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No turning back for Pooja

Welcome to my new world, a world I had only fantasized of previously, fantasies that had left my writhing body covered in sweat, and my pussy dripping my own cum over the bedclothes. Yes, I, pooja, am now a slut, in mind and very much of body. All it took was one moment, where I let myself get into a situation I could not control, and I finally I found what I had really been needing for so many years.

A little more about me first, before I tell you the story.

Firstly the bit I know some of you men love to know, I am your blonde blue eyed girl who has a body that attracts looks. I often imagine my petite 5ft frame being easily dominated by a group of men.

I've always wanted to explore my fantasies, but trying to be a 'normal' girl, they were thoughts that I always had to push deep down, hide from anyone but myself. I knew there were other women out there who lived the life I wanted to, who dared to push sexual boundaries, who got the same thrill of being 'dirty' as I longed for. Finally though, my desires could be suppressed no longer, and I had to act on my craving for hot, dirty, rough, even brutal unprotected sex.

Not a day went by without me thinking about sex, and not just normal 'missionary' sex, oh no. I dreamed of sucking cocks, of tasting and feeling cocks of all sizes. I needed cock, and I needed cum, but most of all I wondered what it would be like to be just used. My entire body ached to be roughly handled, to be taken by a man who would take me completely, no sexual gratification too taboo. I used to cum while forcing my largest vibrator into my greedy pussy, imagining that the stretching was caused a huge cock fucking me using me as an object of pleasure.

Mmm, I'm getting hot again just thinking about it, so I better get on and tell you how I first become a 'fuck toy', god those words just send shivers down my spine.

It all started one Friday night, when I was preparing for a date with a man I had been seeing for several months. We got really well, the sex was fantastic and I had been starting to think that he might be the one I had been waiting for. Looking back I should have realised that it was all too good to be true.

He was really good looking, and his smile was obviously designed to wet the knickers of any conquest he cared to flash it at. At the time I thought I was in for another deserved night of fun, and I dressed to make the most of it. Half the fun of an evening out was the preparation, the long soak in a hot bubble filled bath, soaking my soft skin, taking time to clean and tease my own body. There's something about water running over my body that gets me horny, which some lucky man would hopefully have the benefit of.

Following my long luxurious bath, my routine continues with a shave and moisturize. After ensuring my legs where smooth and silky, and the razor still in my hand, a wicked thought entered my mind. 'What the hell,' I thought to myself, 'let's treat this guy,' and with that I took some shaving foam and massaged it into my already neatly trimmed fine pubes.

I had to stop my fingers continuing their administrations, I was feeling so horny. 'Not a time for shaking hands,' I admonished myself, knowing a cut now would ruin my evening to come. I carefully pulled the blade over my pussy lips, enjoying the feeling as my naked skin was revealed. Once finished I took a little more cold fragrance free moisturizer, and cooled my most intimate skin.

Once ready, I took my bottle of wine into the bedroom, another essential preparation for any night out. Pouring myself a cold glass of white, I spent many moments deciding upon an outfit. I decided to go for it; I needed a good seeing to tonight. Although the sex with my boyfriend was great it somehow didn't remove my hunger.

Even months of getting off in front of my pc, reading internet porn was pushing my sexual need higher and higher, rather than satisfying it. I laughed when I thought what my boyfriend would think of me, if he had spied me sitting naked at my computer, legs spread sluttishly, rubbing a vibrating dildo over my clit while I watched and read about very nasty and dirty gang bangs, imagining myself at the centre of the rough male attention.

My mind was on autopilot as I pulled on my black hold up stockings, my calves and lower thighs enhanced by their sheer clinging material, the enticement of the pale flesh of my upper thighs somehow magnified when contrasted against the black. I pulled on my best 'pulling pants', which I called my skimpy black thong, the satin material hugging me so tight that anyone glimpsing them would almost make out the outer lips of my womanhood, lips begging to be penetrated.

A side fastening wrap-over skirt hid the treats below, and I added a touch of colour, my thinnest and clingiest scarlet top over a black push-up bra, which was designed to show off my breasts to their best, and show through the red top a little, again to tease and turn on my man. I felt and looked hot, the final touch some dark red lipstick, which I applied a little heavier than I would normally, knowing men can think of nothing but me sucking on their hard cocks when they looked at my full red lips. Dropping the lipstick into my best purse I poured myself another celebratory glass of wine, licking my lips naughtily at my own appearance in the mirror.

That's when I caught the sound of my mobile, chiming to tell me a text message had arrived. I was going to ignore it guessing it was one of my girlfriends trying to wind me up about tonight, but then realised it could be my man letting me know he was outside. Flipping over my essential fashion accessory, my heart sank at the short and soulless message; "I am sorry to do it this way pooja. But I have met someone else, and I won't be seeing you again. Sorry."

