could feel the heat from her body. She took my hand and pressed it against her pussy, pressing one finger inside her. It was so slick, like she'd been oiled! "Gentle, now, don't go poking me inside. Just explore a little, feel how wet I am, and how deep." I did, and as I explored my mind started to wander, thinking about what she'd said about a a man being inside her. I wondered what that would feel like. I was awakened from my daydream when she pulled my finger from her pussy, put it to her mouth, and sucked it clean. I was shocked!

"A lot of people like the way a woman's juices taste. I'll bet you would, too, since I caught you with my bikini over your face. Would you like to taste?" I was beyond horny at this point, and I was willing to do whatever she said, so I just nodded and smiled. she slid forward a little further, with her ass on the edge of the seat, and said "Kiss me, then." She held her lips apart for me, and I kissed her pussy very softly. It was incredible! Like her bikini, but different, warmer, sweeter somehow. I just gave her a little peck and started to pull away, but she said "You can kiss me longer than that, if you want. You can lick me, too, just be careful not to lick my clit." I was eager but a bit clumsy, and I didn't know the right way to lick a woman like that, or even if there was a right way. I just stuck out my tongue and licked up the length of her slit. She moaned a little, and I guessed she liked it.

"If you don't stop that, I'm going to cum on your face, sweetie! Have you ever cum?" I didn't want to admit that I hadn't, because I was afraid she'd think less of me. I hesitated. "It's okay if you haven't. You're still young. Here, lay down on the towel like you were earlier, and I'll show you what you did to me just now." I laid down, and she stood up, dropping the towel and exposing her naked body to me finally. Her breasts were even more beautiful than I'd imagined, and I loved the way her bush made a little triangle between her thighs, completely hiding her pussy. She knelt over me and then took my penis in her hand, leaned in, and kissed the tip! Before I knew what was happening, she opened her mouth and took me inside her, licking my shaft as she went. She even managed to suck my balls into her mouth, then slowly pulled away, letting them pop out one at a time.

I knew it was about to hurt, but I wanted to impress her and not make her think I was too young for this, so I didn't say anything. When she took me in her mouth again, I knew I couldn't stop it, and I felt an orgasm coming. I moaned, but this time, instead of hurting, I felt something totally different. It felt like I was peeing, and I was horrified that I'd just peed in her mouth. When I looked down, though, she was smiling up at me, mouth still around my shaft and sucking softly. She slowly pulled away, and I could see a stream of something gooey between her tongue and the head of my penis. She smiled, moved up until she was straddling over me, leaned in and kissed me softly, and said "Mmm, I love knowing that I just had your first cum ever in my mouth. Did it feel good?" I just nodded and smiled, unable to speak. I was more than a little bit distracted by the feeling of her wiry bush pressed against my belly, and the fact that my still hard erection was touching her sopping wet lips.

"Feels like you're eager for more already! Are you sore down there?" I shook my head, feeling her position herself over me, wondering if being inside her would feel as good as being in her mouth. She reached down and held me in her hand, guiding my cock inside her sopping wet pussy. I'd never dreamed of anything so incredible! She was so hot I thought she'd burn me, and so tight I didn't think it was possible to get inside, but somehow she took me easily in one slow thrust. She settled down on me, wriggling a little, and then sat up over me. Slowly, she began rocking her hips and bouncing a little, and I was enchanted by the way her breasts moved, and seeing my shaft disappear between those dark lips I'd been admiring.

She rode me like that for what felt like hours and no time at all, though it was probably only a few minutes, and just when I thought I was about to cum again she started screaming and moaning. I panicked and asked if she was okay, but she just grunted and put her hand over my mouth, riding me harder. The way she was moving, there was no way to stop myself and even my fear for her couldn't kill my own budding orgasm. I exploded inside her pussy, feeling my balls tense and loving the feeling of spurt after spurt leaving me. As I finished, she collapsed on top of me, pussy still quivering on my shaft. After a minute, she smiled and moaned, then kissed me and stood up. I could see her red bush matted, and a little bit of cum oozing from her lips.

"Come on. We both need a shower now. I have a feeling our days are going to be a lot less boring from now on, don't you?"

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