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My Katy 6

i lean over and put my mouth on hers, kissing her soft lips gently many times, moving around to enjoy every part of her mouth. katy opens her mouth a little, letting me know what she wants. i slide my wet tongue out, licking her lips, then move around and lick her ear, so warm and inviting like a little seashell. she turns her head to let me in closer. she is so giving; i am so wet.

i whisper, ‘i like what i taste here, my beauty, but there is more i need from you tonight…’

‘rae, don’t stop…i feel so open to you right now…’

‘i want to taste some other places, katy…’

‘taste me, rae, please……and, rae?’

‘what is it, honey?’


i reach into the nightstand drawer again. katy loves the sound of the drawer opening and i hear her let out a sigh. i pull out some rope and she looks up at me, with urgent eyes, softly smiling and opens her mouth, wetting her dry lips with her tongue.


‘my katy…i love who you let me be…’

i tie a piece of the rope around one ankle, then another piece around the other one. i slide up her body, kissing her flat tummy and letting my lips kiss her mound softly, lightly, kissing and licking the folds where her mound meets her thighs. katy moans and opens her legs, wanting more. i gaze at her pussy and kiss the lips once. she is electrified, wanting to open her legs more, but i hold them in place, just slightly open for me. i kiss her lips again; she bucks a little. i cover her mound with kisses, teasing her, licking her upper thighs. katy squirms.

‘let’s quiet down now, missus…methinks you are getting a little too excited…’

‘oh my god, rae…’

i raise up again and look at her. she stares back, trying to read my face. i remove my tee-shirt, wanting to be naked for my beautiful friend. i straddle her and put my hands on my hips. i give her a scolding look, telling her, ‘now, you better behave…’

‘i will…’

‘you better.’


‘you just better…’

i start to feel my body, softly touching my clit with my left hand and slowly moving my right hand up to cup my breast. i squeeze it softly…then a little harder, avoiding my nipple. i love to tease myself, especially for katy, who is staring at my play seemingly in a suspended, dream state. she has gone there again, that internal place where her sense of pleasure takes over. my left hand comes up and joins the other one and i am squeezing both my breasts now, turning myself on. it is a show for her, one that i love to do, and i am getting very excited now, watching her look at me, pulling her out of her daze. i move to caress my nipples. they are so sensitive; i tug them, pulling hard. i tilt my head back, opening my mouth, moaning. i rub my pussy on katy’s stomach, giving myself pleasure…back and forth and back and forth…

i lean down again, kissing my beauty with renewed passion, my tongue sliding into her mouth fully, going as deep as i can. i am now beside myself, but i must pace myself; i have so many places i want to go this evening with my love. i slide down again and start licking her pussy. she lets out a hoarse sigh as my tongue slides up and down along her slit. she tastes incredible and i am feeling a little feverish, my head dizzy with desire. i continue to lick her, opening her legs a little more. my tongue opens her slit, licking her clit. she jerks, pressing up to meet my mouth. i pull away. she humps the air. i lick some more, then pull away, teasing her. i shower her mound with quick kisses, pecking here and there. she tries to open her legs more, but i will not let her. i rise up looking at her black hair and her face, which has taken on a pink blush. our eyes meet again, as they do so often when we are together this way.

i reach once more into ‘my special drawer’, removing a red velvet blindfold from within. katy looks at me, telling me with her eyes to continue. i adjust her hair, running my fingers through it, kissing her cheeks, licking her mouth, sucking her tongue. i fix the blindfold to her; she lifts her head, allowing me to tie it at the back of her head. i reach up and unlock one of her cuffs.


‘yes, my sweet?

‘please, don’t undo me…’

i lean down and whisper to her, ‘turn over, beauty.’


‘turn over…’

katy turns and lies on her stomach. i slip the handcuff chain around the rail again and lock it. she sighs as she hears the cuff lock back in place.

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