'Cowardly bastard!' I thought to myself, he didn't even dare call to let me down gently. I sank onto the bed, not only my whole evening ruined, all my effort gone to waste, but my hopes for a lasting relationship in ruins. Blinking tears from my eyes, my gaze returned to my computer sitting in the corner of the room, the computer which had given me extra sexual release of recent months. Not only release I thought to myself, but it had been my naughty friend who had let me dare think about sex I had never experienced before.

"No, no porn for me tonight," I spoke aloud, a determined smile touching my lips. I realized that I looked too good to waste tonight, and I didn't need a man on my arm to go and show myself off. Maybe it was the wine, but I felt confident and sexy, and a little like the slut I always wished I dared to be. Fuck it, I thought. It's time I let myself go and tried to live out the fantasies that were tormenting.

So that's why I found myself an hour later sitting on my own in a bar, already drinking my forth long vodka and lemonade. I'd already flirted with the barman, and sent a couple of no-hopers on their way. The alcohol made my head buzz, the confidence it gave me egging me on to put on a show. I knew several pairs of eyes were on me, getting d***k alone and looking hot.

One party of guys especially, who looked like they were out celebrating a someone's birthday, had made it obviously they liked what they saw whenever their heads turned my way, and I was having fun showing a little more leg to spur on their glances. They looked a lot rougher than the sort of guys I'd ever date myself, but I wasn't thinking straight, I wanted to tease every man in the room, show off what I had, something that bastard who had dumped me would never get now.

Later in the evening the DJ turned up the music, and the lights dimmed, as the dance floor started to fill up. Using up a favour with a friend in the bar staff I left my handbag behind the bar, freeing me up to go and strut my stuff. I love to dance, there's something so sensual about bodies moving in close proximity to the beats of the music. I made sure I was the centre of attention as I moved my body, letting my skirt whirl around my legs, revealing my stocking tops with the more energetic moves.

I freely let different men come and dance close, enjoying feeling the heat of their tight bodies grind against me, letting their hands rub against my bum, sometimes pushing back against them to let them know I was there to be touched. Once any of the guys started to hog too much of my time, I naughtily moved away, catching another's eye with a seductive smile, and pulled the new victim into my trap, running my hands over my body as I danced, the heat and effort bringing a fine sheen of perspiration over my body, glistening on my enhanced cleavage.

Over several hours I reveled in the feelings running through me, enjoying all the hungry male attention, while never taking it further than bodies grinding together close during a dance, getting many men hard as I rubbed my hidden pussy against them. I had lost count of how many crotches I had let my hand 'accidentally' rub against, or how many men had felt my ass or tits in the darkness.

By the time I decided to leave, my pussy was on fire, and I knew I had to get home as quickly as possible to take care of myself. My lack of attention, daydreaming about fucking myself with my biggest dildo, was probably why I didn't even notice I was followed from the club, or when I took a wrong turning looking for a taxi, taking me down a dark and dangerous alleyway. I was very d***k and not really sure of where I was. But I figured I would just see something soon and get my bearings.

I was rudely torn from my daydream as I came to my senses and realized I was half way down a deserted and rough looking pathway. When I turned round to find my way back to the main street I almost bumped into a group of men coming the other way.

It took me a couple of seconds in the semi light and being so d***k to realize it was the group I had been teasing all evening, having danced with and let most of them touch me through my clothes. Trying to appear less nervous than I was, I flashed a smile and tried to find a path around the intoxicated group.

"Where are you going babe?" the 'leader' of the pack asked me, winking at his mates as they all eyed my body.

"I just need to get home, I had enough for one night," I shrugged.

"Oh I think you've not had anything like enough yet!" he laughed, indicating to a couple of his stockier friends to take hold of me. My terror made me stand still, feeling muscular hands gripping my arms, pulling them behind my back, pushing my breasts forward against the flimsy material of my top. "You've been teasing us all night with that sexy body of yours,"he raised a hand to stop my protest and continued, "and it's time we found out if the reality is as good as the flirty performance you've been putting on back there."

'Oh my god,' I thought to myself, shaking with fear, knowing that they weren't going to be satisfied with a dance and a casual feel now, I was going to be gang fucked right there, and there was nothing I could do about it. I knew I should scream out, maybe someone would hear my calls, but there were two things holding me back.

For one thing, looking at these d***ken guys, I'd probably get hurt, along with anyone who came to my rescue. The other, I am afraid to say, is that my pussy was suddenly betraying me, I could feel to my shame the wetness growing between my legs. I could hardly admit it to myself back then, but now I can share this with you; I wanted and needed to be fucked, and fucked raw by that group of rowdy men, being f***ed into it was the only way it was going to happen.

