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The dick on the bus goes in and out.

When my ex and I were in the military, we had been at the e-club one night drinking. I was barely old enough having just turned 21 a few days before. Well we were the last 2 people on a bus taking us back to the barracks,(we were all on an extended field exercise). We were both horny as usual.
Well it was dark on the bus and we had sat in the very back. I had on a mini skirt with no panties on underneath. I was sitting next to my husband rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was hard as a rock. My pussy was getting wetter and weeter due to the vibration of the bus. I unzipped my husbands fly and took out his nice 9" cock. I started jacking him off. He had me pull my skirt up over my hips so he could finger my soaking wet pussy. This went on for a little bit. By this time we were both very horny, we had begun kissing each other, me with my hand flying up and down his cock and him with 2 fingers buried deep in my pussy. That's when he told me to stand up and come sit on his cock. I looked at the driver to see if he had any idea what was going on. The bus smelled like pussy, but I thought maybe he didn't notice. I stood up and sat down on my husbands cock. Man it felt so good, here we were on a bus at 2 in the morning, and here we were fucking each other. I was really getting into it. My husband was buried deep in my tight wet pussy, my pussy began quivering as I felt an orgasm coming on. I tried to be quiet but it was hard. I moaned loudly but figured the noise of the bus had covered it up. I was watching the driver, occasionally he would look in the rear view mirror, but I figured that he was ensuring that nobody was going to hit us as we switched lanes. My husband at this time began fucking me harder and faster, I could feel his climax coming on, so I started rubbing my clit so I could cum again, this time with him. He was really pounding me hard, I had closed my eyes because it felt so good. We both started cumming, he was deep in my pussy when I felt his hot load of cum shoot. I came then too. I was quite a bit louder than before. I looked up at the driver and he was watching me in his mirror, smiling. By the time the bus had gotten to our destination, my husband and I were put mostly back together. His cum was oozing out of my pussy and down my thighs when we were getting off the bus. I walked by the driver and noticed his cock was not only out of his pants and semi hard, but there was cum on his pants as well. He said great show. I just smiled and got off the bus and followed my husband up to our room for a night full of hot fucking.

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