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When I was a teenager, my f****y would take long road trips, and to save money we stayed at campgrounds around the country. Every day we'd break camp, load up the van, and head for a new place. We saw a lot of the country that way, and had some great experiences. Some more memorable than others..

If we were lucky, a campground would have a hot shower available, usually on a coin operated timer. Many were also unisex, and they might have nothing more than a couple curtains for privacy in a given shower stall. Very low-budget affairs! I don't remember where in the country we were, but I remember one shower in particular. It was a typical quarter-operated shower, and each stall had a door with a simple barrel bolt, then a curtain to close off the shower and make a sort of dressing area. The stall dividers were open top and bottom like bathroom stalls. I went in and began undressing, noticing that there was already someone showering in the next stall. From the look of the feet, I guessed it was a woman, and the idea of being in the same room with her, naked, automatically got my teenage hormones raging. I set the stack of quarters on the seat in the shower, fed a few into the box, and began soaping up.

Not long after I started, I heard the shower in the next stall turn off. "Good," I thought, "more water pressure for me!" Then I heard a sweet female voice start cussing.

"Fuck! God damn motherfucking thing!" She sounded young, maybe my age or so.

"What's wrong?" I asked? "Can I help?" Never miss an opportunity to help a naked woman, you know!

"I'm out of quarters, and I just got good and soaped up."

I looked at my own stack of quarters, and I knew that if I gave her enough to restart the timer I might not have enough. What the hell, I figured. Nothing to loose by trying. "You could come over here and rinse off with me, if you like."

She never even hesitated. "Okay, unlock the door and I will." I couldn't believe it, and my cock was standing at full attention as I quickly pulled the curtain aside and reached over to unlock the bolt. She stepped inside, dripping wet, soap all over her body, hair full of shampoo. Even without my glasses, I could see her beautiful body. She was indeed about my age, about 5' tall, chubby, very full breasts, and a thin covering of jet black pubic hair over her mound. I held the curtain aside, but there was no way for her to get past my erection without touching it. Rather than trying, she grabbed it and shook gently, saying "Nice to meet you too!"

I fed more quarters into the shower to make sure we wouldn't run out, then turned back to her. As soon as I did, she wrapped her around me, pressed her soft round body against mine, and kissed me deeply. "Thank you so much," she said. "I would hate to have to run across the campground in my towel to get more quarters from my parents." I could feel my erection pressed between us, and her bush on my wet, naked thigh. "Are you a virgin?" she asked.

"No, I'm not. Are you?"

Without a word, she put one foot on the shower seat, grabbed my cock, spread her pussy lips, and impaled herself on me, taking me to the hilt in one smooth stroke. "If I was, I'm not now," she said with a wink, "but no, I'm not. And I'm not your girlfriend, either. We're leaving in the morning, so I don't even want to know your name. Let's just fuck, okay?"

Fine with me, I thought. I grabbed her ass and lifter her slightly, then pressed her against the wall and rammed my cock deep inside her, thrusting with the eagerness that only a teenage boy can. The hot water ran over us and between us as we fucked, our bodies slapping together so loud I knew everyone around the building would know what was going on. She was nice and tight, but her body moved with a lust I'd never felt before. "Damn, honey, that cock feels nice in my pussy. You're bigger than my boyfriend back home. If you have a girlfriend, she's one lucky cunt!"

Hearing her talk so dirty, thinking of cheating on my girlfriend, and knowing that I was fucking another guy's girlfriend, all got me incredibly aroused. I felt so dirty, but I couldn't have stopped if I'd wanted to. Besides, I haven't had sex in a month, and I wasn't about to waste this opportunity. She was by far the best fuck I'd ever had, and I bit her ear and told her so, all the time ramming my cock hard into her sopping wet cunt and fingering her ass.

"Honey, you haven't seen anything yet. How dirty are you willing to be with me?"

With my bare cock deep in her twat, and thinking maybe she wanted me to cum inside her, there was nothing I wouldn't do for her at that moment. "I'm yours, baby. I'll do anything for you."

"Good! Put your finger in my ass, and I want you to cum inside me." It was the first time I'd done more than just teased a woman's sphincter, but I wasn't going to disappoint her. I slipped my finger deep into her ass, finger-fucking her in rhythm with my cock in her snatch. It wasn't long before I was overwhelmed, and I blew my load deep inside her. It felt like I must have cum a couple gallons, and it was so much more intense than cumming into a condom. I could actually feel her pussy milking my shaft. She grinned and pulled herself off of me, watching as the last spurt shot out onto her bush. "That looks tasty! Don;t you think so?"

I smiled, thinking she was about to suck my cock clean like my girlfriend had done in the past, and said "It sure does!"

"I knew you'd think so, baby! So, lick my cunt clean, please." she pushed my shoulders, and I willingly sank to my knees, not quite believing that I was about to do it. I loved eating pussy, of course, but I'd never tasted my own cum. I leaned in close, hands on her hips, and kissed her tentatively. It was musky and salty, but I couldn't disappoint her now. I hungrily lapped at her slit, feeling my cum ooze out of her, and kissed her clit. I reached around and kept fingering her ass, and with my other hand I reached up and squeezed her massive young tits.

"Mmmmm, that's it, baby! It's my turn now!" and with that, she moaned and started shaking uncontrollably, squirting on my face. I'd never been with a squirter before, and it felt nasty and sexy at the same time. I kept licking and kissing, the way my girlfriend liked me to do when she came, and I held her as she finished.

"That was fucking perfect, honey! Now, let's get cleaned up again before that water runs out on you too." We washed each other lovingly, playfully, and with just a little bit of groping thrown in for good measure of course. when she saw that I was getting hard again, she winked and said "There's no time for another round, I'm afraid, but here's something to remember me by." With that, she turned around, bent over, and held her cheeks apart, exposing her plump hairy cunt lips. "Fuck me quick, honey. Cum if you can, but when the water quits, I'm gone." I didn't waste any time, shoving my cock inside her and fucking her doggy style, hard and fast. Using her body for my pleasure, and hearing her talk so dirty to me had me cumming again in no time. I came again, not so much but hotter and stickier this time, and she stood up, turned, kissed me, and walked out the door. I heard her so into the next stall, grab her towel, and then head out.

As she left, she called back, "Thanks, baby! I'll always remember this." And so will I....

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