The dark haired leader of the group came closer, so close I could smell the beer on his breath. He had to bend down to look into my eyes, his 6ft frame dwarfing me. "Let's have a better look at this slut," he barked, the audience behind him cheering in appreciation as his hands reached out and tore at my top, the thin material offering no resistance as he pulled it apart, letting more cold air reach my satin encased breasts.

They could all see my nipples harden, either from the cold or my unexpected excitement at being so roughly handled. "Get that bra off!" he ordered, and a slim blond guy came up beside me, grinning as he removed a small knife from his pocket, causing me to strain against the guys holding me, trying to back away in fear.

"Don't worry bitch, I'm not going to hurt you," he laughed, "I'm just rubbish with the fasteners on those things," he said, pulling my bra strap away from my shoulder, only to slice through it. He did the same the other side, letting the bra fall away, revealing my firm tits to the drooling audience.

I defiantly looked their leader in the eye, daring him to take things further, although in my heart, actually wanting him to. "And the rest, guys, lets see her naked."

My knees shook as several of them rushed forwards at this command, one of them at least finding the button and zip to let my skirt fall to the ground. I could almost hear a sigh as their greedy eyes feasted on my stocking clad legs, and homed in on my tiny thong, now obviously drenched with my own excitement. The blade glinted in the light again as it was used to cut away my only skimpy protection, revealing my shaved lips glistening wet in the little light there was.

I knew I was totally at their mercy now, the sight of my body so on show would drive them on to further acts. The cold air hit me now, goose-bumps covering my arms, making my teeth chatter. Still I said nothing, staring ahead with no emotion, now becoming the submissive I had always craved. I think the guy taking the lead was less d***k than his friends, and possibly more experienced, his piecing look going to my soul, seemingly knowing exactly what my inner desires were.

"Pull this slut's legs open guys, I want a closer look at her tasty cunt," my tormentor ordered, knowing the pack would follow him. I quivered at his words, his use of slut and cunt sparking something at my core. I put up some pretence of resistance as hands pulled at my inner thighs, slaps stinging my ass deliciously as punishment for fighting.

I was pushed down a little, bending my knees as my legs spread, making me squat obscenely. My stranger approached, crouching before me, pushing his hand to my shaven twat. I shuddered as his fingers touched my flesh, gently tracing lines around my inner thighs, teasing me, a very light touch rubbing up the groove between my outer lips, opening my vulva as he slid a thick finger inside.

I closed my eyes and bit my lower lip as I trembled, concentrating on the finger slowly sliding inside me, running around my dripping velvet grip, exploring every inch. A second finger joined the first, and suddenly his movements changed, from a gentle movement to a hard, insistent finger fucking. Others crowded in, spellbound, watching his fingers open me up, so obviously coated in my slippery juices, now freely flowing from his rough invasion of my burning pussy.

Pulling his fingers from me, he slid them up my stomach, leaving a wet trail all the way up to my lips. When I didn't move, another guy f***ed my mouth open, pulling my jaw apart, allowing entry to my mouth. I was f***ed to lick my own flavour from his fingers, secretly loving the degradation f***ed upon me. "What's your name?" he asked me as he finished screwing his fingers in and out of my mouth like some cheap whore.

"pooja," I stuttered, now completely in my new master's control.

"No, from now on, it's SLUT," he laughed, joined by his friends around him. "And you are going to be our nasty little fuck toy. You thought you could tease us all night and not pay the consequences slut?" he continued, ignoring me as I shook my head, "Well we're going to teach you a lesson tonight, and you're going to be a good and beg for more."

God how did this man know how to press all my buttons ? His words set fire running through my body, my inner needs for so long held back were being sparked into an uncontrollable burning heat, which raged throughout my body.

"Finger yourself slut, put on a proper show for us," he whispered into my ear, knowing full well I was in his power, helpless to resist, not even wanting to stop now.

Determined to show him how dirty I could be, and being supported by two tormentors in my obscene squatting position, I used one hand to pull myself open, exposing my pink flesh to everyone, while the other finger I wet in my mouth, then used it to circle my sensitive clit. I again closed my eyes, throwing my head back, opening my mouth to breath heavy, panting as I rubbed myself, my excitement building quickly knowing many eyes were watching me share such an intimate act.

I could hear their voices around me, the show I was putting on starting to build their own sexual excitement. "Look at the fucking slut, she wants it!" someone exclaimed, surprised at the turn of events.

"Then give it to her," was the a****l response, uttered by someone wanting to get the action really going.

