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I was a lucky teen

Ok so this took place yeats when i was 13-14 years old i was aways horny so this took place on the day before thanks giving my twin cousins came over fore for thanksgiving and the week end i shared a room with my s****r one of my cousins would sl**p on my s****rs bed and the other on mine i would never sl**p on my bed i would sleppp on the couch but ween my cousins come over i sl**p with them so my cousins just became 15 years old my cousin andrea would sl**p with my s*s and her twin s*s would sl**p with her name is cesi so i was 13 u was 5'9 and had a ahletic body i played basketball and idk y but i always fought my cousin cesi but when we got in bed i would wrap my arms around her waist and she had a boy at the time and she would let me listen to her converstation is like she felt comfterble around mpe so she would me wrap my arm around her hips when we were in bed and since i was it was thanksgiving that day people were parting in my house and she was tired and so was i so she got in my bed i was parting with my f****y so 5 mins later i went to my room i knewshe was there e tand she was talking to her bf i took off my cloths and got in the bed i dont no y but i could never control my ercections when i was next to to a girl so i tuck in my boner and closed my legs i had a 7 inch penis at the time so was not a affarid to be embrassed so i started cuddling with my cousin and she was still talkin to her bf so it even turned me on even more my twin had had pefect sets of b cups but they looked like c cups but it didnt matter to me bcuz i was 14 and anythin would satisfy me and the had a nice cute little butt but it was perfect so as i said i w****d my ars around her here left shoulder was on the bed so her right should was aiming at the sealing and her face to the face and i was in the same postion as her i was facing the back of her head my cock could be touching her butt but iwas affraid she might hit me if she felt my boner so i kept 1foot of space between are hips so my arm (left ) was under her so i can wrap her stomach and my right was free to do anything so as my cousin is talkin to her bf she asks him does he h ave soft hands and i said i do so she grabed my hand and was rubbing my hand in a sexull way the so then she moved her right leg and put it between my two legs so are legs kinda locked so 10mins later she gets off the fone with her bf and she turns around so look at my face and im acting like im sl**ping so she thinks im sl**ping so she turns back around and grabs both my hand and pushes them to her breast but she forms them so cups her breast so at this point im going crazy from the inside im so turned on that i dont go to sl**p that night so the hole night im feelin her body so i pull down hed bra and feel her breast so like marsmellows so i try to to feel the nipples and i cant seem to feel them so i grab my fone slowly and put my flash on with one hand and the other hand on her tits so i shine the lite and my hand is touchin her nipple but her nipple is so soft i didnt know i was touching her so she has nice nipple small and pinkish so im sooooooooo horny so i pull up her bra and shirt bcuz im going to try to dry hump her so if she wakes up she wont kno i did any thing so as i try to pick up her leg that was lock between my legs i try to pick it up but i couldnt pick it up at this point i knew she woke up but she was acting like she was still sl**ping so i just gave up and went to try to slepp 20 mins go by and i still trying to sl**p and she gets up but im acting like im asl**p so she gets up and her hand is on my dick and she noticed she touching it and she doesnt no im awake so she starts feeling my cock and she says omg its big for his age and at this point im happy but i dont make a move bcuz my s****r wakes in the room its 9 am so i pretend im asl**p a little long so i stand up and grb my blank and go piss the day goes by and it 4pm and i have basketball shorts on and im washing dishes and my s*s and my cousins come bak from shoping and im hispanic so when you greet women you kiss them on their checks so i kiss my cousin andrea and i go to kiss my cousin cesi and and we go kiss are lips kiss and lips are gourgous and i have a lips fetish so im already got a semi boner at that moment to i run to the kitchen and nobody notices the kiss so as im walking my cousin follows my and says hey d****d you got a gf and somthing gets over ran my mind i a wrap my arms around her ass and pull her and said nope and we both stare in got each others eyes and i get a hard and shes wearing legins so she feels it and she puts her down and grabs it and says it big and then i say i kno i heard you say it when you woke up and she blushs and she kisses me and says the famiy is leaving later stay home with me so it 6pm and my f****y is about to leave and she takes me to my room and undresss infont of me and she strips down and she wraps a towel and says im going to take a shower and she says when the famy leaves knock on the door and say its you so f****y leaves and i knock on the door she open it and i undress and she says arent you huh and i say hell yeah so we i get in the shower and she says to me are u a virgin i say no but i really em i watch alot of porn so i know lots of moves and i usally last a long time time when i masterbate so i kiss her and her stomach is rubing on my cock so i turn her to the wall her face facing the walls ass out and i dont know why but figures turn me on like cuvrs and stuff to i look at her and she has back dimples and pussy look tight so i grab her by the hips and push in and in she starts to shiver and it hit me i start to go crazy her moist warm pussy fells so good i feel like im about to cum i taught i would last long butt i only lasted 2mins i pull out when i bust out to not let her no i cummed but it was very hard to hidd it i was saying to my self best day ever so i tell her can i eat her out so she pushes all my shampos of a short self i have in my shower and i left her up she was 5'2 so it was easy and she was slim so i put her on the shelf and start licking and sucking like i see in porn and she shouting omg ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhh and i start to wack off but it doesnt feel the same any more cause i felt pussy now to she tells me to fuck her i she gets off the self and i just fall in love wit her pussy she had pubes
and i love pubes so i bend her over and started fuck the shit outta her at this point i lose my mind so yelling its go big stop stop stoppppppppp!!!! but im not paying attention cause im so into fucking her and she turn around and pushes me to a wall and say wtf is wrong with you and i say sorry and she says calm down and slow it down im a virgin and i look down at the water and i see bl**d and i see coming from my dick and i start freaking out and i noticed it coming from my cousin vagina so then i she says lay down so i do i she gets on top and starts riding me her ass out tits in my face going up and down and i say im about to cumm so she gets off and stats suck me and as she sucking she rubbing my balls and i bust in her mouth and she spits it out and tells me wtf is your problem i not so slut to eat cum so after that we dry up and my f****y comes back....

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