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Mum's friend comes to stay - part 2

Julie was a friend of my mum. She often came to stay since divorce, because she needed mum's company and a shoulder to cry on. Her husband has 2-timed her for a year. But there was another reason she kept coming...

We had become very close after the night she licked my cock and swallowed my cum. She had caught me wanking and one thing had led to another. It was a fantastic first time together. I smelt her pussy juices on my fingers for many hours afterwards. About a month later, she came over to go out to dinner with my mum. Dad was away on business. She arrived at about 5pm and they finished getting ready together. Julie had arrived at the house wearing a very tight blouse and 4" heels. For a woman of 47 she looked fantastic and could easily have passed for a woman well below that age. Her breasts were heavenly and I could just see the outline of her areolas. She seemed to be dressed up to go out and have some raunchy fun, but I knew they were only going to a local restaurant, so I wondered why she had dressed that way. I was upstairs when I overheard them getting ready to go out. Mum said to Julie "you look really sexy Julie dressed up like that". Julie giggled and replied "thanks. I love going out and getting looks from the men. I feel great when they look me up and down, and I can't resist giving them a sexy stare, even if they are with their woman. It just makes me feel sexy". Mum said "you better not look that way at Andrew then, otherwise he will get the wrong impression. Julie, do you know I've heard him playing with himself several times now. I don't think he knows that I know, but one night I heard him wanking for about half an hour, then I heard a loud moan and heavy breathing." Julie said "of course it's normal. Sounds ok to me". I was gobsmacked and mortified that mum had heard me wanking.

Julie and mum went out about 7.30pm. I was in my room as they passed and mum and Julie popped their heads around the door and Julie said "see you later Andrew". I said "have a great time". But she had given me a deep look straight into my eyes, which sent a shiver down my spine. It brought back fond memories of that night she wanked me and licked my cum. I then got a huge boner and started to play with my cock as there was no one is the house. I heard mum's car start up and leave. I was getting into wanking my hard cock, which was oozing pre-cum as always. I was looking at porn on the web and found a video where the woman had huge nipples, which reminded me of Julie. Then all of a sudden, I heard a car door slam and a key entering the front door, so I quickly put my cock back in my pants. Julie rushed upstairs and past my room shouting "I forgot my purse...". She momentarily stopped at my door again and I could smell the lovely perfume she was wearing. She said "you weren't doing it again were you?" I said "of course not." Then she ran downstairs and out the door and I heard the car leave.

I was so horny by this time that I just had to get my cock out again. I pulled my foreskin up and down for about 15 minutes, and couldn't hold back anymore and shot my load over the top of the PC screen onto the wall. It was a huge cumshot. I accidently sprayed a bit more onto the screen and directed the rest of it into my hand so I didn't make too much mess. I then cleaned up, had a shower, went downstairs to watch a movie, and fell asl**p half way through.

I was awoken about 10.30pm when I heard the front door hinges creak. It was mum and Julie. They came into the lounge and told me what a great meal they had and that Julie was a bit tipsy. We all stayed up until about 11.30pm, when mum said she was tired and going to bed. Julie said "night, sweet dreams". Julie stayed downstairs and continued chatting. She said they had a great meal. But there was a guy with his girlfriend who kept eyeing her up. Julie said he was very handsome and she had got a bit horny and her knickers had felt wet at the dinner table. As she was talking, I couldn't help noticing Julie's great breasts again. They were soooo good. I couldn't believe how firm and upright they were for a woman of that age. I could clearly see her nipples sticking out a bit from her blouse. She caught me looking at her and whispered "do you want to see them again Andrew?". I whispered back that we ought to be quiet and wait for 10 minutes until mum would be asl**p.

So we just sat there for a while with Julie holding my thigh whilst we watched TV. She gradually slipped her hand up to my crotch, which by now had developed a bulge. It was funny as we could hear my mum snoring through the ceiling. She was a bad snorer. So we knew she was asl**p. Julie then removed her blouse, pulled her bra down below her tits and told me "please hold my breasts like last time". The effect of the pulled-down bra make her tits stand out even more. I held them in my hands and was delighted again at the firmness of them. Her nipples were erect and I leant forward to lick one then the other. Julie rolled her eyes and started to unzip my jeans. I helped her and took them off, and my pants. Out popped my already-rock hard cock. I was really ready for this despite having wanked a few hours beforehand. I thought this time that Julie and I were going to go all the way. She was so worked up. Whilst I continued to tweak her nipples, she reached over and grabbed my cock and pulled my foreskin all the way down to the base of my cock. This was one of my favourite things and I arched my back to point my cock higher to the ceiling. She pulled the skin up and down and up and down, so expertly I thought she must have had a lot of practice. By now I could see the pre-cum leaking a bit. I whispered "Julie, please sit on my cock". She got up, walked over and stood in front of me. She then took her bra and rest of her clothes off. Wow, what a shapely woman. She had beautiful womanly shapely hips, a normal waist, not fat, and those tits... wow. She then leaned forward and straddled my cock with one of her legs perched on the settee. She guided my cock into her waiting pussy. It was so wet it entered her very easily. She had obviously had a soaking pussy for a while. Then when it was in, she brought her other leg onto the settee and sat squarely on my thighs. Her tits were at eye level now, and of course I couldn't resist and started to lick her nipples and pop them in and out of my mouth. I held her bottom cheeks whilst I sucked her nipples. I encouraged her to go up and down my cock by lifting her cheeks a little. She got the message and started to ride up and down my throbbing cock. I was pushing her tits up and down and tweaking her nipples. She was moaning a lot and I said "please be quiet otherwise mum will hear us".

We slowed down for a while and could hear mum snoring still so we were ok. Julie then stopped riding me and pulled off and said she wanted me to lick her clit. She laid back on the couch and I got between her legs. I found her wet clit and was surprised at how erect it was. It felt as long and erect as her nipples, and it turned me on so much I thought I would come there and then. But I managed to hold back. I licked her clit up and down and then pushed my tongue inside her crack. She arched her back and started breathing very heavily and fast. The scent of her wet pussy was wonderful and I had to hold my cock and rub it whilst I licked her pussy. She said "let me do that". So I lay down on the settee beside her with my head near her pussy so that my cock was near her face. I then felt her tongue dart out from her mouth several times before she opened her mouth and slipped my rock hard cock inside. She started sucking and licking my cock, whilst I licked her clit and pussy lips. The sweet smell of her pussy was making my cock feel harder and harder. It was an incredible blowjob she was giving me. I reached out and tweaked her nipples again and they were so hard and erect they were like huge pencil rubbers.

By this time, we were so worked up I felt I was going to have to cum soon. She started bucking her hips towards my face, at the same time as pulling my foreskin down hard and sucking my cock. It was fantastic. A few later she whispered "put your tongue in my pussy and go in and out with it... lick my clit Andrew... suck my lips please... oh oh oh..." I knew she was about to come and my cock was about to explode in her mouth. Then I said "I'm coming". She sucked even harder on my cock as I spurted hot spunk down her throat. She arched her back and muffled "I'm cumming..." Her orgasm lasted a good 20 seconds whilst she bucked her hips and arched her back. All the time she was sucking hard on my cock and I knew she had all my cum inside her mouth and hadn't swallowed it. Then she stopped writhing and pulled my cock out of her mouth and licked the end very sexily, then she swallowed. As she did so, she looked at me sexily. It was so naughty. She said that was the best pussy licking she had for a long time. I said that was the best blowjob I've ever had. She got up and dressed and said "we must do it again before I leave... Goodnight Andrew".

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