I heard a zip being tugged at close to my ear, and opened my eyes to be greeted by a short yet thick cock being pushed to my face. "Suck this bitch!" its owner grunted, taking hold of my hair he roughly pulled my mouth onto him. He rammed it home so hard I almost choked, which I think turned the pervert on even more.

Little did he know it was just how I wanted to be used, I loved the feeling of his hard cock plundering my mouth, feeding me with his dripping pre-cum. My tongue worked overtime, lapping at his sensitive underside, while I sucked hard, hollowing my cheeks with the suction. "Fuck she's one nasty cock sucker," he informed his mates, hardly required as most eyes were watching my greedy mouth work on him hungrily.

Unfortunately he obviously didn't have much stamina, even in his d***ken condition, my ministrations were too much for him, and before long I could feel his cock twitch, a certain sign he was about to cum. I knew just how to drive him over the edge so he'd never forget it, wanting him to cum so hard he filled my mouth, so the others would all want to give me the cum I craved.

I looked up into his eyes, knowing the eye contact would be the final straw, a look of submission on my face. He grunted hard as he looked down on me, a piece of meat taking his cock no matter how hard he rammed it into my mouth. His orgasm took hold, making him utter filthy obscenities at me as his cock exploded in the back of my mouth, his seed sliding down my throat. I felt deliciously dirty as I pulled my head back, to allow his further spurts to cum over my face, his jerking cock rubbing and spreading the sticky goo over my cheeks and chin.

I didn't have a second to catch my breath, as I felt hands f***e me down on my hands and knees, the cold hard tarmac making me gasp. I must have looked such a slut, circled by a group of men now rubbing hardening cocks all around me, a face already sticky with cum, my ass high in the air inviting them to use me.

Another stranger approached me from behind, I couldn't even see him as I felt his hands grasp my hips hard from behind, squeezing me roughly, pulling me apart to reveal my dripping pussy and tight brown eye of my ass. Then I felt his hard cock push up against me, the hot hard flesh sliding up and down the crevice between my cheeks. I didn't know where he was going to fuck me.

So I gasped out as I felt the head of his cock start push at my pussy. I shouted out "Condom". The group laughed out load as if I were making a joke. I felt the cock push again and I knew at that point I was going to be bare-backed. He pushed again and this time I felt him slipping in very easily as I was so wet. What shocked me was his length, and I almost squealed as his cock continued to slide inside, deeper and deeper, invading depths never before found by any cock.

I started to push back against him, feeling the head of his cock bang against my cervix, when my hair was grabbed and my head violently pulled back, to have my mouth rudely invaded by another dick. I was in heaven, finally the nasty slut being gang banged in a lonely back alley, taking two cocks at once. The guys around me knew that none of them would leave without being satisfied as they watched me deep throat and gag around their mate.

My pussy was on fire as it was reamed by the longest cock I thought I'd ever find, its dirty owner sliding a wet thumb into my other hole. "Mmmmmm," I groaned around the cock stuffing my face, loving the feeling of this third invasion. The situation and the multiple stimulations had me cumming hard, my pussy clenching around my aggressive invader, wave after wave of contractions squeezing his pole. My whole world was now the smell, taste, feeling of cock, pleasure filling all my senses. I could make out the emboldened guys chanting, 'fuck the slut' ringing in my ears.

Then I felt his cock start to pulse and I knew my pussy was about to get flooded. Then a booming voice from behind me yelled down "Take this you indian slut". It was at that moment that I realised I was being fucked by a black guy. Not that I was in any position to do anything about that. He pushed one last thrust and I felt the rush of his cum pumping deep into my belly.

The other guys cheering him on as he called me names I never thought I would be called. No sooner had he pulled his long black cock free from my pussy than the next took his place. Ramming the next cock home. Balls deep in on stroke I was now becoming a slut. The name calling continued as one after the other they used my pussy as they wished. I lost count of the amount of cocks my invaded pussy took before finally the black guy told me it was time for him to Open my ass.

With that he walked behind me and started to push his rigid pole into my virgin ass. As I screamed out another cock was buried into my mouth and as soon as I was silenced, A hard thrust from the back. His long black cock was forcing it's way into my ass with no mercy. My ass stretched as the invader showed me what my ass was really for. The cheers from the others grew louder as they watched him make my ass fit his huge cock.

Due to my tightness it wasn't long before I felt his cock jabbing hard and then the flood of cum buried deep into my ass. Now they had all used me and I was completely covered in there cum, they called me a few more names and walked off into the night. Leaving me laying in the street naked, my pussy and ass streaming there cum. What a slut I had just become.

Since then I have had 2 more gang bangs but I don't think I will ever better that first night. It was something I thought I would never do but not only did I do it I enjoyed it. Even if I didn't really plan things to happen the way.

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